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Sightings report from Trout Lake, WA

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  • John M. Novak
    Sent out on behalf of James Gilliland. -John Novak =============== Subject: Sightings reported on Coast to Coast Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 10:01:02 -0700 From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2000
      Sent out on behalf of James Gilliland.
      -John Novak

      Subject: Sightings reported on Coast to Coast
      Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 10:01:02 -0700
      From: James A Gilliland <james@...>
      Organization: Self-Mastery Earth Institute

      Many callers on Coast to Coast AM reported the constant sightings in the
      Trout Lake area. When called by Ian Punnet (who by the way did a great
      interview asking all the right questions) to verify the sightings, I had
      just filmed 5 UFOs and had to ask which one. After the interview I
      happened to run into four women, a mother and her daughter and a
      waitress in the area and a guest here at the Sanctuary. Here are their


      Sue and Susannah Turner

      At around 10:00PM Saturday, July 22 a golden object appeared in the
      North. It was moving North, stopped for 5 or 6 seconds, took off again
      towards Mt Adams in the North, stopped again and just vanished..


      Logs Restaurant Waitress (sorry...on the report she wrote on the dinner
      ticket at the local diner
      she did not write her name yet it will be easy to verify the name later)

      I was on the Glenwood Hwy and saw a little gold ball going South to
      North, it was floating in the sky. It blinked a few times disappeared
      then showed up again just North. It again disappeared heading North. It
      was about 3:50PM.


      Marion Abbott

      At 9:00PM July 20th the sun had set but the Western sky was still very
      light. Near the horizon I saw a jet making a contrail from North to
      South. My eye was drawn to something flying above the jet headed in the
      same direction. It looked like a big spark that detached itself from the
      sun. It was pink orange and gold in color. I watched it for a few
      seconds then it just disappeared. A few seconds later it reappeared
      moving from North to South moving closer to me. It changed to dark grey
      in color and elongated. There was no contrail, running lights, or engine
      noise. After watching for a while it just disappeared. At 10:30 I looked
      up at the star Vega and another brilliant star lit up next to it. It was
      stationary and began to move slowly West to East then disappeared.


      Two weeks prior a bank teller called and said she saw a golden ball
      around 1:00 in the afternoon hovering over the Columbia River for
      several minutes in White Salmon that just disappeard.

      These are two local witnesses in the area. There are others who will not
      go on record who observed similar objects. I did not push it honoring
      their wishes.

      Since the Coast to Coast interview, we have filmed some very large ships
      coming over and giving the high 5 lightup as usual (flaring up when
      asked out loud). The skywatch did produce one red orange ball of light
      moving from SE to NW, what seemed to be constant flashes of unknown
      origin, meteors and the Aurora Borealis. One physicist took some
      incredible footage of "rods" - light beings zipping through the sky.

      Overall compared to most nights however in the UFO catagory it was a
      dud. If the consciousness is not right and there is fear in the group,
      the UFOs often stay high or unseen. What was strange is there just
      happened to be military maneuvers on the adjacent mountain where there
      is no base. A little birdie told me they had some nasty toys there and
      wanted to play with the UFOs. Again benevolent, spiritually and
      technologically advanced beings just take the high road. Hard to sneak
      up on an advanced telepathic entity that knows the future and intentions
      of those in the area.

      James Gilliland
      Self-Mastery Earth Institute
      PO Box 281, Hood River, Oregon 97031
      (509) 395-2092 http://www.cazekiel.org
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