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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... From: Francisco Lopez To: Subject: [UFOR] ETs Outside the Time Stream (fwd) Date: donderdag, 1. april 1999 2:28 From: Francisco
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      From: Francisco Lopez <d005734c@...>
      Subject: [UFOR] ETs Outside the Time Stream (fwd)
      Date: donderdag, 1. april 1999 2:28

      From: Francisco Lopez <d005734c@...>


      ETs Outside the Time Stream
      by Ruben Meyer,

      Whenever the subject of UFOs and Intelligent Life beyond Earth
      comes up, one of the first things people ask is, "Why are they here?".
      That seems like a tough question because there is so many different
      theories about it. Many are that they are monitoring us and have been for
      thousands of years. There is proof of this in the pyramids, ancient
      Sumarian gods, Native American Drawings and so many other sources. We all
      know of this proof and it is not necessary to discuss it. But why?
      This question can be answered in one sentence but in order to get
      the full effect and the full understanding you need an example. ETs have
      been monitoring us in order to study us and to prevent us from making the
      same mistake they did. What mistake? They polluted their planet and
      couldn't live there any more. Where did they go? I will come back to that
      after I give this great example of Aliens monitoring humans.
      One day a buffalo is sleeping in the plains at night when suddenly
      he is awoken by bright lights and a spacecraft landing next to him. The
      buffalo jumps up and runs but is suddenly shot in the neck with something
      that immediately makes him drowsy and makes him fall to the ground. Three
      creatures emerge from the spacecraft, pick up the buffalo and carry him
      into the helicopter. They take blood and urine samples and probe his body.
      The creatures then take a needle and prick him in the neck inserting an
      implant into his body. The creatures then release the buffalo and take off
      in their spacecraft. The buffalo comes to and runs to his friends and tell
      them the story but they think he's nuts. Little does the buffalo know that
      what he saw was a helicopter and the creatures he saw are scientists. He
      was shot with a tranquilizer dart. Now back in the city the scientists
      know exactly where the buffalo is, what his temperature is, what his heart
      rate is every second of every day for the rest of his life.
      That story really makes you believe. Now onto what happened to the
      ETs. The ETs are far more advanced then humans are. The ETs polluted their
      planet and killed most of each other in Nuclear War. Their planet is now
      inhabitable. There is no other planet around that they can inhabit. There
      only hope for survival is to leave time itself. They conquered time and
      their entire civilization left the time stream. They would never evolve
      again as long as they are out of the time stream. Their technology would
      never advance again (which explains why the Sumerians, Egyptians, and
      Native Americans saw the same ETs and UFOs that we do today, thousands of
      years later).
      One day the ETs found that another planet has life. This planet is
      Earth. Their inhabitants which are called humans are very primitive. Their
      civilization has just begun. The ETs realize that this is a perfect chance
      to study these humans. They monitor the humans for thousands of years
      until they discovered nuclear weapons. Now the humans were a threat to
      themselves. They could make the same mistake the ETs did. The ETs then
      began us even more. That is why many more UFO reports have came in since
      1945 when the Atomic Bomb was tested. There are many UFO reports in places
      during war.
      They are here for a reason and its up to us to listen to them, for
      our own sake.

      Learn more about this topic and many others at my website at

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