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Fw: [MysticSpiritualities] August 1999 Day of Destiny/Grand Cross

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... From: Ronald To: MysticSpiritualities@onelist.com Subject: [MysticSpiritualities] August 1999 Day of Destiny/Grand Cross Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 1999
      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>
      To: MysticSpiritualities@onelist.com
      Subject: [MysticSpiritualities] August 1999 Day of Destiny/Grand Cross
      Date: donderdag, 1. april 1999 19:21

      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>

      Day of Destiny/Grand Cross articles:

      After my friend, Rick Riedel gave me the "lowdown"
      on the big August, 1999 astrological Grand Cross
      "blockbuster," I nearly fell out of my chair when
      I found this. Who can say what will happen?
      Yours truly,
      Ronald Landry

      Day of Destiny
      Where will You be August 13, 1999?


      Now you can learn the untold history of
      the Aztecs!

      August 13, 1999

      New discoveries about the Aztec Sun Calendar
      reveal secret information about this pivotal date
      in human history...

      August 13, 1999 was forecast by the ancient
      Aztecs to be a profound turning point in history.
      Aztec culture and spiritual practice were highly
      focused on this date which for them was hundreds
      of years in the future. The Aztecs or Mexica
      (Me-SHEE-kah) considered us to be their great-
      great-great-great-great grandchildren. They wanted
      to give us a condensed and completed version of
      all the things we would need to meet the challenges
      of the time around August 13, 1999. They used the
      Aztec Sun Calendar as a the carrier of their message.
      Oral tradition has kept this message alive. The
      Aztecs are still thriving in Mexico today and we
      need their wisdom now.

      The Aztec Sun Calendar is a fascinating puzzle that
      is assembled piece by piece throughout the course of
      Day of Destiny. It reveals profound insights into the
      interconnectedness of our universe, and the vital
      importance of August 13, 1999.

      Reading Day of Destiny is a powerful initiation.
      Many wonders of the natural world will begin to
      open up and reveal themselves to you as you go
      through it. Your capacities for integrated thinking
      will resurface after being dormant for centuries.
      You'll develop clarity and power. Your dream
      world will begin to blend with your waking state,
      and your subconscious mind will come up to meet
      your conscious mind as you read Day of Destiny
      through to the end. You may feel sleepy as you go
      through this process. It's natural. The sleepiness
      comes from your brain and nervous system learning
      how to integrate and expand their range of motion
      while you're awake.

      A living tradition is going to be revealed to you as
      you read through the book. This tradition lives and
      breathes inside you. It lives in all of us because it
      forms precisely and exactly the structures of our
      perceptions and processes. This tradition is a
      dynamic culture of life. It can't be lost, because it
      transcends all cultures and times. Every living
      creature, including you, embodies this tradition
      by virtue of being alive.

      Day of Destiny is a story that connects us all
      through a vast and beautiful web of conflict and
      freedom. It's a story that, once you get what it's
      about, will help you put your world together in
      ways you never thought possible. It's a story of
      how you can, how we can, survive.

      For more information email:

      �1998 Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science.
      All rights reserved

      HAIL THOU!

      Rick Riedel <Riedel@...> presents:

      The Grand Cross of August 17-18, 1999

      During the two days of August 17 and 18, 1999, one of
      the most powerful and fearsome configurations known to
      astrologers will make itself shown in the heavens. This
      configuration involves the participation of all the major
      planets except Pluto and two minor asteroids in one of the
      four fixed signs of the zodiac. This forms a "Grand Cross,"
      where all of the planets are either square or opposite each

      Although apocalyptic prognosticators get excited about big
      conjunctions, like the one approaching in Taurus on May
      5, 2000, these have historically been markers of a changing
      of the guard, rather than precipitators of actual events. The
      conjunction is classically the mark of the end of one cycle
      and the start of another. The massive "Super Conjunction"
      of February, 1962 was an example of this. Not much happened
      on the conjunction itself, but within18 months, John Kennedy
      was shot, then the war in Vietnam escalated and soon, people
      were walking on the Moon. The Grand Cross is, instead, a
      configuration found in the middle of the cycle; the power
      point of the cycle.

