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Keys Under The Sphinx

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... From: Ronald Subject: Keys Under The Sphinx Date: woensdag, 31. maart 1999 23:26 From: Ronald Keys Under
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      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>

      Subject: Keys Under The Sphinx
      Date: woensdag, 31. maart 1999 23:26

      From: Ronald <webhawks@...>

      Keys Under the Sphinx
      Decoding the Hall of Records
      by Ray Mardyks

      The Summer of Unconditional Love

      Summer of the Prophesies
      The summer months of 1998 offer a unique spiritual opportunity. It is
      unlike any that has been offered to humanity on the Earth until now.
      Between 1998 and the year 2012, the Earth will be shifting into its
      next stage of planetary evolution. The whole of humanity will be
      shifting along with the Earth. Whether individual humans will be
      conscious of what is happening during the next 13-14 years is still
      an open question. Many people, if not most of humanity, may not be
      fully aware of what is happening. Is human understanding and
      participation required for the Earth to evolve? Probably not as much
      as we would like to believe.

      Edgar Cayce, "the sleeping prophet," spoke suggestively of 1998 being
      the year when the Hall of Records, hidden beneath the Sphinx in
      Egypt, would be rediscovered and opened. This "opening" in 1998 was
      also associated with the imminent 'Second Coming' of Christ. The
      records were supposedly "sealed" around 10,500 BCE. This was during
      the astrological Age of Leo the Lion. In recent years, the connection
      between the constellation of the Lion in the sky and the Sphinx on
      Earth has become rather popular. "As above, so below ..."

      What is a Pole Shift, Really?
      What also occurred at that time, 12,500 years ago, was a pole shift.
      This was not a shifting of the Earth's magnetic field as popularized
      by modern doomsday advocates, but rather an astronomical and also
      astrological pole shift. The Earth has a peculiar gyrating motion
      that creates a nearly 26,000-year cycle. During this cycle, the
      position of the Sun, at the moment of the vernal (spring) equinox,
      appears to shift through the thirteen constellations of the zodiac,
      spending approximately 2000 years in each one. Around 10,500 BCE, the
      Sun, at vernal equinox, was entering the constellation of Leo the
      Lion (Age of Leo). Presently this "age" marker is in the
      constellation of Pisces the Fish (Age of Pisces) and moving toward
      Aquarius the Water Bearer (Age of Aquarius).

      In addition to the movement of the equinox, the poles of the Earth
      also appear to move through different constellations of stars.
      Imagine the Earth's north pole as a crown chakra. The stars directly
      above this opening would be suggestive of the Earth's "spiritual
      connection". At the start of the last Age of Leo, around 10,500 BCE,
      the north pole of the Earth was "shifting" into a new constellation
      of stars, the one we now call Hercules. It was a pole shift, folks. A
      major test for the legendary Hercules was battling a lion, whose skin
      he is often seen wearing. The myths reflect what is happening in the
      sky. Now let's return to the present time.

      Between 1998 and 2001, the Earth, at the time of the equinoxes and
      solstices, will be aligned with the Milky Way Galaxy in which we
      live. This only occurs once every 6500 years or so. At the autumn
      equinox this year on September 22-23, the Earth will begin this
      Galactic Alignment and galactic initiation. The autumn equinox will
      align with the north pole of our Galaxy. In the sky, the position of
      the North Galactic Pole is found just behind and above the
      constellation of the Lion. The Lion is in a guardian position. It is
      the archetypal protector for this galactic chakra or gateway.
      Visualize our Galaxy with an open crown chakra. This is where
      galactic energies move in and out. This also suggests intergalactic
      travel. It is only during Galactic Alignment that the Earth can
      receive these galactic frequencies and become involved in
      intragalactic activities. How much does this involve us humans?

