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      Hot Gossip UK October 2000

      Welcome to the October column, and another roundup of news and views
      from the world of ufology, the paranormal, and defence issues.

      Operation Lightning Strike

      My new book, Operation Lightning Strike, is published on 2 October by
      Simon & Schuster. Although entirely self-contained, it's a sequel to
      Operation Thunder Child, which is published in paperback on the same
      day. The new book is about alien invasion, and is part science
      fiction, part politico-military techno-thriller and part non-fiction,
      as it incorporates some real information about UFOs and the way in
      which the Government would respond to a national emergency. I've
      blended fact with fiction and drawn on knowledge picked up while doing
      my official Government UFO work, mixing this with experience that I
      picked up while working in the Joint Operations Centre during the Gulf
      War. As with the last book this meant that for legal reasons we
      couldn't use the standard disclaimer that is printed in all novels
      ('This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary
      �') but had to design something unique that would satisfy all those
      parties who have an interest in the contents of the book. In many ways
      this is the most controversial book that I've written, because it
      explores some aspects of the UFO situation that I would never have
      been able to include in my non-fiction books. Some of the scenarios
      covered may have to be addressed for real someday - perhaps sooner
      than many might suppose. Accordingly, although Operation Lightning
      Strike is written as a novel, it's also aimed at a very specific
      audience, designed as a speculative brief for various Establishment
      personnel. For obvious reasons I can't go into too many details about
      this, but as it's unclassified, I can quote briefly from the review of
      Operation Thunder Child that appeared in the Ministry of Defence house
      journal, Focus, who described it as 'A fast-paced action thriller
      incorporating genuine UFO incidents' (My emphasis). The review
      highlights the statement on the front cover of the book, which says
      'The Truth can only be told in fiction' and says 'And one is left with
      the uneasy feeling that it is best left that way'. Nobody wants to
      scare the public unnecessarily, but I've always believed that people
      have a right to know about the very serious defence and national
      security issues raised by the UFO phenomenon. We'd all like to hope
      that our first open contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation will
      be peaceful. But things don't always turn out the way we'd like them
      to. Operation Lightning Strike costs 10.00 while Operation Thunder
      Child retails at 6.99.

      UFO Drama On TV?

      Those people who enjoyed Operation Thunder Child may like to know that
      one of the principle independent drama production companies in the UK
      has just optioned the TV rights to the book. I've signed a contract
      with Carnival Films, the company responsible for such films and TV
      series as varied as Shadowlands, The Mill on the Floss, Bugs, Crime
      Traveller, Under Suspicion and Poirot. The screenplay is being written
      by acclaimed writer Christopher Russell, whose credits include
      Bergerac, Eastenders, The Bill and A Touch of Frost. Watch this column
      for more news on this.

      Abduction Research Competition

      I've often commented on the poor shape of abduction research in the
      UK, and pointed out how far behind the United States we are in terms
      of the support facilities that exist for abductees (see for example my
      article in the July/August 2000 edition of UFO Magazine). The UFO
      Investigators Network (UFOIN) have responded to this situation by
      announcing an essay competition entitled 'New Directions in Alleged
      Alien Abduction Investigation and Research'. One rule of this
      competition is that papers mustn't propose research initiatives that
      violate the UFOIN Code of Practice. Now here's the interesting point
      about this: the Code of Practice includes a total ban on the use of
      regression hypnosis. I'm not sure what to make of all this. The UFOIN
      team are certainly free to make their own rules here, but it seems odd
      to be quite this dogmatic, when they are speaking as ufologists and
      not as mental health professionals. John Mack, a professor of
      psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, has said that if regression
      hypnosis is used responsibly in examining cases of alien abduction, it
      can be a valuable tool both diagnostically and therapeutically. While
      I suppose UFOIN are free to ignore such expert views, it does seem a
      little strange. Most ufologists would acknowledge Budd Hopkins, David
      Jacobs and John Mack as the world's leading experts on the alien
      abduction phenomenon. Each have used regression hypnosis responsibly
      in hundreds of cases. And yet, if they were to enter the UFOIN
      competition by writing papers that incorporated regression hypnosis,
      their entries would be ruled ineligible. It seems to me bizarre to
      proclaim that you want to take forward understanding of this
      phenomenon, while closing your eyes and minds to the views of the
      leading authorities in the field.

      British Abduction Figures

      While others are doing a lot of navel gazing on alien abductions, some
      people are getting out there, meeting the abductees and working with
      them directly. I've looked into over one hundred cases to date and
      generally do this work out of the glare of publicity. I'll be
      publishing some detailed analysis of these cases in the future, as
      time permits, but I've been asked to say something about the scope of
      this phenomenon in the UK, with particular reference to the ratio of
      male to female abductees. The raw data is as follows: To date this
      year I have 13 new cases, five of which involve men and eight of which
      involve women. Last year I had 30 new cases (pretty much the average
      that I receive each year), 17 of which involved men and 13 of which
      involved women. Further updates and analysis to follow.