      The likes of the configuration that will be occurring in
      August of 1999 has not been seen in recent times. There
      was a weaker version of this configuration on January
      11, 1910. This was in cardinal signs and included 7 major
      planets and 1 of the asteroids. The Grand Cross is part
      of a "crossing over" to a new era or age. It is to be noted
      that the first air transportation service, utilizing dirigibles
      in Germany, was established on this date. It is easy to
      see how the advances in technology transformed the world
      from a horse-and-buggy condition to the high-tech world
      we live in now. The Grand Cross coming this next August
      is much more powerful and features 9 major planets, the
      Moon's nodes, Chiron and 2 of the 4 asteroids in fixed
      signs. It will take someone with more sophisticated computer
      software than I have to research how long it has been since
      this configuration was last seen. It will affect everyone and
      everything. The Grand Cross can occur in any of 3 modes;
      cardinal, fixed or mutable. These correspond to the 3 gunas
      of the Vedas or rajas, tamas or sattva. This one is in the
      tamasic, or fixed signs. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
      and Aquarius. The fixed signs have long been recognized
      as crucial in the experience of mankind. The Sphinx is a
      composite of the fixed cross. It has the head of a man
      (Aquarius), the front paws of a lion (Leo), the body and
      rump of a bull (Taurus) and the wings of an eagle (Scorpio).

      Here is the lineup:

      In the earth sign of Taurus, we have Jupiter and Saturn.
      These two giants classically rule the everyday, down-to-
      earth concerns of society. The stock market, housing,
      crop abundance or failure, money and the sense of comfort
      or anxiety over these things are under the influence of
      Jupiter and Saturn. In the Grand Cross, they represent
      the Earth and her relationship to humanity. All of the
      planets can operate in positive or negative ways. Here
      we have either the reverence for Mother Earth and her
      resources or the final destruction of plant and animal
      species, the fouling of air and water and, possibly, Her
      revolt against this disrespect.

      Opposite these two, in the water sign of Scorpio, we have
      the Moon, Mars, Chiron and the asteroid Juno. Here we
      see the pressures brought about by the New World Order.
      The police state. Repression, control, the wounded psyche
      of a frustrated, confined society in fear over crime, change,
      and the reluctance to part with the "old way" of doing most
      everything. Even though this may be the area that precipitates
      the crisis envisioned by this planetary configuration, there
      is the least amount of staying power here. It may be that
      some action by the ruling elite will trigger the situation,
      but there is little here to sustain it. On a positive note,
      here we have the courage to pour forth energy and healing
      from the millions of light workers out there, and the
      inclination to step forward to teach and heal those who
      are feeling fright and suffering.

      Square to this opposition, we have Neptune and Uranus
      in the air sign of Aquarius. The two slowest-moving and
      influential planets in this configuration are here representing
      the New Age; The Age of Aquarius. This is the social
      awareness, the group-conscious energies that today can
      be seen in reams of channeled material, world meditation
      days and the trend away from consumerism, materialism
      and the quest for power. At their worst, these two planets
      represent fixedness of thinking and reluctance to move on.
      At their best, they fuel the paradigm shift, the jump to the
      next quantum level, the leap to the next dimensional

      Opposite this is a stellium in the fire sign of Leo. The
      Sun, Mercury,Venus, the asteroid Ceres and the North
      Node of the Moon occupy the sign of self-conscious
      identity. Here we have the leaders of our governments
      and religious organization. Here, too are the creative
      abilities of light workers everywhere. The self-assurance
      that comes from connection of the personality with the
      soul. This is the self-confidence that comes from hours
      spent in meditation; from lessons learned via discrimination
      and experience.

      All of these planets are involved in a configuration that
      forms a cross, the arrangement of stress, tension and
      power. In the cyclic view, this is the position like that of
      a person pedaling a bicycle when the pedals are perfectly
      parallel to the ground. This is the time to apply maximum
      power to the pedals. It is here that the champion asserts
      himself and the pretender finds that there is not enough
      strength to push the crank another turn. This is the eye
      of the needle, the point of focus for all of the cosmic energy,
      both entering and leaving our lovely planet. We all have
      to go through this funnel; the New World Order and the
      New Age; both will find this as the make or break moment
      that will decide the destiny of us all.

      The one notable exception in this configuration is the
      planet Pluto. Motionless in Sagittarius, Pluto is ceasing
      its annual retrograde motion, a position of great power.
      In 1978, Pluto moved inside the orbit of Neptune, and,
      for the next 20 years, from this unusual vantage point,
      has traced out it's defining pattern of evolution for society
      as a whole. This phenomenon happens once every 250
      years or so and these periods have been remarkable in
      human history. The birth of Jesus Christ took place during
      one of these periods. Pluto will be emerging from its inner
      position at the time of the Grand Cross. It is the one light
      of hope during this configuration. Hopefully, it signals
      the growth of societal consciousness to the point that
      world destruction or enslavement will be eschewed in
      favor of enlightenment, discrimination and brotherhood.
      Pluto makes a wonderful trine aspect to all the planets in
      Leo. This emphasizes the ability of each individual to make
      their own choices during this crisis. Pluto is also making
      a beneficent sextile to Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius,
      indicating the power of the coming New Age will have a
      chance to assert itself.

      Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that there is an eclipse
      at 18 degrees Leo 21 minutes on August 10, just a week
      before. This is not just any eclipse, either. This eclipse is
      the first in a new cycle of 19 Saros cycles, a further
      indication of a new beginning.

      Seers have had some things to say about these two days.

      The California psychic, Charles Jeron Criswell King,
      popularly known simply as "Criswell," says that, time
      and time again, he has dreamed of a day when people
      will speak to one another, and when they talk about
      tomorrow, nothing will come out of their mouths.
      That same day, Criswell predicts, what he calls a "black
      rainbow" will encircle the earth, and will slowly suck
      away most of the air in the atmosphere. Men everywhere
      will die in the streets. But the disaster will last only a
      short while, with survivors coming back afterward to
      rebuild the earth. Criswell says this day will be August
      18, 1999. Criswell knew nothing of astrology and it's
      anyone's guess as to where he came up with this date,
      as he made his prediction sometime in the 1950's.

      Nostradamus, usually vague and metaphorical, comes
      right out and says:

      "The year 1999, in the seventh month
      There will appear in the heavens the
      sign of the King of Terror
      When the great leader of the Mongols
      (Orient) is reborn And Mars (war)
      reigns supreme once more" X, 22

      Although moderns would see the 7th month as July, the
      writings of Nostradamus were translated from Old French
      and the term "sept" is involved. First and foremost
      Nostradamus was an astrologer, and possibly stuck to
      tradition, counting months as "moons" or lunation cycles.
      In 1999, the Grand Cross occurs a week after the 7th
      Moon of 1999, the eclipse at 18b21. This is the "sign of
      the King of Terror" referred to above. The "leader of the
      Mongols," in the opinion of many, refers to a "Lord of
      Darkness" or non-physical being. I would be inclined to
      think that this refers to solar flares, of which there have
      been many; a pattern which began in August of 1998. A
      very large flare could certainly generate the "black rainbow"
      envisioned by Criswell. In any case, Nostradamus sees
      this time span as being important, and we would be
      remiss to ignore him.

      It always seems like prophecies are usually gruesome, but
      because of free will, and because of the rapid changes
      going on here and now, predictions are always suspect. It
      is safe to say, however, that the planets will continue on
      their present track and enter into this Grand Cross
      configuration no matter what else comes to pass. It is
      best, then, to be prepared and watchful as the time
      approaches. We could be talking about anything from a
      pole shift to political upheaval. Personal experience tells
      me that political tensions are more likely than physical

      Keep in mind that these two days are not a flash in the
      pan. Rather, the planets assemble, one by one and
      tension builds as yet another planet enters a fixed sign.
      These two days (actually 2 1/2 days, when the Moon is
      in Scorpio. This is from August 16th at 3:40 PM, PDT
      until 3:31 AM, PDT on August 19th) are simply the peak
      of the energy push. Anyone born under any of the fixed
      signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius will be profoundly
      affected during these two days. Some interesting political/
      economic leaders born under fixed signs are:

      Bill Clinton (Leo)
      Hillary Clinton (Scorpio)
      Saddam Hussein (Taurus)
      Tony Blair (Taurus)
      John Howard - Australian Prime Minister (Leo)
      Prince Charles (Scorpio)
      Bill Gates (Scorpio)

      I'm sure there are more, I just don't have their birthdays.

      When confronted with challenges such as this, there is a
      tendency to react with fear and trepidation. If indeed the
      New World Order will use this opportunity to make their
      final moves towards power and control, fear is their primary
      weapon. The magnificent trine of the powerful Pluto to the
      "personal planets" of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo
      will be felt by each and every individual who honors light
      and freedom as a connection to their inner spark, their
      own soul. Be it in silent meditation, or via caring, encouraging
      contact with close friends, it is the self confidence and
      optimism of individuals everywhere that can distribute the
      transformative power of the Divine energy presented through
      Pluto, the one planet that stands apart from the strife and
      pressure of the Grand Cross. We can all hang on to our
      personal connection to The One Creator. If ever there was
      a time for a "world meditation day" this is it. The best times
      for this would be at the traditional times of sunrise, noon,
      sunset and midnight, as at these times, there would be a
      fixed sign rising, no matter what your location. I never make
      predictions; nobody really knows what will happen. This is
      a free will zone and this does make the outcome uncertain.
      All we can do is realize that this powerful astrological
      configuration is going on and be ready, in body, mind and spirit.

      Rick Riedel
      Sunday, January 17, 1999

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