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      UFO Cautionary Tales, by Paul B. Thompson, Nebula Editor,

      UFO Cautionary Tales Index


      Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic, "The Horror of the Heights," a
      fantastic vision which predates early theories asserting that UFOs
      were actually ultra-high altitude alien animals.


      Deros, flying donuts, radioactive slag and the JFK assassination:
      sorting the facts from the hoax in the Maury Island case.


      The strange tale of Kirk Allen, a physicist who worked at a secret
      government installation in the southwest... until his boss found him
      churning out page after page of "alien hieroglyphs." Emperor of an
      intergalactic realm, all within the infinite universe of his own mind.


      The year is 1944. A strange fiery object crashes in rural Sweden. And
      when the Swedish Army comes to investigate, they discover that their
      small neutral country has come into acquired foreign technology far in
      advance of anything else on earth...


      Do you believe in fairies? A seventeenth-century scholar, Robert Kirk,
      built his reputation on them. Were Kirk's "encounters" an early vision
      of extraterrestrial contact?


      In the seventeenth century, a Scottish war hero shocks the public with
      bizarre confessions of sexual crimes and deranged tales of flying
      coaches, witchcraft and sorcery.

      About UFO Cautionary Tales
      "UFO Cautionary Tales" is a series of historical accounts for
      [7]Nebula, intended to help shed light on contemporary UFO phenomena
      by comparison to extraordinary events in other fields, such as
      folklore, criminology, psychology, and religion. The technique is not
      original to me; many previous thinkers on the UFO questions have
      resorted to such comparisons. I wish to particularly acknowledge a
      debt to the works of Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Daniel Cohen, Harold
      T. Wilkins, Ivan Sanderson, and Curtis Peebles.
      In dealing in a complex arena of belief, religion, folklore, science,
      and politics, it's hard to pare down a UFO case to its barest facts.
      Most UFOlogists I have read or talked to are frankly ignorant of these
      fields and how they can shed light on UFO experiences. No social
      question -- and UFOs are a social question -- can be delineated in
      simple Yes or No terms: No, there are no such thing as UFOs; Yes, UFOs
      are extraterrestrial spaceships. The time is long past for such
      childish generalizations. Believers have to get over embracing every
      unidentified flying object as a spaceship, and every contrary
      explanation as blinkered skepticism or an evil government cover-up.
      And skeptics have to accept that people do see things they cannot
      explain. How we interpret what we see is what the game is all about.

      Paul B. Thompson
      Nebula Editor


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