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      Volume 5
      Number 39
      September 28, 2000

      Editor: Joseph Trainor
      Mailbox: Masinaigan@...


      "Now it can be told."

      "A team from the Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical
      Services Administration (PAGASA) has admitted actively participating
      in the investigation of what is known as Close Encounters of the Third

      "UFOs or unidentified flying objects, in particular, Elmer Escosia,
      team leader, team leader, said they opined files to reveal what they
      discovered so far instead of keeping the information to themselves."

      "'Our files and records are open to the public and anyone can read or
      research,' Escosia told the Manila Times.

      "The team, he said, is composed of eight members under PAGASA's
      Astronomy Division, which was assigned to investigate UFO sightings in
      the country," i.e. the Philippine Islands.

      "According to Escosia, they were able to explain most of the UFO
      sightings from all over the country, which were reported to PAGASA."

      "But, he admitted, they were stumped and found no logical explanation
      for three such sightings."

      "The first was in 1984, or 16 years ago, when children reported that
      they saw 'bulbous-non-human beings' alight from a large, disk-shaped
      'spacecraft' which landed in Ormoc City in western Leyte."

      (Editor's Note: Ormoc is a port city on the west coast of Leyte
      Island, located about 640 kilometers or 400 miles southeast of Manila,
      the national capital. Ormoc was the site of a ferocious battle between
      the Imperial Japanese Army and the U.S. Army's 77th Division in
      September 1944 during World War II.)

      'It was impossible not to believe the children's testimonies since
      they gave the same descriptions,' Escosia said."

      "He added they sent the description of the 'aliens' to other
      investigators in the USA who appeared to be similarly stumped."

      "The two other unexplainable sightings were in Las Pitas and
      Muntiniupa City in 1997 and on May 10 of this year (2000)."

      "In 1997, Escosia reported, at least 400 people reported that they saw
      13 odd-shaped flying objects that were clearly visible in the
      following subdivisions: Uranium Street, Pilar village, Las Pitas"
      (and) "Dona Josefa, also in Las Pitas, and Heroes Hill in Muntiniupa."

      "The eyewitnesses described the UFOs as transparent and hollow at the
      middle, closely resembling a school of jellyfish minus the tentacles."
      (See the Manila Times for September 14, 2000, "Three sightings of UFOs
      aliens stump PAGASA astronomical experts," by Jeannette Andrade. Many
      thanks to Rev. Billy Dee for forwarding the newspaper article.)


      A housewife in rural Hampshire County, near Romney, West Virginia
      (population 2,000) reported that the mysterious gossamer substance
      known as "angel's hair" fell in profusion on her family farm during
      the evening of Tuesday, September 19, 2000.

      "Last night (Tuesday, September 19, 2000), at about 7 p.m., I heard a
      loud 'droning' sound, like a large airplane. I went out to look to see
      if I could see it, but I could not see it," the witness, Rusty,
      reported. "The droning lasted about an hour."

      "This morning (Wednesday, September 20, 2000), when I got up, my yard
      was full of this 'spider web stuff.' Don't know exactly how to
      describe this other than they looked like spider webs but at the same
      time they were not your usual 'circular' webs."

      "I immediately got the camera out and took a dozen photos. I had my
      husband go to town to buy some rubber gloves so we could get some
      samples. On His way in (to Romney--J.T.) there were a few spots he
      could see on the way to town, which was seven miles (11 kilometers
      away) but nothing as heavy as was in my yard."

      "The first sample he tried to get with the gloves soon turned into a
      goo-like substance as soon as he touched it. He put the samples on a
      piece of paper towel and put the gloves in with it in a plastic bag."

      "I went to town to the One-Hour Photo place and got the photos

      "I have lived here in Romney, W.V. for six years and I have never seen
      anything like this."

      Rusty has posted the "angel hair" photos on her website. UFO Roundup
      readers can reach the website by setting their browsers for this URL:

      Romney, W.V. is on Highway 50 in the northeastern corner of West
      Virginia, approximately 27 miles (43 kilometers) south of Cumberland,
      Maryland. (Many thanks to Louise A. Lowry for forwarding the report.)


      "The new-mythical 'Chupacabra' and starving pumas (also known as
      cougars or mountain lions--J.T.) are now disputing authorship over the
      deaths of fifty sheep in the section of Carahue commune in (Chile's)
      Ninth Region."

      "The event mobilized the Carabineros (Chile's national police--J.T.),
      health services personnel and veterinarians aimed at determining the
      cause of the strange event."

      "According to eyewitness testimony, the deceased animals presented
      wounds in the jugular veins through which blood was apparently

      "The find sent shivers through all the people living in the field
      owned by Aliro Pedreros Jaque. They stated that regardless what is to
      blame for the slayings--either the Chupacabra or pumas enraged by the
      lack of sustenance (due to a hard winter--S.C.) it nonetheless
      constitutes a hazard."

