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Fwd = 1,000 minds aim to think alike in a telepathy test

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      Electronic Telegraph

      ISSUE 2019 Monday 4 December 2000

      1,000 minds aim to think alike in a telepathy test
      By David Derbyshire, Science Correspondent

      SCIENTISTS are putting the paranormal to the test this week in
      Britain's biggest telepathy experiment.

      Around 1,000 people will try to transmit an image projected on to a
      building into the mind of a volunteer in a sealed room. The
      experiment, designed by Dr Richard Wiseman, a psychologist, is an
      attempt to discover whether extra sensory perception, or ESP, can be
      boosted by a large number of people.

      Despite decades of scientific research, the evidence for telepathy
      remains weak. Just a handful of studies around the world claim to have
      found evidence of psychic phenomena. The most famous was carried out
      at Edinburgh University a couple of years ago, but has been impossible
      to repeat.

      The new attempt, which takes place in London on Thursday, is the
      largest ESP experiment since a series of six concerts by the rock
      group the Grateful Dead in New York in 1971. Then, 2,000 people
      attempted to transmit an image to two sleeping volunteers who claimed
      to have telepathic abilities. The results were inconclusive.

      Dr Wiseman, of Hertfordshire University, will repeat the experiment on
      Thursday by projecting images to a crowd. The audience will be asked
      to concentrate on the image and transmit it to volunteers inside a
      nearby office block.

      To prepare for the test, the receivers will get into a relaxed,
      meditative condition commonly used in parapsychology tests, known as a
      "Ganzfeld state". Halved ping-pong balls will be placed over their
      eyes, their faces will be bathed in red light and they will listen to
      white noise on headphones.

      The first eight trials will take place inside the Museum of the
      Unknown on the South Bank. The final two images will be projected on
      an outside wall after 6pm.

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