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Paranormal : [Psychic Uri Geller Gazes into His Crystal Ball for some New Year Predictions]

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    CNN Today Psychic Uri Geller Gazes into His Crystal Ball for some New Year Predictions Aired January 1, 2001 - 2:38 p.m. ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
      CNN Today

      Psychic Uri Geller Gazes into His Crystal Ball for some New Year

      Aired January 1, 2001 - 2:38 p.m. ET


      NATALIE ALLEN, CNN ANCHOR: What would January 1 be without predictions for
      the new year and beyond?

      LOU WATERS, CNN ANCHOR: We've got to do them.

      ALLEN: We love them.

      WATERS: Uri Geller is about to gaze into his crystal ball. He claims to
      have used his psychic talents to track serial killers, influence nuclear
      disarmament, even locate oil fields and diamond mines.

      ALLEN: You might know Uri Geller best by what he says is his telepathic
      ability to bend spoons. And he joins us now from London. Happy New Year,
      Mr. Geller.

      URI GELLER, AUTHOR, "PARASCIENCE PACK": Happy New Year to you, Natalie and
      Lou. It's interesting, but 29 years ago, I actually met Arthur C. Clarke,
      who was the author of 2001, and I remember this was at the University of
      London, I bent his house key and he simply couldn't go home.

      WATERS: I saw that, and as long as we're on Arthur C. Clarke and this
      futuristic movie which came in the '60s, "2001," we see HAL the computer.
      How close are we to reality?

      GELLER: Well, we are very close. I truly believe that we have to very
      carefully monitor our deficient intelligence because if we don't,
      artificial intelligence can take over.

      Let me just go beyond that. You know that scientists in Ingebrook (ph)
      have actually managed to teleport a light particle from one side of the
      room to the other.

      So, I believe that within the coming 50-60-70 years, we will actually be
      able to teleport objects. I know it sounds far out and very science
      fictiony, but it is going to be a tangible matter. Now, it's going to be
      very difficult to get a volunteer, a human being to agree to teleport
      because we have no guarantees that when we teleport a person, the mind,
      his mind or her mind and their memory will teleport with them.

      ALLEN: Wow. WATERS: I'll go if it'll get me around the traffic jams.

      ALLEN: Believe me, he would.

      GELLER: Well, that's the future. But I'll tell you, also, I mean, going
      back 20,000 years, there were what, maybe 10,000 humans walking the tundra
      trying to hunt a mammoth. And in 1960, we had three billion people on our
      planet. 2001, we've just reached six billion people.

      I predict that probably 50 years from now, there will be 12 billion
      people, and that -- that is a horrifying aspect because we will have to
      feed 12 billion people, and unfortunately, we will have to cut down rain
      forest in order to create land to use agriculture to grow food. We will
      have to learn how to harness the bottom of the ocean and this is exactly
      what we are against today. Environmentalists are screaming and shouting
      don't cut the trees down; don't let the rain forest die. But we will have
      to do that in order to exist.

      ALLEN: That's a very frightening thought.

      WATERS: We already, Mr. Geller, have taken a step into outer space,
      though, with the installation of the International Space Station. You
      paint a very negative picture here, if you'll pardon me, is there anything
      positive in your outlook?

      GELLER: Oh, very much so. I believe, for instance, that the medical
      science will discover ways of totally eradicating cancer. For instance.
      10, 15 years from now, scientists will actually be able to create and
      build nanorobots. They will be no bigger than 1.5 billionth of a meter.
      These nanorobots will be injected into our body, and they will be
      programmed to destroy cancerous tumors, to unblock blocked arteries and so

      High-powered laser beams will be created; high-powered microwaves;
      high-powered sound waves that will also be able to totally kill cancer
      cells. By the way, talking about high-powered laser beams, we're also very
      concerned about asteroids or comets hitting our planet. So, we will move
      laser beams onto 747s just cases an asteroid or a comet will come close to
      our planet. We will be able to shoot them down before they cause a major

      I believe that our future is quite positive. I'm very optimistic. I
      believe in the power of prayer. I believe in the power of positive
      thinking. I also believe in the power of intention. We are moving toward
      spirituality. The power of prayer is immense. There is
      something out there that we are touching now, and this will go into

      ALLEN: You also believe that there's life out there beyond Earth; correct,
      and that we will have contact?

      GELLER: Yes, I do believe that. Unlike Arthur C. Clarke, I don't think he
      totally believes that we will have an encounter with an extra-terrestrial
      intelligence, but I'll tell you: Yes, I don't think a UFO is going to land
      in the middle off the White House lawn. But I think that we will be able
      to detect certain waves or frequencies that will reach us from deep
      outside the universe, and we will how to decipher the message and
      hopefully we'll be able to use it for our benefit. So, yes in, the coming
      100 years, there will be some type of an extra-terrestrial connection.

      WATERS: Mr. Gellar, I would like to ask you about one prediction you made
      a while back and that was that Al Gore would become president of the
      United States.

      GELLER: I'll tell you what, I did that prediction 17 years ago, and I
      still believe in it. You know, four years will pass very quickly, and I do
      predict that he will be the president of the United States four years from
      now. So Al, if you're listening, you better run.

      WATERS: So, that's your story and you're sticking to it?

      GELLER: I'm sticking do it. You know that nine years ago I actually asked
      and Al Gore was standing next to me, the head of the CIA was just across
      the room, and Senator Claiborne Pell asked me to bombard Yuli Vorontsov of
      the Russians to sign the nuclear treaty. And there I was with
      extra-sensory perception sending him, you know, my vibrations: sign, sign,
      sign. So, I'm very much against nuclear weapons and I really hope that we
      will start destroying nuclear weapons because we simply have too
      many. We have to think about healing our planet.

      ALLEN: Mr. Geller, Uri Geller, thank you so much.

      WATERS: Fascinating.

      ALLEN: We enjoyed talking to you.

      WATERS: Thank you.

      GELLER: Thank you very much.

      WATERS: Happy New Year.

      GELLER: And a happy New Year.

      ALLEN: Happy New Year to you.

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