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is there any cosmic limit?

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  • Erol Erkmen
    So far ,very few humans have visited space,but they have brought a lot photos to the world and our world seems more wonderful and attractive.According to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000


      So far ,very few humans have visited space,but they have brought a lot photos to the world  and our world seems  more wonderful and attractive.According to the scientific estimating, there is no any other wonderful planet same us ours in our galaxy even in the view of Hubble. Do you think we are alone in the universe? how many galaxy are there? What is the function of the stars, that are above us? What kind of material fills the  space? What is there at the end of the space?is there any cosmic limit? what contains the area we called as universe,and,where is it? We do not have answers of these questions. Even thinking about them can confuse and can cause pain our minds. Our hope is about someone's who live there and look like us. The opposite of this, is not very realistic for now. Our very fast developed science is important just for our earth; but our watch, Tuesday or July does not mean anything in the depth of space.Then, is it possible not to give up our loneliness because of such reasons? Probably it is completely imaginary...Are there Muslims or Christians in the probably exist world which is similar to us? Do you suppose their faith,about GOD and love are same as ours. TUVPO approaches UFOLOGY with global philosophy. We are all proud of anyone who goes to space even he/she from different country.TUVPO supports united world reality. Tuvpo believes; if there are some civilizations, there should be bad ones in them. Tuvpo makes researches and studies to prove the presence of lifes in the other planet by its own possibilities. Tuvpo publishes them in the web pages. And Tuvpo touches to out of world living, by an extraordinary way. Tuvpo stresses, the meaning of UFO is just unidentified flying objects, and they are not devices which belongs to space civilizations. TUVPO adds the all established phenomena that they are not UFO into the black list. TUVPO believes we are not alone in the universe. Tuvpo believes a legal -positive or negative-
      meeting will come true in one day.Tuvpo is not a UFO fun club or not a new age group. Tuvpo claims, UFOs should be investigated by the scientific methods. TUVPO claims that it is different than the other UFO pages or organizations and people should distinguish it and should keep it in different category. TUVPO is not a commercial organization. The all people who has duty in TUVPO are volunteers.We will be happy to see you among us...



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