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  • Frits Westra
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      Original Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 13:29:36 -0500 (EST)

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      Hot Gossip UK December 2000

      Welcome to the final column of the year, and indeed,
      technically-speaking, the last column of the Millennium (There was no
      'Year Zero', so 2001 and not 2000 is the first year of the New
      Millennium). As ever, there's a round-up of various stories, with the
      emphasis on ufology and the paranormal.

      You Can't Tell The People

      I can hardly be impartial about this, as Georgina is a very good
      friend and my editor-in chief for Hot Gossip UK. To compound matters,
      I wrote the foreword. But even if all this makes me a little biased,
      there's no getting away from the fact that Georgina's book You Can't
      Tell The People is the big story in ufology at the moment. The book
      tells the story of the Rendlesham Forest incident (or the Bentwaters
      incident as it's known in America) and the no less intriguing story of
      what happened after the incident. This 450 page book contains a mass
      of data and Georgina has numerous important 'scoops' - testimony from
      General Gordon Williams, who was in overall command of the
      Bentwaters/Woodbridge facility at the time of the incident; a new
      witness from RAF Watton who confirms that at least one of the UFOs was
      tracked on radar; correspondence on the incident between former Chief
      of the Defence Staff Lord Hill-Norton and former Minister of State at
      the MOD, Lord Gilbert; official USAF photographs from the landing
      site, clearly showing a USAF officer and a British police officer; the
      witness statements (in entirety, with no selective quoting aimed at
      supporting particular theories); testimony from 'missing' witness
      Edward Cabansag; testimony concerning the role of the Air Force Office
      of Special Investigations; these are just a few of the revelations.
      This is a hugely-significant book, and I say that as somebody who has
      read the Ministry of Defence's file on the incident. Georgina has
      uncovered documents, photographs and eyewitness testimony that was
      never forwarded to the MOD. I've been told that Georgina 's book is
      being widely-read on the Sixth Floor at the MOD (Where Ministers,
      Service Chiefs and other senior officials are based). All I can say
      is, I'm not surprised. Running to 450 pages, including a comprehensive
      index, this is a real researchers book. If you buy just one book on
      UFOs this year, make it this one.

      Matty Comes A Cropper

      It had to happen. With crop circles appearing in farmers' fields year
      after year, somebody has finally been charged with criminal damage,
      convicted and fined. Matthew Williams admitted to making the formation
      in August this year at Manor Farm in West Overton, Wiltshire. He
      claimed he did this in an attempt to disprove the claims of Michael
      Glickman, who had said on a US radio show that such a pattern could
      not be made by humans, and had to be the work of extraterrestrials.
      Magistrate Geoffrey Olsen convicted Williams and fined him �100 with
      �40 costs. For legal reasons Olsen was unable to force Williams to pay
      the farmer - Michael Maude - the �200 that he estimates that the
      damage to his crop of winter wheat cost. Any compensation claim will
      have to be pursued through the civil courts. Despite claims to the
      contrary, the formation was not particularly large or complex when
      compared to some of the pictograms that have appeared over the years.
      So on the basis that believers have always accepted some formations
      have been hoaxed, the debate will doubtless continue.

      The Mind Machine

      It sounds like something from the world of science fiction, but it's
      true. Scientists have designed a machine capable of reading thoughts.
      The Adaptive Brain Interface has been designed to enable disabled
      people to operate household appliances just by thinking about them,
      but clearly this is an invention that has implications that go much
      further than this. The device consists of a headset which contains
      sensors capable of picking up electrical activity in the brain, before
      sending them to a computer, which converts the signals into digital
      commands to operate various household appliances. As the device's name
      suggests, this is adaptive technology which is able to 'learn' the
      subtle differences in signals and thus differentiate the commands.
      Accuracy is running at around 70% but is expected to rise rapidly as
      the technology is refined. The breakthrough was announced by Italian
      scientist Jose del Millan in Electronics Times.

