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Re: Light and our three sons on trial

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  • Patti Jeane Spencer
    I searched my mind for direction. I was ... Russ and the list, This is exactly the way the typhoon Windy was turned on Okinawa, at the exact moment I sent
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 1999
      I searched my mind for direction. I was
      > compelled to stand up with my out stretched arms, face the light of the
      > explosion, which was growing, and MATCH the light in intensity and
      > strength with my own internal light. Much to my surprise, and relief, the
      > energies equalized, my light became superior to the destructiveness of the
      > bomb, and a voice inside my head said "Good, that's your best defence in
      > this world". As I said, it was personal experience, and it was meant to
      > educate me on the power of unconditional love, and the white light. It

      Russ and the list,

      This is exactly the way the typhoon Windy was turned on Okinawa, at
      the exact moment I sent Light as I was asked to do by my ET contact
      that was surrounding me in his aura light and told me to speak to the
      storm as I was on that dimension (the same as the storm), and he
      would empower me, plus the fact he could not do the speaking as it
      would be interferring with our free will here on earth. This is NOT a
      special power that I have but a power that is within us all. And at that
      very moment the typhoon turned away from Okinawa and the Base
      news cast said the next day that the weather group stated it seemed as
      though a miracle had happened as Typhoons don't turn around and go
      backward and this one did. This is one of the things the ETs would
      like to teach us.

      I had just turned on the computer to send a message from the
      Commander to all those that will, at 5 minutes until noon today if
      possible at Central Standard time but that doesn't give you Easterners
      much time to read this, all that will please send the White Light to
      surround our three sons as they are sons of all Americans. And as we
      do, the Commander's crews will be sending Light with us as our doing
      it can enable them to add their prayers individually. He has explained
      this to me in this way. If 100 of us send Light or pray in your own
      way, 100 ETs will be allowed to add their superior spiritual power to
      that number, if 1000 of us join together, then we have the help of
      1000 superior minds backing us on a higher dimension. For those of
      you overseas simply stop and send this White Light from within to
      surround our sons and bring them out safety with a miracle of God we
      can do it together. If you don't know usually pray, LOVE is the
      highest kind of prayer power, simply send your love and enfold them
      for a few moments, as though they were your own. As we send the
      Light from here I will say, "You are released and free in the Name of
      the Morning Star, Jesus Christ," you can speak or not speak, speak in
      the name of whatever God you worship or in your own name but lets
      try to save those boys as our prayers will be their only hope, and
      prayer can change things. It looks very bad for them at this time.

      For the Commander
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