      Timothy Good's New Book

      Tim Good's new book, Unearthly Disclosure, is published on 5 October
      and promises to be highly controversial. Containing new information
      about underground bases, close encounters and some of the bizarre
      goings-on in Puerto Rico, this book includes sensational new testimony
      from a number of government and military insiders, and a number of
      astounding photographs. Tim is one of the world's leading figures in
      the field, and his books are always meticulously researched and highly
      readable. He's not afraid to speak his mind and goes where the data
      takes him, upsetting believers as well as sceptics with his slaying of
      various ufological sacred cows. It's this integrity that places him at
      the head of the pack, and he's someone who says what he thinks as
      opposed to what he thinks people want to hear. He backs up what he
      says with scholarly referencing, and like an intelligence analyst, is
      always careful to differentiate between what he thinks and what he
      knows. Unearthly Disclosure is published by Century and costs 16.99.
      As with previous books, the foreword is written by Admiral of the
      Fleet The Lord Hill-Norton GCB. Watch out for Tim in the media and at
      fully-illustrated lectures in London (7 October), Birmingham (9
      October) and Manchester (11 October). Further details are in UFO
      Magazine and at www.ufomag.co.uk and there's a mail order hotline for
      these lectures, which is 0113 260 4450.

      Bentwaters Witness Statements

      The truth has finally emerged about the witness statements from some
      of those United States Air Force personnel involved in the Rendlesham
      Forest UFO incident. UFO buff James Easton has for some time now been
      offering selective quotes from some of the witness statements in an
      attempt to support the theory originally offered by science writer Ian
      Ridpath, namely that some of the lights seen in the forest might have
      been generated by the Orford Ness lighthouse. Easton has irritated
      some researchers who suspect that he's simply been trying to write
      himself into the Rendlesham affair and wants to be seen as a 'player'.
      I don't know about this, and it may be an unfair accusation. What has
      emerged, however, is the truth about how Easton came by the witness
      statements in the first place. Despite potentially misleading
      statements alluding to detailed research and investigation and hinting
      at the possession of various sources, it transpires that Jan Aldridge
      simply sent Easton the statements (which comprised part of the CAUS
      file on the incident) through the post some time ago! If you want to
      see all the statements and not just selective quotes, and if you want
      to see how proper research on this material has been done, all the
      data is included in Georgina Bruni's forthcoming book on the
      Rendlesham Forest Incident. You Can't Tell The People will be
      published on 10 November by Sidgwick & Jackson, and costs 17.99. And
      by the way, Georgina's book blows the lighthouse theory out of the

      The Unopened Files

      Issue 18 of The Unopened Files hit newsagents on 28 September, and
      contains the usual mix of fascinating articles on mysteries,
      cover-ups, conspiracies and other information that 'they' don't want
      you to have. This really is one of the best magazines on the market,
      and anyone who has an interest in defence and national security
      issues, the military, intelligence, science, technology and a whole
      range of surprising and disturbing data on the state and the
      military/industrial complex should definitely subscribe.

      Armageddon Averted?

      The Government's Near Earth Object Task Force report has now been
      published. The Task Force members, Dr Harry Atkinson, Professor David
      Williams and Sir Crispin Tickell have produced an excellent report
      which describes the impact hazard from comets and asteroids clearly
      and accurately. Two of those who have played a major part in this
      pioneering work are Lembit Opik MP, who has championed this issue in
      Parliament, and Jonathan Tate, Director of Spaceguard UK (the group
      that has lobbied on this subject and briefed the key players). I'll be
      keeping readers informed of progress on the implementation of the Task
      Force proposals as things evolve over the next few months. This is an
      issue that cannot be ignored and will not go away. The report can be
      seen in entirety at www.nearearthobjects.co.uk.

      Ed's Note:

      Nick Pope's four books, Open Skies, Closed Minds, The Uninvited,
      Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike are available
      from all good bookshops and from the usual Internet book sites. His UK
      publishers are Simon & Schuster. In America, The Overlook Press
      publish his books in hardback while the paperbacks are produced by
      Dell Publishing.

      � Hot Gossip UK 2000

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    • Frits Westra
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        URL: http://www.hotgossip.co.uk/pope.html
        Original Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 07:58:36 -0700

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        Hot Gossip UK July 2003

        Welcome to the July 2003 round-up of news and views on UFOs, alien
        abductions, crop circles, the unexplained, the weird and the

