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Cosmic Stargate 2. of 3.

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... From: Ronald From: Ronald Cosmic Stargate 2. of 3. The Sacred Circuit The Sacred Circuit maps our direct
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 1999
      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>

      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>

      Cosmic Stargate 2. of 3.

      The Sacred Circuit

      The Sacred Circuit maps our direct connection to the cosmos,
      based upon the ancient adage "as above, so below." This is a
      symbolical statement saying that whatever changes occur at the
      macrocosmic level of our galactic core in turn affects everything
      at the microcosmic level also. (reflexivity principle). Our DNA
      attunes to our cells, which attunes to our brain, which attunes
      to our heart, which attunes to our Earth, which attunes to
      our Sun, which along with all the other stars of our galaxy,
      attune to our galactic core. Therefore whatever changes occur
      at our galactic core affects everything in our Milky Way galaxy,
      all the way down to our DNA. Everything is connected through
      this sacred circuit by staying in resonance with the cosmic
      rhythmic pulsations. This resonance animates the movements
      of stars and planets and even the beating of our own hearts.
      The origin of these rhythmic pulsations is revealed within the
      structure of the heart/core of our Milky Way galaxy.

      Science has found an energetic mass in the center of our galaxy.
      Progressive scientists theorize that this mass is a dimensional
      doorway whereby energy from a higher dimension is stepped
      down and distributed to our galaxy.

      Science postulates that at the center of all galaxies lies such an
      energetic mass. In 1992, a new frequency was found to be emitted
      from all known galactic cores which would have altered the
      rhythmic pulsation and have caused changes to occur throughout
      the Sacred Circuit.

      The January 1998 Scientific American article titled "The
      Ulysses Mission," reports the findings of the Ulysses satellite
      as it approached our Sun in 1995 to measure its' magnetic
      poles and field. Scientists expected our Suns' magnetic field
      to be like the Earths' field. Instead, they found that "far
      from our Sun, the magnetic flux emanating outward has
      essentially the same density at all latitudes." Previous to
      the Ulysses' latest discovery, our scientists had concluded
      that our Suns' magnetic field was concentrated around
      the North pole and the South pole as would be expected.
      This was determined by a process known as Zeeman Line
      Splitting. (It would be interesting to repeat the Zeeman
      process again and compare it with the earlier findings to
      see what solar changes are currently taking place). This
      is only one of many changes that are presently happening
      within our Sun.

      In his book, "Awakening to Zero Point," Gregg Braden
      describes many of the changes occurring on our Earth
      and how they are affecting us in our daily life. The magnetic
      field of our Earth is decreasing due to a slowing of Earths'
      rotation. We are experiencing an intensification of our
      emotions and an increased difficulty in memory recall,
      because our emotional body and memory are closely
      connected with our Earths' magnetic field. Braden also
      states that our Earths' "heartbeat," or the Schuman
      Resonance Frequency, is increasing, which we experience
      as a sense that time is speeding up. This also tends to
      bring up deep emotional issues in order to be healed, often
      creating tensions and conflicts in our personal relationships.

      As the Earths' frequency increases, every cell on the planet
      is attempting to raise its' individual frequency in order to
      stay in step with the frequency of our Earth. Therefore every
      cell and its' energy field is attempting to cast off all negative
      frequencies and blockages in order to effect an inner-healing
      process. This is essential so that we can remain connected
      to and in harmony with our Earth and the Sacred Circuit.
      Currently it is believed that we are utilizing only 22 of the
      64 codons in our DNA, With the activation occurring within
      the Sacred Circuit, we will be able to turn on and utilize more
      of our DNA codons.

      Top Secret: Operation Noahs' Ark

      The dramatic changes occurring within the Sacred Circuit,
      our Sun and our Earth are of grave concern to the secret
      world governments and their military divisions. They believe
      humanity could be in a situation of "imminent threat."
      The secret governments have been monitoring the destruction
      of our planet due to modern technology as well as the coming
      Earth changes for nearly five decades.

