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UFO : [CAUS : Big Triangle Over New York]

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    Source : http://www.caus.org/ft010401.htm Big Triangle Over New York Source: Jim Mortellaro (Jsmortell@aol.com) At about 5:15 EST, 12-8-00, I was on the cell
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2001
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      Source : http://www.caus.org/ft010401.htm

      Big Triangle Over New York

      Source: Jim Mortellaro (Jsmortell@...)

      At about 5:15 EST, 12-8-00, I was on the cell phone with my wife, on the
      Bronx River Parkway, approaching the NYC line from Westchester County. I
      was on the way to my barber of nearly 35 years. I still go there for a
      hair cut.

      Just the one hair. But he can do it so well that it looks like I got
      three or four hairs when he's finished. Not like Mr. Rense. No, he's got
      lotsa hair but do your think he would share some with us?

      Anyway, I was not on substances, not being abused except in my fantasies
      (by Pia Zadora) and not drinking, smoking, snorting or anything else. I
      was merely driving along, talking with my better half on my microwave
      brain warmer.

      Suddenly, in the middle of a sentence, the overhead lights (on my side of
      the parkway only) blinked out. Now, a small interjection here, if it
      please the court. All my life, from an early age, overhead lights
      suddenly blink out on me. Remember the scene in "Bell, Book and Candle"
      where Jack Lemmon (the wizard) was able to wink out street lights? Well,
      I don't wink them out, they just go out. And my wife of
      nearly 33 years can testify to that, having witnessed it often. I
      explained to here that it happened again and I got that "feeling"...the
      one which I define as "high strangeness" and which usually precedes
      something anomalous.

      As I told my wife about the lights she said, "Just as you said that, the
      lights here blinked but did not go out!" As I was about 20 miles south of
      Harstdale, where one of our homes is, I figgered one thing had nuttin' to
      do wit the udda. I was later to find that it did.

      Anyway, I got off the BRP at E 233rd St. The exit put me on a southerly
      route for less than a block, but I never got onto that southbound street
      to E 233rd. I simply pulled off on the side of the exit ramp, onto the
      grass and gawked at the sky immediately above the famous and huge
      Woodlawn Cemetery.

      Because...hovering above the cemetery, not more than 500 feet over it, was
      a series of lights. This aggregation of lights moved ever so slightly,
      but just enough for me to gauge the approximate height and
      the approximate distance from me, which I estimated to be about 1,000

      As I said, I had one of "those" feelings which come over us when
      something which we "know" is not normal happens. That excited feeling is
      sometimes accompanied by fear, sometimes by a tension, which I cannot
      explain. Of course, I told wife Rosemarie what I was seeing and the first
      sentence out of my mouth was "I am looking at a UFO." I just knew it. I
      KNEW it.

      As I shut down the engine and everything except the cellphone, I opened
      the windows and the sun roof. All the windows. There was not a sound
      except that of the idling engines of the few cars waiting for traffic to
      pass so they could get off the ramp onto the southbound road. Not a

      Rosie told me to hang up and call ... and proceeded to name everyone from
      the police to the news agencies. Having been through that route in 1998,
      I decided against that suggestion and told Rosie to stay with me while I
      looked for the Camcorder which wasn't there, of course, nor was the
      digital camera. All home. Stupid me. That's the last time I do that.

      I proceeded to tell Rosie everything I was seeing. Just when I told her
      it was hovering and not moving, it started to move in an easterly
      direction. It then approached me head-on, which put it in an extremely
      slow, nearly hovering, south by southeast direction, coming right at me.

      I looked for form but could discern none, just the lights. It had a
      hugely bright white light shining straight ahead of it on one side (the
      side facing east) and a bright and unusual red color amidships, with a
      strobing red light (rather bright) at the opposite end to the white one.
      In between, there were small lights which looked like stars and moved
      with the craft...but not in synchronization with it. These multiple small
      whiteish lights moved with a mind of their own.

      Another side bar. As an engineer and marketing genius, I worked alongside
      the runways of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, the AVX
      Coproration (which butted the airport at Myrtle Beach, SC - a civilian
      and military airport shared) and have seen many if not most everything
      which flies. Nothing like the pattern of navigation lights I saw last
      night (or in 1998) was I seeing now. Even the colors were off.

      It continued to move directly toward me and when it came within an
      estimated 500 feet away and maybe as much above, it stopped dead. And
      without turning its fuselage, it sped off in a westerly direction. This
      would have placed it over the center of the cemetery in an instant.

      I then headed off the grass with lights flashing and siren going full
      blast (I am a member of the NYS Police reserves) and followed the item up
      E 233rd St, heading west myself. But it was gone. I went around and
      through that cemetery and saw not a bloody thing.

      Now back to the cop stuff and the radios and lights and everything. I am
      not supposed to use the lights or siren or even the radios unless I am
      duty-bound or in an emergency. At that point, I couldn't care less.

      I called Troop (never mind which one) in Blankety Blank County and told
      them what happened, what I saw. They got back to me by radio after five
      minutes and told me their phones in the northern section of the county
      (we are talking 70 miles at the minimum and less than ten minutes from
      the original sighting) were ringing off the hook in two different Troop
      barracks up there.

      People who've lived there for many years, people with education, money
      and who are known to their communities as solid citizens, were reporting
      a huge, triangular UFO hovering and darting over the many lakes up in
      that part of New York State.

      When I got up this morning and called my Troop, called the news agencies
      and called the local police at NYPD, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle,
      Bronxille (where I know ALL the cops and the chief), Scarsdale,
      Hartsdale, White Plaines, Hawthorn, Greenburg and all the local agencies
      in the North, including other State Police Barracks, I was told
      that...nothing...was...reported. But last night, the State Cops were on
      the radio with ME telling me their phones were ringing off the hook.

      The Gannett Newspaper people (at their equivelent of the City Desk)
      suggested I seek psychiatric help, in not so many words.

      Later last evening on arriving in Hartsdale (I never got that one hair
      cut, ...I never even made it to the barber), I heard a news report that
      Con Ed reported feeder cable problems in Westchester County which
      caused some power interruptions and power failures. There was no reason
      given for the anomalies, and several locations were affected. This was
      reported by WCBS radio (AM) at 880 KHz.

      And the beat goes on.

      Oh, and did I forget to tell you that I also called the FAA on Long
      Island? I did. And the last time I did that I was laughed at in a most
      unseemly and embarrassing manner. Guess what happened this time?

      You are allowed only one guess.

      Thank you for having confidence in me.
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