      Between the Paws of the Sphinx
      Just after the lunar eclipse on August 8, 1998, the Sun moves into
      the constellation of the Lion. On August 21-22, a solar eclipse takes
      place immediately in front of the star Regulus, the "Lion's Heart".
      This corresponds to the "doorway" between the paws of the Sphinx.
      Edgar Cayce cryptically spoke, "the line of shadow falls between the
      paws of the Sphinx ..." while referring to the entrance to the Hall
      of Records. During this eclipse, a shadow will cover the Sun between
      the paws of the Lion/Sphinx. What is unique and special about this
      particular solar eclipse is that it occurs near the time of Galactic
      Alignment. The last Galactic Alignment, when an equinox aligned with
      this galactic pole was just prior to the last Age of the Lion and the
      "sealing" of the Hall of Records. The true history of humanity is
      supposedly contained amongst these records. Maybe the only time that
      we can reconnect with our true ancestors, who are probably
      intergalactic travelers, is during a Galactic Alignment.

      The archetypal Lion is the guardian of the galactic pole and also the
      entrance to the Hall of Records below the Sphinx. This archetypal
      being has been called by the names of Jah, in the masculine and
      Sekmet, in the feminine. The brightest star in the Lion's
      constellation is called Regulus and is the key to the Lion's
      mysteries. This star is the only bright star that lies along the path
      of the Sun as the Sun appears to move through the zodiac. There is an
      intimate relationship between the Lion and the Sun.

      In Galactic Astrology, the Sun represents a center of consciousness,
      usually self-consciousness and ego-consciousness. It is the place we
      identify with as "I" or "me". The stars and constellations represent
      the dimensions of the soul and spirit. The stars are out all the
      time, yet we cannot see them during the day because the Sun is too
      bright. In a similar way, the archetypal dimensions of the soul and
      spirit cannot be seen when the light of the ego or self-consciousness
      is too bright. The stars appear when the Sun goes down.
      Multidimensional realities appear when the ego is transcended. During
      solar eclipses, the Sun (and ego) are temporarily blocked out. The
      stars can actually be seen during the day at the moment of a total
      solar eclipse.

      The archetypal Lion is the "ruler of the heart" for each individual.
      Often this archetype is projected onto a celebrity, such as a member
      of a royal family, a rock star, or a movie star. Integrating this for
      yourself involves being open to the Lion and being willing to
      experience your heart as the ruler; in other words, always doing what
      you truly want and acting out of love rather than fear.

      Sirius Rising
      The rising of the star Sirius, for the area around Stonehenge, also
      occurs near the time of the solar eclipse on August 21-22, 1998. This
      area includes sacred sites such as Avebury, Silbury Hill and
      Glastonbury. This is also where the majority of Crop Circles take
      place. Remember that England, the location for all of these sites, is
      symbolizes by a lion. Is there a direct connection between the Sphinx
      and the sacred sites in southern England?

      The rising of the star Sirius occurs on different days for different
      locations on the Earth. Most of the "seedings" from Sirius occur
      during July and August every year. Ancient Egyptian culture was very
      much attuned to the cycles, energy and movement of the star Sirius.
      During ancient Egyptian times, the stars of the Lion and Sirius both
      rose together. The rising of Sirius was the event that initiated
      their New Year. What does the Earth receive from the star Sirius
      every year?

      Imagine that the Earth is a living entity. Similar to how some people
      need glasses to see better or a radio to receive invisible
      communications; the Earth has pyramids, stone circles and other
      temple structures to assist the Earth in receiving certain energies,
      frequencies and information, much of it coming from the stars.
      Imagine that these instruments are designed and built for the Earth's
      planetary evolutionary needs. Imagine that humanity is only a small
      part of this project and is assisting the Earth in ways that are
      mostly unconscious. Imagine that the Sphinx, the pyramids, many
      sacred temples and the Crop Circles are all designed from a level of
      consciousness beyond the capacity of human understanding.

      Keys Under the Sphinx
      Underneath the constellation of the Lion in the sky are two
      constellations that are also keys to the Sphinx mystery. One of these
      is the constellation called Crater, the Cup. This is represented in
      myth and legend by the Holy Grail. According to the popular telling
      of the story, the Holy Grail was brought from Jerusalem to
      Glastonbury. The other interesting constellation found under the Lion
      is called Argo Navis the Ship, also sometimes called the Ark. The
      Holy Grail is an important icon in the Christian tradition as is
      Noah's Ark in the Bible and also the Ark of the Covenant in the
      Jewish tradition. One secret tradition suggests that the Ark of the
      Covenant was brought from Jerusalem to the British Isles by the
      Knights Templar.

