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Re:Dave...A rod in a photo...here it is.

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    In a message dated 10/01/2000 5:05:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time, littlegreys@hotmail.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
      In a message dated 10/01/2000 5:05:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
      littlegreys@... writes:

      << Dear Sandy,
      I would be really interested in you rods picture. Are you the same Sandy
      Nichols who has experienced abductions??? >>

      Hey Dave,

      Yes, I am.........since I was at least 6 years of age and still

      And here is a scanned image of the rod which is in the upper left corner of
      the photo. I was actually standing on a step ladder on my deck taking a photo
      of snow in two parts of my backyard that would not melt even though it was in
      direct sunlight for most of the day, and the temp. had been climbing into the
      40, 50, and even 60's. for over a month (I live in Middle Tennessee). This
      photo was taken sometime in Feb. or March of 2000. Someone pointed out the
      rod image, because I had not noticed it in the photo before. I know that it
      is not the camera strap.....I am very careful when taking photos not letting
      little things like that screw up a photo...........

      Let me know what you think please.

      Sandy Nichols
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