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Webcast Tonight....aaahhh...the chemtrails....aahhhh

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  • Bobbie Felder
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000
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      Subject: Webcast | Tonight Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2000 | 8:00 PM CST

      Horizons Discussions - http://www.oklahomasky.com

      Webcast | Tonight Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2000 | 8:00 PM CST

      Andrew Kirshen, CO-host from the Horizons Radio Show and friend, joins Lan
      'BladeRunR' Lamphere in a special presentation concerning a variety of
      subjects UFO and paranormal related, including a possible explanation for
      so-called "chemtrails". An interview with Dr. Bob Maddox, former director
      of the National Severe Storms Laboratory, presents a totally mundane
      explanation for the contrail patterns that have people freaking out all
      over the country.

      Lan and Dr. Maddox also discuss our changing weather patterns and UFO/ET
      related "weather radar blackouts".

      If you have a question for Lan or Andrew, or a comment you wish to voice,
      please email us prior to 7:00 PM CST. Your question or comment will be read
      on air as time permits. Send email to:


      with the word "question" in the subject line

      To listen to the live show:

      Click on the "listen" icon to the left on the homepage. You must have
      winamp to listen to the live broadcast. Other players will play the
      archived shows, but the live stream is only accessible through winamp. If
      you don't have winamp, you can download the free program at


      For those who can't listen to the live broadcast, the show will be archived
      at the Horizons webpage after the broadcast tonight.

      Horizons Radio and webcast is a product of Three Horizons Broadcasting.

      Bobbie "Jilain" Felder

      IRC Undernet #horizons
      ICQ #7524076
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