      Both the Grail and the Ark are containers; the 'blood of Christ' in
      the Grail and the two stone tablets in the Ark of the Covenant. Both
      the Grail and the Ark can be recognized on a deeper level as
      communication devices. The 'blood' in the Grail suggests a "blood
      line" or lineage going back in time. Does this go all the way back to
      our origins, coming from the stars? The Ark was used by "God" to talk
      to Moses. Was this the being or beings who brought humanity here from
      the stars? Both the Grail and the Ark can also be related to as
      symbols for the Earth. The Earth holds us like a cup and transports
      us through space, like a ship or Ark. Visualize the Earth as a living
      spaceship traveling with the Sun through galactic space.

      Let's imagine the Earth to be like a large bio-computer. When we
      download a new program or application onto our modern computers, an
      icon appears on the desktop. What can we better understand when we
      recognize that the Crop Circles are icons for new programs being
      "downloaded" into the Earth from Sirius and other stars systems? The
      new icon or Crop Circle is visually symbolic of the function of the
      new program. What will happen when these new programs are activated?
      Maybe the master program that utilizes all of these smaller Crop
      Circle programs hasn't been downloaded yet. Maybe the download for
      the new master program is scheduled for the Total Solar Eclipse in
      August 1999, when the shadow of that eclipse travels through Southern
      England, Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan and India. What will the
      Crop Circles in August 1999 be like? Are these new programs needed by
      the Earth for the Galactic Alignment?

      The Great Alignment
      The 1998-2001 Galactic Alignment happens during the time period of
      thirteen equinoxes and solstices, from September 1998 through
      September 2001. Imagine that the Earth as a planet has been like a
      solitary bio-computer, only able to access itself, the Sun and some
      of the other planets in the solar system. A way to view this Galactic
      Alignment is imagining the Earth being connected to a interstellar,
      multidimensional Internet; a Galactic Wide Web. It will take thirteen
      years or so for the Earth to integrate these new programs and this
      new galactic connection. Imagine the levels of consciousness and
      information accessible when the Earth goes "galactically" on-line in

      The year 2012 is also marked by the position of the star Regulus, the
      Heart of the Lion. In 2012, Regulus shifts from the sign of Leo into
      the sign of Virgo. The star Regulus will be at the meeting place
      between these two. Remember that the Sphinx is a combination of the
      Lion and the Virgin!

      The solar eclipse on August 21-22, 1998, is preparing the way for the
      Galactic Alignment and provides an opportunity to open to the rhythm
      of the Lion's heartbeat. When we do this, we release all fear and
      surrender to unconditional love. This is a prerequisite to accessing
      the entrance to the Hall of Records. The Sun will be passing through
      and underneath the Lion (Sphinx) until the start of Galactic
      Alignment. This occurs at the moment of the equinox on Sept. 22-23.

      For those that find the "entrance" through their hearts and access
      the "inner" records, this equinox will signal a possible "anointing"
      through the crown chakra and the beginning of conscious participation
      in the Earth's galactic initiation. This is an opportunity for some
      of us to shift our center from Sun-centered (ego) consciousness to
      galactic (higher Self) consciousness. For others, life will continue
      to reflect the illusions created by egocentric consciousness. These
      people will continue to believe that what is "out there" is something
      other than a reflection of themselves.

      Galactic consciousness is analogous to Christ consciousness. Yeshua
      ben Yosef (aka Jesus Christ) was of the tribe of Judah, symbolized by
      the Lion. Those who have chosen the 'Lion's Path of Unconditional
      Love' will know that there are no teachers or leaders to follow. They
      will be led by their own hearts and unconditional love. A few may
      even stop time long enough to receive a gift, the Flower of Life.

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