      In 1958, the Rand Corporation was aware of the severe
      ozone layer destruction (depletion) caused by the continued
      detonations of nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere
      from the 1940's through the 1950's. Each nuclear explosion
      burned up massive amounts of ozone in the upper atmosphere.
      (The ozone layer is critical to life on this planet). It not only
      shields life forms from harmful solar and cosmic rays but
      also helps hold and contain our atmosphere. The Rand
      corporation was closely monitoring the ozone depletion in
      1958 through the secret governments' own global satellite
      network. [Note: this was part of the early secret space
      program, the public space program having begun launching
      their "first" satellites subsequently, viz. the 1957 Russian
      Sputnik and the 1958 United States launch. The Rand
      Corporation projections, (based upon their satellite ozone
      depletion data), predicted that Earth would lose its' atmosphere
      by 2025. The current update from the early 1990's was that
      this original prediction is still correct, (according to current
      ozone depletion levels).

      The predictions were that before our Earth completely lost
      its' atmosphere, the surface water would begin to evaporate,
      causing plant and animal life to die. The oxygen level,
      (already dangerously low), would continue to drop until
      life couldn't be sustained without artificial environments.
      These projections prompted the immediate implementation
      of the infamous "Alternative 3" programs. "Alternative 1"
      was a failed attempt to directly reverse or at least control
      the ozone depletion. "Alternative 2" was the creation of
      extensive underground cities. "Alternative 3" was a plan
      to expand the secret space program and flee our dying
      planet Earth, creating colonies first on Earths' Moon, then
      Mars. This plan was devised due to the forecasted impending
      Earth changes, including that of a probable polar axis shift.
      The Rand Corporation had determined that as Earths'
      magnetic pole shifted toward its' geographic pole, their
      rate of travel would would accelerate. This movement
      would culminate in their convergence, resulting in both a
      magnetic pole reversal and a 90 degree crustal (surface)
      shift of the planet, (also known as the polar axis shift).
      It is interesting to note that Earths' most recent crustal
      sliding, (polar axis shift), occurred approximately
      11,500 years ago, as indicated in LaViolettes' work.

      A polar axis shift triggers widespread massive earthquakes,
      volcanic eruptions and incredibly violent winds of 1,000 -
      2,000 mph due to temporary atmospheric displacement.
      Historically speaking, these shifts have caused large-scale
      destruction and mass-extinction of life on numerous occasions.

      Operation Noahs' Ark is a modern top secret rescue mission.
      It is implemented by preparing underground facilities to
      enable key personnel (chosen by the secret government and
      military) to survive the effects of catastrophic climatic change
      or nuclear attack devastation. If you overlay a map of recent
      military base closings upon a map of areas of predicted
      Earth changes of Cayce, Scallion, etc., they coincide. The
      secret government plans propose the relocating of essential
      industrial military and government facilities to "safer ground,"
      thereby salvaging the "cream" of modern civilization for
      safekeeping so as to preserve and rebuild life on our Earth.
      Of course, the general public is not informed of these
      measures to save the government "elite." However, indirect
      information is being released in order to prepare the "expendable
      proletariat worker-drones" to cope with the predicted Earth changes.
      (This mass-indoctrination-media campaign is considered to be
      an economy measure, in the event that some "slave-workers"
      survive for future exploitation).

      Training films disguised as gripping 3D drama "cliff-hanger"
      disaster movies are being spoon-fed to the unsuspecting
      masses. These "celluloid survival manuals" (via the secret
      governments' Hollywood media outlets), depict the heroic efforts
      of Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen overcoming natural disasters
      such as tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. And just consider
      the recent spate of sensational asteroid-impact-scenario books
      and movies released for public consumption. The new book,
      "Solar Flare," by Larry Burkett, describes in minute detail
      the devastating impact that a major solar flare could have
      upon humanity.

      Cosmic Stargate end of 2. of 3.

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    • Patti Jeane Spencer
      From: Jeroen Kumeling Could you re-send Stargate No. 3 because I didn t get it. Tks, Patti
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        From: "Jeroen Kumeling" <ufonet@...>

        Could you re-send Stargate No. 3 because I didn't get it. Tks, Patti
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