      "Losses due to sheep deaths are nearing the one million (Chilean) peso
      mar. This is the motive behind the intensification of efforts to
      determine exactly what happened in order to prevent another animal

      "The animal deaths took place at La Gloria farm, some 14 kilometers (8
      miles) to the west of Carahue. It was the workers themselves who made
      the discovery while performing forestry work. Almost speechless, the
      farmhands ran to the overseer to notify him of the event. Angrily the
      man returned to the place in question, where he was able to verify
      that his farmhands weren't delusional and that the deaths of the sheep
      had been caused by a very strange animal."

      "Investigators are clearly mystified by the fact that the victims were
      enclosed in a pen--much the same as 15 other animals who died under
      similar circumstances three days ago (Wednesday, September 13, 2000),
      displaying wounds in the neck and literally bloodless."

      "Residents stated that their first guess was that the pumas were
      responsible. When starved, these animals descend from the mountains
      (the Andes--J.T.) and make free with any animal that gets in their
      way. It was later, after having observed the (dead) animals that the
      peculiar stories of the despised Chupacabra began to emerge."

      "According to the accounts of several section residents, this true
      terror of the animal world had already made his presence felt in
      Angel, where it destroyed dozens of fowl."

      "Juan Carlos Sanhueza, one of the workers in the pasture, stated his
      disbelief (in the Chupacabra) and opined that 'the one responsible for
      the animal deaths is likely a puma or a lion. And that's that!'" (See
      the Chilean newspaper La Cuarta for September 17, 2000. Muchas gracias
      a Scott Corrales, autor de los libros, Chupacabras and Other Mysteries
      y Forbidden Mexico para eso articulo de diario.)


      On Sunday, September 17, 2000, "just after 6 p.m., I spotted a UFO,
      just like the white ones San Jose," witness James W. reported.

      "A couple of minutes later, another UFO came next to the first one. I
      saw two of them floating there. I was sitting down and watched them
      hover from about a 900-foot elevation. The UFOs were very high. The
      UFOs were just a little southeast of the Mount Sutro tower and Twin
      Peaks, well over the air traffic-- I'm guessing 8,000 feet (2,400
      meters) or more."

      "I decided to run home to get my binoculars. I looked up some more to
      try to find them again. This time there were three in a row, just like
      in San Jose. When I got home about five minutes later, about 6:25
      p.m., I couldn't find them again. I looked hard for another ten
      minutes, scanning the sky, but I couldn't find them. I did see a big
      (Boeing) 747 coming in from the north, heading for" San Francisco
      International Airport. "Those UFOs had to be at least as twice as
      high" as the big jetliner. (Email Form Report)


      On Monday, September 18, 2000, at 6:20 a.m., D.A. opened the front
      door of his home in Prairie Village, Kansas (population 25,000), a
      suburb about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Kansas City, and
      stepped onto his front walk. "I was outside to get the morning paper
      and noticed how bright and clear the sky was," he reported, "The moon
      was bright. You could see Orion's three stars clearly."

      "As I perused the sky, I could see two bright white objects moving
      from the southwest. One, followed by another. They were really high
      up, shaped like a triangle. Seemed to be moving rather fast. no sound,
      no vapor trail, going to the northeast. I watched for about a minute
      and a half. There were no other airplanes in the sky, only stars."

      "The two objects seemed to be white in color and triangle in shape.
      They were both moving very fast."

      D.A. added that he contacted a TV station in Kansas City, but the
      receptionist wasn't interested. (Email Form Report)


      The space shuttle Atlantis touched down safely on Wednesday morning,
      September 20, 2000 following a successful 12-day mission to the
      International Space Station.

      "'We had a great time,' Commander Terrence Wilcutt said, 'We're all
      glad to be back.'"

      "'We've had a really great flight,' (NASA) flight director Wayne Hale

      "During their five days inside the space station, Atlantis' crew
      hauled in three tons of equipment. Another crew is scheduled to depart
      for the space station October 5 aboard (the shuttle) Discovery."

      On Tuesday, September 12, "shuttle pilot Scott Altman showed off the
      (newly-installed) bathroom inside Zvezda (one of the station's Russian
      modules--J.T.) and one of the two sleeping compartments."

      "'Each cabin comes with its own window,' he pointed out."

      "At 6-foot-4, 230 pounds, Altman barely fit inside the sleeping
      compartment. He is ineligible for a stint aboard the space station
      because he's too big for the Russian escape capsule." (See USA Today
      for September 13, 2000, "Astronauts furnish the space station,"
      September 20, 2000, "Space shuttle planning touchdown today" and
      September 21, 2000, " "Atlantis returns; Discovery preps for
      liftoff.") (Editor's Comment: Don't let it bother you, Scott. As the
      skipper of Altman's Ark, you hold the record for ferrying the largest
      number of Earth life-forms into space. That record may stand for


      One of the weirdest Fortean phenomena is the "Crazy Croc syndrome,"
      the sudden and unexplained appearance of alligators in places far from
      their natural habitat.

