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  • Roger Anderton
    Is the reason that we cannot solve the UFO mystery, because we cannot accept the complete package that goes along with it? Boscovich s theory is based on
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2000

      Is the reason that we cannot solve the UFO mystery, because we cannot accept the complete package that goes along with it?


      Boscovich’s theory is based on Pythagorean ideas.

      Pythagorean ideas that tie in with the Tibetan Mystical tradition, and according to Evans - Wentz that tradition is well aware that it is preserving ancient knowledge.

      Checking Evans - Wentz and confirming his reliability, I have looked at Namkhai Norbu’s book The Crystal and the Way of light. The 14th Dalai Lama urged Namkhai Norbuto write as much as possible about Tibetan culture.

      Western science has been fashioned upon creating machines, but according to Norbu - Eastren tradition has been along the lines of using the human body itself as a machine to be used by its science.

      He talks of energy fields being out of balance causing cancer. Dr. Becker talks of similar when he talks of electromagnetic pollution being the catalyst for cancer. (And Becker says there is a conspiracy in science to suppress research along those lines.)

      Machines are generally just transducers - which means they convert energy from one form into another form.

      Eastern science using the body as a machine would mean that it has the techniques for knowing how to convert energy from one form into another.

      These techniques would not be recognized by Western science, for the same reason that certain archaeological evidence is suppressed:-

      In Forbidden Archaeology - Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson talk about the suppression of archaeological evidence when such evidence does not conform to existing theoretical beliefs:-

      "We have spoken of ‘anomalous evidence’ and ‘evidence accepted in support of modern theory.’ In general, a piece of evidence is anomalous only in relation to a particular theory."

      Compare the UFO phenomenon it is only anomalous in relation to orthodox science.

      Cremo and Thompson continue:

      "If one could look at the world without any theoretical presuppositions (conscious or unconscious), one would see nothing anomalous. Unfortunately, one would probably experience little but a welter of meaningless sense perceptions, since it is through theoretical understanding that we give meaning to what we perceive."

      i.e. we need to believe a theory to understand what we observe.

      Orthodox Western science has a very long list of anomalous phenomena.

      I say they all fit into being explainable by Eastern science : which is Ancient Knowledge - which is Boscovich’s Theory- which is Einstein’s Unified Field theory.

      The question is : can we accept the full package?

      Accepting this alternative Physics (and science) means taking on board ideas such as astrology, which modern Western science has been happy to perceive as superstitious nonsense.

      A person might be prepared to accept the possibility that aliens have visited us, but would he be prepared to accept everything else that went along with it?

      Is the Western science community too locked into the mentality of trying to make one small adjustment to their existing beliefs to accommodate a new fact? And be unprepared to accept the complete package, which overturns all their existing beliefs?

      Modern physics is founded upon a misunderstanding of Einstein. In the 1920s, the physics community went in a different direction to Einstein. In each step away from Einstein, scientists have tried to justify themselves. Is the reason that Western science community adopts the ‘ostrich with its head in the sand’ approach, because the anomalous phenomenon would knock down their ‘house of cards’?



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