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Re: UFOnet: Paranormal : [Psychic Uri Geller Gazes into His Cry

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  • Autymn D. C.
    ... Can t we just clone food? ... as if the Rife frequency generator or BMRG can t already ... outside the universe?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
      >forest in order to create land to use agriculture to grow food. We will
      >have to learn how to harness the bottom of the ocean and this is exactly
      Can't we just clone food?

      >These nanorobots will be injected into our body, and they will be
      >programmed to destroy cancerous tumors, to unblock blocked arteries and so
      as if the Rife frequency generator or BMRG can't already

      >to detect certain waves or frequencies that will reach us from deep
      >outside the universe, and we will how to decipher the message and
      outside the universe?
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