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Re: UFOnet: Living in the Matrix or Maya

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  • Roger Anderton
    Hi Ted Electric charge was invented as a convenient fiction (mainly) by Benjamin Franklin. A description of the force associated with that idea does not
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 2, 2001
      Hi Ted

      Electric charge was invented as a convenient fiction (mainly) by Benjamin
      Franklin. A description of the force associated with that idea does not
      describe everything that is happening. i.e. the 'electrostatic force' idea
      does not describe the 'full picture.'

      A careful wave of the hand does not move the balloon by air streams. Try the
      experiment yourself.

      In the Middle Ages - the Aristotelian inspired description of the force of
      gravity was wrong. It was believed that different weights fell at different
      speeds, and that a shot arrow would travel in a straight line, until gravity
      acted then it fell straight down. Galileo's description of gravity was not
      believed. Fictitious arguments were generated to maintain a belief in a
      fictitious belief system regarding gravity.
      The 'balloon' is still a fundamental question about the nature of that
      force. To believe in orthodox electric charge, means we have created another
      fictitious description of the force that binds us to this planet.

      To believe in orthodox 'electrostatic force' is to believe in as much a
      delusion, as the Medieval intellectuals.

      Without the fictitious orthodox version of charge, you have a force that is
      opposing gravity:- antigravity. The gravity of the earth acts upon the mass
      of the balloon. Both forces obey the equation Force = mass x acceleration.
      So, the other force also acts upon the mass of the balloon.

      What at one time were mere 'temporary fictions' generated by scientists such
      as Franklin, have been taught as 'unquestionable dogma' that must be
      believed else you fail the exam questions based upon that belief. In this
      manner we duplicate the process of our medieval forebears and create people
      we deem intellectuals, but who connect by logic a set of erroneous ideas.

      We have backtracked on Galileo, and once again as part of science education,
      we are taught to believe delusions. It is our beliefs that influence us into
      being deceived about what we see, and so we no longer properly 'see'. A
      magnificent 'conjuring trick' in reverse.


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      From: Ted <D.Hoyer@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2000 2:34 PM
      Subject: Re: UFOnet: Living in the Matrix or Maya

      > Hi Roger,
      > if someone rubs a balloon and puts charge on it, the additional
      > force depends on the new charge and not on the mass of the ballon
      > and is therefore an electrostatic force and not gravitational. If he waves
      > his hand, he moves the balloon by the air streams he generates.
      > Dosn't he ?
      > Ted
      > Roger Anderton schrieb:
      > > I now understand anti gravity. It is what we have been calling the
      > > electrostatic force. If you rub a balloon you create a static charge
      > > it. If you wave your hand around the charged balloon you can as a party
      > > trick make the balloon move around the room- defy gravity that wants to
      > > it fall to the floor. Electrostatic force is an illusion, what is really
      > > being demonstrated by this party trick is anti gravity. But we do not
      > > anti gravity because we have been taught to think what we see is
      > > else instead.
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    • Roger Anderton
      I personally only bother levitating balloons. I don t know about this Pastor etc., but some people despair of doing the levitation trick and try doing
      Message 2 of 9 , Jan 4, 2001
        I personally only bother levitating balloons.

        I don't know about this Pastor etc., but some people despair of doing the
        levitation trick and try doing something less impressive instead : like
        sitting in the lotus position and leapfrogging across the room, bouncing on
        their knees. Such practitioners claim that they have a feeling of flying,
        but to most onlookers it in no way looks like flying.

        Levitation requires various aspects of the proper physics that is unknown to
        orthodox physics. It requires for instance the understanding of how to
        transform energy from one form into another.

        One method that would appear magick (i.e. giving the illusion of not being
        based on natural laws, because it does not conform to known orthodox physics
        beliefs) is now called acoustic levitation.

        There is a great deal of talk about acoustic levitation now in Alternative
        Egyptology books. Writers think that the ancients used sound to cut the
        stones and move the stones for the pyramids etc.

        There is a great deal of similarity between Ancient Egyptian beliefs and
        Tibetan Buddhist beliefs.

        In the book: In Secret Tibet by T Illion- about a German traveler in the
        1930s, there is information about Tibetan monks levitating large stones by
        beating drums etc.

        Beating drums is still 'using equipment', I suppose, and you wanted to know
        how to do it without. So, I suppose that you require acoustic levitation by
        the sound of chanting mantras.

        Anyway no matter the sound source, it can be easily demonstrated that sound
        modulates light. And was done by Edison. I have explained this in a paper
        which I hope has been recently published in EUJOAS journal.

        It is just one way that energy from one form can be transformed into another
        form, in this case sound into electromagnetic energy.

        The energy out put from one person chanting would be very small, hence the
        need for amplification from sacred sites. For instance: in 1998 scientists
        from Southampton University discovered that the stones of Stonehenge act as
        acoustic amplifiers.

        So, you have a small amount of sound energy amplified by a sacred site, and
        then transformed from sound into electromagnetism (light), by simple
        principles. And I don't think I'm allowed to tell you the next step of how
        electromagnetic energy influences the gravity field.

        I hope that this partial answer satisfies you. Equipment is required such as
        Stone circles, but it is not usually recognized by the audience that these
        'things' are equipment, and then the illusion is created that no equipment
        has been used.

        Magick and magic are much the same thing, both are about creating illusions.
        But magick uses the proper science (based on Hermetic ideas) and 20th
        century magic uses the corrupted 20th century science (based on rejecting
        Einstein's mystical Hermetic insights).

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        From: Cliff Gieseke <cliffgie@...>
        To: <ufonet@egroups.com>
        Sent: Monday, January 01, 2001 1:53 AM
        Subject: Re: UFOnet: Living in the Matrix or Maya

        > OK, have you levitated yet? While living in the Congo in 1970, I heard of
        a pastor of a church in Kinshasa, attended by a Congolese colleague, who
        unexpectedly levitated in front of his congregation.
        > Also, my wife says she experienced unexpected levitation twice as a child
        in Colombia. (Described in her book, "Where is the Music? - The multiple
        near-death experiences of a world traveler," by
        > Gloria M. Gieseke
        > How is it done consciously? The demonstrations of diamagnetic levitation
        with frogs, insects, etc. with very powerful magnetics at a Dutch university
        > http://www-hfml.sci.kun.nl/hfml/levitate.html) are interesting, but
        perhaps there is a way to do it without all this equipment? How?
        > -- Cliff Gieseke
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