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Cosmic Stargate 1. of 3.

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... From: Ronald Date: vrijdag, 2. april 1999 1:10 From: Ronald Cosmic Stargate 1. of 3. The end of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 1999
      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>
      Date: vrijdag, 2. april 1999 1:10

      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>

      Cosmic Stargate 1. of 3.

      "The end of the Mayan Calendar has been
      calculated to be between December, 2011
      and 2012, or 2013, but when it is correlated
      to our Gregorian calendar, IT MAY ACTUALLY
      END AROUND 2000 A.D." (see paragraph 10)

      "The convergence of all these factors with
      a possible dimensional shift would be
      strongest between July 1999 and May 5 2000."
      (see paragraph 32)



      by Steven Hanauer

      There is a quickening occurring in our galaxy that affects
      us on a daily basis. In the past five years, have you been
      experiencing an intensification of emotional issues and
      relationship stress in your daily life?

      This is part of a cosmic process which the Ancients foretold
      would be occurring at this time. The Hopi Indians believe
      this is the end times and that we are on the verge of moving
      from the Fourth World to the Fifth World.

      In 1997, the Elders released the complete Hopi prophecies
      to the public for the first time in a book titled, "The Hopi
      Survival Kit," by Thomas Mails. A central portion of the
      Hopi prophecy was shown to have been depicted on the
      Prophecy Rock, on which is shown two paths. One path
      represents human beings in a relationship of "at one with
      nature," and the other path represents being "out of harmony
      with nature."

      The Hopis have long believed that only those who are in
      a state of harmony with nature will survive the coming
      earth changes and may safely walk the sacred path which
      leads their spirits into the Fifth World.

      The primary influence that disconnects contemporary
      humanity from the vitalizing connection with the Earth
      Spirit is our fascination with the "tinsel and glamour" of
      modern technology. We have become a culture of "techno-
      cargo-cult-spiritual-pygmys" obsessed with fleeting thrills
      and novel stimulation. We chain ourselves to dead lifestyles,
      dragging our baggage of inherited miasma behind us. By day
      we quench our spirits in office boxes and cubicles. Suffering
      from nervous exhaustion, we then crawl back into isolated
      sepulchers by night where we stupefy ourselves with a surfeit
      of carbohydrates and vacuous t.v. programs. In pursuit of the
      so-called "good life," we gorge ourselves with chaotic images
      and discordant sounds. Like a drowning cyber-sailor floundering
      amidst an ocean of electromagnetic flotsam, we gasp for breath
      as we are pulled down by a maelstrom of turbulent radio,
      microwave, and radar frequencies. Thus, our fragile nervous
      systems suffer and perish from this unnerving blitz, and our
      natural flow of chi energy is dampened and extinguished. Our
      psyches' radio receivers are harassed by the nemesis of
      niggling static, which severely degrades our ability to receive
      the life-giving clear channel of "K-Gaia." As a result, our
      spiritual tuning forks lose their ability to vibrate in sync
      with that of our Earths' natural heartbeat. This heartbeat/
      frequency is expressed in modern scientific terms as the
      Schumann Resonance.

      Many ancient cultures, including the Hopis and Australian
      aborigines, state that the Earth goes through cyclical
      changes. Modern geological findings also support this
      idea. Significant geological evidence points to major
      Earth changes occurring around 9500 B.C. Geologically,
      this corresponds to the ending of the Ice Age due to the
      melting of the Glaciers.

      According to ancient wisdom, this period also corresponds
      to the sinking of Atlantis due to major Earth cataclysms,
      and was the time referred to as The Great Flood or Deluge.
      The book titled, "Earth Under Fire," by LaViolette, correlates
      these ancient events with the latest geological evidence
      from the Greenland and Icelandic ice core studies. What
      they found was physical evidence of an Earth crustal shift,
      increased climatic temperatures, increased cosmic radiation
      dust, and a possible polar axis shift, all occurring around
      9500 B.C. LaViolette believes that a galactic core explosion
      affected our Sun, inducing increased solar storms, which
      then affected our Earth. These events are possibly about
      to occur again.