      Out Of This World Technology

      Two conferences are coming up which promise to be of huge interest to
      anybody fascinated by or involved with advanced technology. Both are
      organised by SMi Defence Conferences, and take place at The Hatton in
      London. A conference entitled Air Defence Systems takes place on 11
      and 12 December, and includes information on UAVs, lasers and stealth.
      This is complemented by a one day workshop on Ballistic Missile
      Defence, held on the 13th. Then on 31st January and 1st February
      there's a conference entitled Signature Management - The Pursuit of
      Stealth. Each two day conference costs over �1000, and before readers
      bit my head off, I should explain that this item is aimed at my
      readers within Government, the military and Industry. I get some good
      feedback from these people when I write about such things, and I try
      to keep all my readers happy. For those without that sort of money to
      spend, the website is worth a browse. Check out www.smi-online.co.uk
      for details.

      Plasma Magic

      For those with a little less money to spend, a subscription to New
      Scientist is worth considering. Plasma Magic was the title of an
      article in the 28 October edition, in which Justin Mullins evaluated
      the current claims being made about how plasma propulsion systems
      could revolutionise the design of hypersonic aircraft, increasing
      speeds still further and improving on stealth technology. This really
      could lead to a revolution in aerospace technology, and it's
      interesting to note that work on this is being done at locations
      including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, NASA's Langley Research
      Centre, BAe's Sowerby Research Centre and the Defence Evaluation and
      Research Agency research laboratory at Farnborough. Check out
      www.newscientist.com for details of how to subscribe, get hold of back
      issues and get a handle on cutting edge topics from the weird and
      wonderful world of science - a world that increasingly gives the
      paranormal a run for its money in weirdness stakes.

      Zero Point Energy

      Continuing the hi-tech theme, an interesting Parliamentary Question
      appeared in the 16 November edition of Hansard:

      Mr Fabricant: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what research
      is being funded by his Department into zero-point energy.

      Dr Moonie: None.

      Roswell High

      Regular readers of this column were doubtless surprised to find out
      from last month's column that I'm a fan of the TV series Roswell High.
      I like the series though, and think it's well-scripted and acted.
      Those who like the show should check out the books. In my last column
      I said that there were five books and that they cost 5.99 each. Well,
      I was wrong. There are eight books and they cost just 4.99 each.
      They'd make ideal stocking-fillers for anyone interested in the
      Roswell incident or in ufology more generally.

      Ed's Note:

      Nick Pope's four books, Open Skies, Closed Minds, The Uninvited,
      Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike are available
      from all good bookshops and from the usual Internet book sites. His UK
      publishers are Simon & Schuster. In America, The Overlook Press
      publish his books in hardback while the paperbacks are produced by
      Dell Publishing.

      � Hot Gossip UK 2000

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    • Frits Westra
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        URL: http://www.hotgossip.co.uk/pope.html
        Original Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 07:58:36 -0700

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        Hot Gossip UK July 2003

        Welcome to the July 2003 round-up of news and views on UFOs, alien
        abductions, crop circles, the unexplained, the weird and the

        A Roswell Requiem

        Volume 10, Number 1 of Skeptic magazine contains an interesting 14
        page article on the Roswell incident. The article is written by B. D.
        ìDukeî Gildenberg, a meteorologist who was involved with USAAF and
        USAF operations, including Project Mogul, that he believes were
        responsible for triggering the Roswell incident. He was also involved
        in work for Project Blue Book, and more recently he was involved as a
        witness and researcher for the 1997 Pentagon investigation into the
        incident, which culminated in the publication of The Roswell Report:
        Case Closed. The article is entitled A Roswell Requiem. Given this,
        and the magazine in which it is published, readers will not be
        surprised to learn that the author attributes the Roswell Incident to
        Project Mogul, compounded by the fallibility of human memory, and
        exaggeration and lies on the part of certain people. He blames
        authors, publishers and TV producers for fuelling a modern myth, and
        concludes that ufology should move on from what he regards as a
        totally discredited case. Those who have read the two USAF reports The
        Roswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert and The
        Roswell Report: Case Closed will not find much new in the article, but
        this is not to detract from what is an important and well-written
        summary of the sceptical case against Roswell. Gildenberg uses the
        testimony of Captain Cavitt against the claims of Major Jesse Marcel,
        and that of Professor Kimball against the claims of Glenn Dennis.
        Believers can legitimately argue that the memories of Cavitt, say, are
        no more or less reliable than those of Marcel. However, any suggestion
        that those witnesses or experts supporting the official view are part
        of the conspiracy, or have been got at, would be more tenuous. The
        article has a sarcastic tone in places, but setting that aside, it is
        an important piece of journalism that, whatever ones views on Roswell,
        deserves a wider audience in ufology than it will probably get. Click
        on [1]www.skeptic.com for details of the magazine.