      Just such an incident occurred last week in Kennebunkport, Maine
      (population 1,200), a seaside resort town on Route 9 located about 26
      miles (40 kilometers) south of Portland.

      (Editor's Note: The Bush family mansion, summer home of former
      President George Herbert Walker Bush, and his son, Gov. George W.
      Bush, the current Republican Party candidate for USA president, is
      located on Walker's Point in Kennebunkport.)

      (Editor's Comment: Cue spooky organ music...) "An alligator that
      nipped at a man's trousers was likely someone's pet that was set free,
      police said."

      "William Sartry shot the 31-inch-reptile dead. He said the alligator
      approached him while he was walking around a pond in his back yard."

      "'You're going to think I'm nuts,' Sarty told a police dispatcher when
      he reported the incident." (See USA Today for September 20, 2000,
      "Maine," page 6A.)

      (Editor's Comment: Can I possibly top this? You betcha! If you want to
      see a hilarious picture of Dubya, check out the October 3, 2000 issue
      of the tabloid newspaper Globe, page 9. Globe is on sale in USA
      supermarkets everywhere this week. Question: if Dubya is a
      self-professed born- again Christian, then why is he making the Sign
      of the Goat, aka the Sign of the Horned God, aka the Sign of Lucifer,
      in that photo?)


      Recently-retired U.S. Army officers, one of them formerly assigned to
      the 160th Aviation Regiment, also known as "the Night Stalkers"
      disputed the USA Defense Department's claim that recent helicopter
      exercises are designed to train U.S. troops for deployment overseas.

      The disclosures were made to WorldNet Daily "by former Night Stalker
      Captain Jeff Norgrove."

      "'These aren't really military exercises,' Norgrove said. 'They are
      SWAT training. The Army will never admit that to you, but that's what
      it is.'"

      In March 1999, "Delta Force and the Night Stalkers were involved in a
      controversial exercise in Kingsville, Texas, where the SWAT (Special
      Weapons and Tactics) used live ammunition and explosives to conduct
      their training."

      "Special Operations Command officials at Fort Bragg, North Carolina
      insist that only 'training ammunition' was used during the exercise in
      Kingsville and other American communities."

      "A number of retired military officers have come forward to insist
      that Army claims of the use of only training ammunition are untrue."

      "'They really think that we're so stupid that we can't figure this
      out,' Norgrove said."

      "Most of the Night Stalkers and the Delta Force troops, according to
      Norgrove...are young and not fully aware of what is going on."

      "'They just do what they are told,' Norgrove explained. 'It's exciting
      and the pay is very good.'"

      In addition, "a high-ranking retired Special Operations Command
      officer" told the Washington, D.C. weekly newspaper The Spotlight that
      "elite military units have been undertaking urban warfare training"
      across the USA "in preparation for assuming the duties of U.S. law

      "The retired colonel confirmed for the first time that that the
      mysterious training engaged in by U.S. Army Special Forces and Delta
      Force, Navy SEALs, Marines Force Recon and U.S. Air Force Air
      Commandos is intended for domestic operations."

      "The Delta Force and Night Stalkers do not even wear standard military
      uniforms. Instead, just like any SWAT team, they are garbed in black
      uniforms, complete with black helmets and face shields. They also wear
      bulletproof body armor and are discharged from the Night Stalkers'
      helicopters wielding German-made Hechler and Koch 9mm submachine

      "The maneuvers are always conducted at night. The helicopters are
      painted dark with a special paint that has a sandpaper texture,
      appears black and enables the aircraft to avoid radar. They are flown
      without lights by Night Stalker pilots utilizing night vision goggles.
      The helicopters bear no markings and can be seen in the darkness."
      (See The Spotlight for September 25, 2000, "Military trained for
      police ops," page 6.)


      The USA's western state of Wyoming was hit by an unusually heavy
      snowstorm last weekend.

      ""From Friday (September 22) through midmorning Sunday (September 24,
      2000), the (state) capital," Cheyenne, "had recorded 10.5 inches of
      snow, though the number was fleeting. By noon, clumps of snow were
      falling from sun-warmed trees and roofs."

      "The last comparable September snowfalls for Cheyenne were on Sept.
      28, 1985 when a storm had left 4.9 inches, and on Sept. 18, 1942, when
      4 inches fell, according to the National Weather Service."