      Warning From The Sphinx

      It appears that the Sphinx was a monument built to mark
      this event in our history as a warning to future humanity.
      The precession of the equinoxes delineates astronomical
      time markers corresponding to specific time periods,
      (irrespective of what type of calendar is being used), much
      like a universal clock. The precession of the equinoxes is
      a cosmic cycle having a duration of approximately 25,800
      years. It is this cycle that the zodiacal ages are based upon.
      Today we are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of
      Aquarius. The time marker of the Sphinx appears to be
      indicating a transition from the Age of Virgo to the Age
      of Leo within the zodiacal circle. This would be 180 degrees
      opposite from us now, since Leo is the opposite sign of
      Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are also two of the four fixed
      signs of astrology which were known as the Four Corners
      of the World. Cosmologically, the ancients considered Leo,
      Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio as the foundation of the
      world. The Sphinx is a composite of these four zodiacal
      signs, having a human face (Aquarius), the body of a lion
      (Leo), the hoof of a bull (Taurus), and the wings of an eagle
      (Scorpio). According to Joseph Jochmans, the Sphinx
      originally had large torches which, when lit, looked like
      wings. The side view of the Sphinx mimics the shape of
      the stars in the constellation of Leo. In the book titled,
      "The Message of the Sphinx," by Bauval and Hancock,
      they believed that the Sphinx is a marker for the Age of
      Leo, indicating a date of around 10,500 B.C. At this time,
      the Sphinx pointed toward the Eastern horizon, facing the
      Sun and constellation Leo as they came into view over the
      horizon. The message seems to be pointing specifically to
      the Age of Leo and its position in the Four Corners of the
      World as being a very significant time in Earths' history.
      The builders of the Sphinx, were apparently wanting to
      attract future humanitys' attention as a warning to what
      occurs during these critical time periods.

      The Erection of the Holy Cross and End of the Mayan Calendar

      Nick Fiorenzas' research coincides with the message of the
      Sphinx. He has determined that the Earth and Sun will be
      aligning with the center of the Milky Way galaxy sometime
      between 1999 and 2000. The equatorial plane of the Earth,
      known as the ecliptic, aligns with the ecliptic of the Sun, at
      the same time that they both align with the ecliptic of the
      galactic core. This unique alignment occurs only four times
      during the precession of the equinox cycle, corresponding with
      the Four Corners of the World. The last configuration similar
      to this upcoming alignment corresponded to around 9500
      B.C. He believes there will be major earth changes as in the
      time of the sinking of Atlantis and the Great Flood, but
      with one addition, that being a possible dimensional shift.

      The Mayans also believed that humanity would be moving
      into a higher dimension around this time period. They called
      the end of this calendar cycle the End of Time, stating that
      humanity would no longer need a calendar depicting linear
      time, for we would be moving into a higher dimension. The
      end of the Mayan Calendar has been calculated to be between
      December, 2011 and 2012, or 2013, but when it is correlated
      to our Gregorian calendar, it may actually end around 2000
      A.D. This correlates with the alignment of the Earth and
      Sun to the galactic core, which would be the definitive
      astronomical ending point of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan
      calendar is known to be based on galactic cycles. The Mayans
      claimed they created this calendar in order to monitor the
      light coming from the center of our Milky Way galaxy,
      indicating how it affected our DNA. We now know, (through
      the research of Fritz Popp), that DNA not only absorbs
      light but also emits light. DNA also appears to be the bridge
      between our physical and etheric bodies. Modern science is
      just beginning to understand that our DNA directly reflects
      our consciousness, making it possible for us to willfully
      change our DNA. The ancient Mayans were apparently very
      aware of our connection to the cosmos, described by Gregg
      Braden as the Sacred Circuit.

      Cosmic Stargate end of 1. of 3.

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