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Fw: NUFOIA: Mars Probe Picks Up Pace

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... From: Ndunlks@aol.com To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: NUFOIA: Mars Probe Picks Up Pace Date: vrijdag, 2. april 1999 8:00 Mars Probe Picks Up Pace
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      Subject: NUFOIA: Mars Probe Picks Up Pace
      Date: vrijdag, 2. april 1999 8:00

      Mars Probe Picks Up Pace

      Mars Global Surveyor Deploys Antenna
      Simultaneous Communications, Mapping Possible

      PASADENA, California

      AP The Mars Global Surveyor has successfully unfolded its high-gain
      which had been retracted against the spacecraft's body since it was
      in November 1996.

      "The antenna is deployed and we just got telemetry," Mary Hardin, a
      spokeswoman for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said Sunday evening.
      "Everything looks like it's working perfectly."

      In the deployed position, the dish-shaped antenna can move on gimbals to
      transmit data to Earth and receive commands while the spacecraft's
      instruments continuously map the planet.

      The antenna had been kept folded after Mars Global Surveyor began mapping
      red planet earlier this month because of the possibility that a mechanism
      damp the force of the boom's deployment wouldn't work.

      Mission managers decided to get about three weeks of mapping data during a
      so-called contingency mission before deploying the 6.6-foot boom with its
      all-important communications antenna.

      That required stopping mapping operations of Mars at intervals and turning
      the entire spacecraft so the antenna would point toward Earth.

      Mars Global Surveyor has a camera to make wide- and narrow-angle images of
      Mars, and a laser altimeter to measure height and depth of surface features

      by bouncing pulses of light off the planet.

      It also carries a thermal-emission spectrometer to scan for heat being
      transferred from the planet to the atmosphere and to map mineral
      as well as a magnetometer to gather data that can be used to understand the

      interior of Mars.

      Mars Global Surveyor was to have begun mapping in mid-March 1998 but a
      problem with one of its two solar panels forced mission officials to ease
      craft into the right orbit much more slowly than planned.
      By John Antczak
      Copyright 1999 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may

      not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

      � 1999, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved.
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