        Crop Circle Advertising

        Images of crop circles have often been incorporated into
        advertisements, illustrating how they have become part of the popular
        culture. The same has happened with UFOs and aliens. A new
        advertisement for tourism in Wiltshire has now used a crop circle
        photograph to promote the area, which is an interesting example of
        local government officials using the imagery. The imagery appears in a
        magazine advertisement, but there are a couple of references to crop
        circles on the official local authority site at [2]www.kennet.gov.uk
        together with links to some crop circle websites.

        NASA Nuclear Mission

        In a controversial move, NASA have given the go ahead to a deep space
        mission powered by a miniature nuclear reactor. The move has upset
        environmentalists concerned at the safety implications, especially in
        the light of the tragic loss of the space shuttle Columbia earlier
        this year. An essential safety feature will mean that the reactor
        cannot be switched on until the spacecraft has gone well beyond the
        orbit of the Earth. Project Prometheus involves NASA funding Lockheed
        Martin to investigate the concepts needed to design a viable nuclear
        propulsion system. The first aim would be a mission to some of the
        moons of Jupiter such as Callisto, Europa and Ganymede, where
        primitive life may exist in oceans beneath the icy surfaces. The
        likely launch date will be 2011. In the longer term, this technology
        may be the first step towards the previously stated NASA aim of a star
        mission. For this to occur in a meaningful timescale, radical new
        propulsion systems will be needed, incorporating nuclear mission, or
        matter/antimatter annihilation.

        Open Skies Closed Minds in Romania

        I am pleased to announce that my first book Open Skies Closed Minds is
        to be published in Romania. Open Skies Closed Minds is an overview of
        the UFO phenomenon, focusing on my running the UK Government UFO
        research and investigation project, at the Ministry of Defence. My
        books are available in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and
        have previously been translated into various other languages,
        including German, Greek and Polish. On past form, English language UFO
        books being translated into other languages leads to greater liaison
        between researchers in different countries, and results in previously
        unreported cases being given greater prominence. My thanks go to the
        respected ufologist Ion Hobana for arranging this.

        Glastonbury Symposium 2003

        On 25, 26 and 27 July the Glastonbury Symposium 2003 takes place at
        The Town Hall, Glastonbury. Entitled Investigating Crop Circles and
        Signs of Our Times, the symposium features a host of well known names,
        including Maurice Cotterell, Ed Sherwood and Michael Glickman. The
        special Sunday night guest is Budd Hopkins. However, the focus will be
        on crop circles, and the event includes a coach tour of whatever
        formations are in the area at the time. The event is hosted by Andy
        Thomas and Karen Douglas, and details can be found at the
        [3]www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk website.

        The 2003 Crop Circle Convention

        If Glastonbury whets your appetite, then there is another three day
        crop circle conference on 8, 9 and 10 August, in the Cricklade Theatre
        in Andover, Hampshire. Invited speakers include Colin Andrews, Reg
        Presley, Philip Mantle, Lucy Pringle and Busty Taylor. I have no
        internet site details for this event, but further information can be
        obtained by telephoning 01392 677462 any evening. Bookings can be made
        by calling 01264 360063 during office hours.

        Ed's Note:

        Nick Pope has written four books. Open Skies, Closed Minds is an
        overview of the UFO phenomenon with the emphasis on his official
        Ministry of Defence research and investigation. The Uninvited is an
        overview of the alien abduction mystery. Operation Thunder Child and
        Operation Lightning Strike are science fiction novels about alien
        invasion, incorporating UFO and abduction data. All four titles are
        available from most good bookshops and all the usual Internet book

        © Knight International 2003

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