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Recent Launches

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  • Frits Westra
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 1999
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      Jonathan's Space Report
      No. 393 1999 Mar 29 Cambridge, MA
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      Recent Launches

      The first Boeing Sea Launch mission was a success. The Zenit-3SL
      launch vehicle took off from the Sea Launch Odyssey mobile platform at
      154.0W 0.0N on Mar 28. DemoSat carries launch vehicle instrumentation
      and is a dynamic model of an HS-702 satellite. Its mass is about 4500
      kg. DemoSat was built by Boeing Commercial Space/Kent. The first two
      stages of the Zenit are built by Yuhznoe in the Ukraine. The third
      stage is a Blok DM-SL, built by Energiya/Kaliningrad and based on the
      Blok DM series used for Proton upper stages. Its first burn placed it
      in a 180 x 735 km x 1.2 deg parking orbit 13 min after launch,
      followed by a second burn 47 min after launch to deliver DemoSat to a
      638 x 36064 km x 1.2 deg geostationary transfer orbit. Three hours
      later, a third DM-SL burn was due to lower the rocket stage's orbit so
      that it will reenter quickly (I haven't had confirmation on this burn

      Asiasat 3S was launched on Mar 21 by International Launch Services on
      a Krunichev Proton-K with an Energiya Blok DM3 upper stage. Asiasat,
      based in Hong Kong, will operate the satellite as a replacement for
      Asiasat 3, which was placed in the wrong orbit by a Proton launch in
      1997. Asiasat 3, renamed HGS-1, is currently in inclined
      geostationary drift orbit awaiting customers, after completing a
      remarkable pair of trips around the Moon last year. The new satellite,
      Asiasat 3S, is a copy of its precursor. It is a Hughes HS-601HP with C
      and Ku band transponders. Mass in transfer orbit is 3463 kg, down to
      2500 kg at beginning of life. The Blok DM3 placed Asiasat 3S in a 9677
      x 35967 km x 13.1 deg transfer orbit. Asiasat's Marquardt R4D apogee
      engine will be used to raise perigee to geostationary altitude.

      WIRE is now stable; although its primary mission was a failure, it
      will be used for systems tests.

      Pedantic correction on last week's pedantic note: Chinese scholars
      tell me that Chunghua would be Zhonghua in Pinyin, not Zhongguo, and
      refers to China and things Chinese in the abstract.

      Table of Recent Launches
      Date UT Name Launch Vehicle Site Mission INTL.

      Feb 7 2104 Stardust Delta 7426 Canaveral SLC17A Probe 03A
      Feb 9 0354 Globalstar M023 ) Soyuz-U/Ikar Baykonur LC1 Comsat 04B
      Globalstar M036 ) Comsat 04A
      Globalstar M038 ) Comsat 04C
      Globalstar M040 ) Comsat 04D
      Feb 15 0512 Telstar 6 Proton-K/DM3 Baykonur LC81L Comsat 05A
      Feb 16 0145 JCSAT-6 Atlas 2AS Canaveral SLC36A Comsat 06A
      Feb 20 0418 Soyuz TM-29 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Spaceship 07A
      Feb 23 1030 ARGOS ) Delta 7920 Vandenberg SLC2W Technol. 08A
      Orsted ) Space Sci 08B
      Sunsat ) Technol. 08C
      Feb 26 2244 Arabsat 3A ) Ariane 44L Kourou ELA2 Comsat 09A
      Skynet 4E ) Comsat 09B
      Feb 28 0400 Raduga-1 Proton-K/DM-2 Baykonur LC81P Comsat 10A
      Mar 5 0256 WIRE Pegasus XL Vandenberg Astronomy 11A
      Mar 15 0306 Globalstar M022 ) Soyuz-U/Ikar Baykonur LC1 Comsat 12A
      Globalstar M041 ) Comsat 12B
      Globalstar M046 ) Comsat 12C
      Globalstar M037 ) Comsat 12D
      Mar 21 0009 Asiasat 3S Proton-K/DM3 Baykonur LC81L Comsat 13A
      Mar 28 0130 DemoSat Zenit-3SL Odyssey, POR Test 14A

      Current Shuttle Processing Status

      Orbiters Location Mission Launch Due

      OV-102 Columbia VAB Bay 2 STS-93 Jul 9
      OV-103 Discovery OPF Bay 1 STS-96 May 24
      OV-104 Atlantis OPF Bay 3 STS-101 Oct 14?
      OV-105 Endeavour OPF Bay 2 STS-99 Sep 18

      MLP1/RSRM-69/ET-99 VAB Bay 1 STS-93
      MLP2/RSRM-70 VAB Bay 3 STS-96

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