      "About 1,200 travelers were "stranded in Rawlins and Rock Springs...A
      few of them began moving on as Interstate (Highway) 80, which had been
      closed Saturday, reopened a section at a time."

      "'We had 15 miles in Rawlins that is nothing but a parking lot for
      trucks,' said Don Brinkman, chairman of the Red Cross branch in Carbon

      "About 550 travelers had spent the night at the Rawlins Family
      Recreation Center, 350 to 400 more were at the Wyoming National Guard
      armory in town."

      "On Friday and Saturday, the storm struck central and south-central
      Wyoming. It deposited 12 to 15 inches in Casper; 19 in Rock Springs;
      six in Lander; six to eight in Kemmerer; three in Riverton; 3.5 in
      Buffalo; four north of Cody; four north of Greybull; and one to two
      inches in Jackson. "

      "Pine Bluffs received the most serious (snowfall) toward the end of
      the storm, about 12 inches." (See USA Today for September 25, 2000,
      "Snowstorm buries Wyoming's record," page 4A.)

      (Editor's Comment: Wyoming wasn't the only place hit Fortean weather
      last weekend. Check out the following story.)


      "Millions of residents of India and Bangladesh tried to find refuge
      Monday," September 25, 2000, "from torrential rains and floods that
      have killed more than 700 people and left millions more homeless in
      the last week."

      ""Late monsoon rains sent water rushing over riverbanks and dams,
      submerging villages, and the homes of more than 10 million people in
      eastern India and 200,000 in Bangladesh."

      "In India's West Bengal region, the worst-hit area, 652 people were
      feared dead, according to Deputy Chief Minister Buddhadev
      Bhattacharjee. He said 415 bodies had been recovered, and another 217
      people had been washed away by strong currents."

      "In neighboring Bangladesh, at least 15 people have died in the
      country's northwestern districts."

      "Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered the army and paramilitary troops
      to join relief work after floodwaters damaged or washed away about
      40,000 mud-and-straw huts, leaving at least 200,000 people homeless."

      Floodwaters raged elsewhere in Asia, as well.

      "In Vietnam, floodwaters claimed the lives of more than 120 people, of
      which nearly 100 were children, in the past several weeks. Officials
      say the floods have been the worst to hit the Mekong Delta area in

      "In Thailand, at least 47 people have been killed by rising
      floodwaters, which have hit 43 of the country's 76 provinces."

      "In Cambodia, at least 173 people have died in flooding that began in
      August. More than 715,000 acres of rice crops have been destroyed by
      the floods." (See USA Today for September 26, 2000, "'Gigantic' task
      waits in floodwaters' wake," page 16A. Many thanks to Binh and Trinh
      for the news tip.)

      from the UFO Files...


      On September 24, 1964, Cesar Cardoso was driving on a two-lane road
      near Almaseda, a village about 216 kilometers (135 miles) northeast of
      Lisboa (Lisbon), the capital of Portugal.

      While driving in this hilly rural area not far from the border with
      Spain, Cardoso heard a strange humming noise. All at once, his car
      engine began to sputter and cough. He pulled over to the side of the
      road beside a low green hill.

      Frowning, Cardoso turned the ignition key and tried to restart the
      car. The engine made a noise like nails rattling in an empty coffee
      can. As he stepped out of the car, he saw two other cars pulling over.
      The humming sound grew louder. Then a circular shadow passed over his

      Looking up, Cardoso let out a yell of excitement. Floating downward
      toward the nearby hilltop was a flattened silver disc about 13 meters
      (40 feet) in diameter.

      Afterward, Cardoso reported, "I was near the village of Almaseda when
      I saw a flying saucer, out of which stepped three beings in suits of
      shining aluminum. They were two meters (6 feet, 7 inches--J.T.) tall."

      The aliens moved around the hilltop, taking samples of the local
      vegetation. Cardoso reported, "They picked and cut flowers, snipped
      off twigs from bushes and put them in a shining box."

      Then the aliens noticed Cardoso and the other three humans on the
      roadside. Without speaking, they made gestures of invitation, pointing
      to the saucer's open hatch.

      "I and three companions were invited to enter the saucer. But when we
      refused, the beings did not insist. They climbed back into their
      saucer and ascended vertically at an immense speed, emitting a shower
      of sparks." (See the book Flying Saucers Uncensored by Harold T.
      Wilkins, The Citadel Press, New Jersey, 1955, page 55. See also the
      Portuguese newspaper Diario de Lisboa for September 28, 1954.)

      That's it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO and paranormal
      news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that
      goes home--UFO Roundup." Assuming those idiots don't destroy
      Jerusalem, we'll see you them.

      UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2000 by Masinaigan Productions, all rights
      reserved. Readers may post news items from UFO Roundup on their
      websites or in newsgroups provided that they credit the newsletter and
      its editor by name and list the date of issue in which the item first

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