        A Roswell Requiem

        Volume 10, Number 1 of Skeptic magazine contains an interesting 14
        page article on the Roswell incident. The article is written by B. D.
        ìDukeî Gildenberg, a meteorologist who was involved with USAAF and
        USAF operations, including Project Mogul, that he believes were
        responsible for triggering the Roswell incident. He was also involved
        in work for Project Blue Book, and more recently he was involved as a
        witness and researcher for the 1997 Pentagon investigation into the
        incident, which culminated in the publication of The Roswell Report:
        Case Closed. The article is entitled A Roswell Requiem. Given this,
        and the magazine in which it is published, readers will not be
        surprised to learn that the author attributes the Roswell Incident to
        Project Mogul, compounded by the fallibility of human memory, and
        exaggeration and lies on the part of certain people. He blames
        authors, publishers and TV producers for fuelling a modern myth, and
        concludes that ufology should move on from what he regards as a
        totally discredited case. Those who have read the two USAF reports The
        Roswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert and The
        Roswell Report: Case Closed will not find much new in the article, but
        this is not to detract from what is an important and well-written
        summary of the sceptical case against Roswell. Gildenberg uses the
        testimony of Captain Cavitt against the claims of Major Jesse Marcel,
        and that of Professor Kimball against the claims of Glenn Dennis.
        Believers can legitimately argue that the memories of Cavitt, say, are
        no more or less reliable than those of Marcel. However, any suggestion
        that those witnesses or experts supporting the official view are part
        of the conspiracy, or have been got at, would be more tenuous. The
        article has a sarcastic tone in places, but setting that aside, it is
        an important piece of journalism that, whatever ones views on Roswell,
        deserves a wider audience in ufology than it will probably get. Click
        on [1]www.skeptic.com for details of the magazine.

        Crop Circle Advertising

        Images of crop circles have often been incorporated into
        advertisements, illustrating how they have become part of the popular
        culture. The same has happened with UFOs and aliens. A new
        advertisement for tourism in Wiltshire has now used a crop circle
        photograph to promote the area, which is an interesting example of
        local government officials using the imagery. The imagery appears in a
        magazine advertisement, but there are a couple of references to crop
        circles on the official local authority site at [2]www.kennet.gov.uk
        together with links to some crop circle websites.

        NASA Nuclear Mission

        In a controversial move, NASA have given the go ahead to a deep space
        mission powered by a miniature nuclear reactor. The move has upset
        environmentalists concerned at the safety implications, especially in
        the light of the tragic loss of the space shuttle Columbia earlier
        this year. An essential safety feature will mean that the reactor
        cannot be switched on until the spacecraft has gone well beyond the
        orbit of the Earth. Project Prometheus involves NASA funding Lockheed
        Martin to investigate the concepts needed to design a viable nuclear
        propulsion system. The first aim would be a mission to some of the
        moons of Jupiter such as Callisto, Europa and Ganymede, where
        primitive life may exist in oceans beneath the icy surfaces. The
        likely launch date will be 2011. In the longer term, this technology
        may be the first step towards the previously stated NASA aim of a star
        mission. For this to occur in a meaningful timescale, radical new
        propulsion systems will be needed, incorporating nuclear mission, or
        matter/antimatter annihilation.

        Open Skies Closed Minds in Romania

        I am pleased to announce that my first book Open Skies Closed Minds is
        to be published in Romania. Open Skies Closed Minds is an overview of
        the UFO phenomenon, focusing on my running the UK Government UFO
        research and investigation project, at the Ministry of Defence. My
        books are available in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and
        have previously been translated into various other languages,
        including German, Greek and Polish. On past form, English language UFO
        books being translated into other languages leads to greater liaison
        between researchers in different countries, and results in previously
        unreported cases being given greater prominence. My thanks go to the
        respected ufologist Ion Hobana for arranging this.

        Glastonbury Symposium 2003

        On 25, 26 and 27 July the Glastonbury Symposium 2003 takes place at
        The Town Hall, Glastonbury. Entitled Investigating Crop Circles and
        Signs of Our Times, the symposium features a host of well known names,
        including Maurice Cotterell, Ed Sherwood and Michael Glickman. The
        special Sunday night guest is Budd Hopkins. However, the focus will be
        on crop circles, and the event includes a coach tour of whatever
        formations are in the area at the time. The event is hosted by Andy
        Thomas and Karen Douglas, and details can be found at the
        [3]www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk website.

        The 2003 Crop Circle Convention

        If Glastonbury whets your appetite, then there is another three day
        crop circle conference on 8, 9 and 10 August, in the Cricklade Theatre
        in Andover, Hampshire. Invited speakers include Colin Andrews, Reg
        Presley, Philip Mantle, Lucy Pringle and Busty Taylor. I have no
        internet site details for this event, but further information can be
        obtained by telephoning 01392 677462 any evening. Bookings can be made
        by calling 01264 360063 during office hours.

        Ed's Note:

        Nick Pope has written four books. Open Skies, Closed Minds is an
        overview of the UFO phenomenon with the emphasis on his official
        Ministry of Defence research and investigation. The Uninvited is an
        overview of the alien abduction mystery. Operation Thunder Child and
        Operation Lightning Strike are science fiction novels about alien
        invasion, incorporating UFO and abduction data. All four titles are
        available from most good bookshops and all the usual Internet book

        © Knight International 2003

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