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Re: UFOnet: Re: BUDDEN's EM Fields.

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  • Roger Anderton
    My explanation to your question:- The science that Einstein was advocating was corrupted by events in 1925/26, and a science was instated which Einstein
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      My explanation to your question:-

      The science that Einstein was advocating was corrupted by events in 1925/26,
      and a science was instated which Einstein disagreed with, when he protested
      he was ignored by the science community. Leading up to those events was a
      big campaign of anti-Semitism from 1919 after WWI. Germany required a
      scapegoat for losing the war, and blamed the Jews. Einstein was one of the
      first victims. It appears that the theory that Einstein disagreed with was
      put forward as an attempt to appease the racists, who wanted a non Jewish
      science. The campaign gave rise to the Nazis and Hitler who then pursued
      'book burning' of theories they disapproved of, and then set up their own
      version of science which involved Eugenics, etc. - which of course was all

      After WWII the West reinstated the correct science, bar one mistake they
      retained the 1925/26 theory that Einstein disapproved of. From the logical
      consequences of applying this theory eventually you reach conclusions such
      as 'people are worthless, it is necessary to conduct experiments on people
      treat them as guinea pigs' i.e. what the Nazis were doing in WWII in their
      erroneous science. WE have inherited that feature of science from the Nazis.

      After WWII due to the Cold War it was necessary to keep as many physics
      secrets as possible that related to Atomic Bombs, hence physics was never
      corrected. A false science was retained as the framework theory, which when
      you apply to its logical conclusion has unpleasant consequences. Hence the
      'Nazi inspiration' part. It is Hitler's last gift to us, I suggest we throw
      it away.

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      > Roger,
      > Please explain the logic behind the following statement from your
      > last post, in particular the Nazi inspiration part. I fail to see any
      > logic in it.
      > Regards, Joe
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      > > Eventually this Nazi inspired experimentation program on the general
      > > populace will create problems that our inadequate science will be
      > unable to
      > > solve.
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