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UFO : [UFO Photographed Over Mammoth Mountain Area In CA]

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    Source and photos : http://www.jeffrense.com/general6/mam.htm UFO Photographed Over Mammoth Mountain Area In CA From Michael Horn 1-1-01 Dear
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
      Source and photos : http://www.jeffrense.com/general6/mam.htm

      UFO Photographed Over Mammoth Mountain Area In CA

      From Michael Horn <mhorn@...>

      Dear Jeff,

      Enclosed please find three photos (one photo and two enlargements) of an
      unidentified (flying?) object. These were taken recently in Mammoth, CA,
      by Mr. Ron Reznick, a computer tech and professional photographer. To date
      the object has not been identified. As certain questions as to the
      authenticity of the photo(s) is sure to come into question, I am including
      a statement from Ron that he emailed to me as well as the web address
      where he displays his various photos. Unlike me, he has no particular
      interest in UFO's and such. So, while I'm happy that he got the
      picture...I'm also just a little bit jealous!

      Sincerely, Michael Horn

      Ron's site:


      Ron's letter in response to questions regarding the possibility of
      defects or hoax:

      The camera is a Nikon D1... a very professional $5000 digital SLR. The
      lens is a new Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D AF-S EDIF in perfect condition. This
      is without doubt one of the world's finest wide-angle lenses and is a very
      expensive lens (I paid $1500 for it a few days before the trip) -- it is
      most certainly the best wide angle zoom lens available, and I have tested
      it against a 24mm f/2.8D Nikkor, which is also recognized as one of the
      few very exceptional wide angle prime lenses.

      The quality is nearly as good as the prime. There are most certainly no
      defects in either the camera or the lens. The original image was shot RAW
      (.nef format). The unique characteristic of this format is that it is a
      12-bit raw data dump from the CCD, and is only capable of being written by
      the D1's CCD (charge-coupled device) imager -- it cannot be written or
      edited by external software. The RAW format is accepted as evidence by
      courts, whereas any other format can be altered.

      The object is in the original image, and can be easily seen when the .nef
      file is opened in a decoder. The only editing I did on that image was to
      remove some spots in the clouds caused by dust specks on the CCD that were
      acquired during lens changes -- this is an unavoidable problem with any
      interchangeable-lens camera. I was on top of that mountain to shoot
      scenics, and I shot a number of images from that general area.

      The object shows up in none of the other images, but I did not shoot
      exactly that area more than that one time. I did not notice the object
      until I got home and started processing the images. I had no reason to add
      it or invent the object, and even if I did I could not alter the RAW image
      file if I wanted to. The original RAW .nef file is available for testing
      by anyone as long as my image copyright is respected.

      Believe me when I say that I know enough about cameras and most certainly
      enough about lenses that if something like this showed up in my images I
      would notice right away.

      I have shot well in excess of 30,000 pictures in the last 9 months. I am a
      fairly experienced photographer...

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