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  • Frits Westra
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      Original Subject: [UASR]> FWD (IUFO) Blackness in Germany Precedes Crop Formation [May 1, ] 2000
      Original Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 18:23:43 -0700

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      Mysterious Blackness in Germany Precedes Crop Formation 2000
      by Linda Moulton Howe, Burghasungen,
      < http://caus.org/pn062900.htm >

      Germany crop formation in yellow flowering oileed rape, or canola,
      discovered on the morning of May 1, 2000 after a strange blackness descended
      twice over the region between Kassel and Zierenberg, Germany. Photograph �
      2000 by Frank Laumen. It was like we were in a pitch black universe floating
      or something. It was really weird! Like something I've never seen before.

      - Janet Ossebaard, Writer and Photographer,

      Gieten, The Netherlands
      May 21, 2000 Burghasungen, Germany -
      For the past several years in a beautiful farm valley between Kassel and
      Zierenberg, Germany, a crop formation has been discovered the same day of
      each year on May 1st. Anticipating the possibility of watching whatever
      light or energy or unknown process makes the crop glyphs, a group of about
      twenty people gathered on the hill tops around the valley on April 30, 2000
      to watch all night. Among the various scattered groups were Bert Janssen and
      Janet Ossebaard from Gieten, Holland and Frank Laumen from Germany. The
      three have known each other for a long time in their shared passion to try
      to understand the crop circle mystery and the forces and intelligence behind
      it. What happened for all of them on that night from April 30 to May 1, 2000
      was so strange that Janet Ossebaard, a professional writer and photographer,
      told me the experience was unlike any other in her life.

      Janet Ossebaard, Crop Circle Researcher, Writer and Photographer, Gieten,
      The Netherlands: At 2 AM, all of a sudden, it became extremely dark and it
      was so weird that it was not like anything I have ever experienced before.
      The situation was that we were sitting in the car on the front seat
      overwatching this area, this valley which is really pretty. And of course it
      was dark because it was in the middle of the night. But, you could see the
      villages. You could see the orange street lights and car lights. There was a
      motorway running behind us and it curved to our left so you could see the
      cars there.

      So there were constant lights. There were no stars or moon because it was
      very cloudy. Dry, but cloudy. However, you could see many lights because of
      those villages.

      Now, all of a sudden at 2 AM, those lights diminished. They became very dim,
      but gradually. It was not like they were switched off. It was not an
      electricity failure. But bit by bit, they became less visible. This took a
      second, a matter of seconds.

      And Bert said to me, Hey, look at that! And I noticed. I said, Yeah, what's
      happening? And it was really weird. And bit by bit it became more and more
      dark. And all of a sudden, it was completely pitch black like I've never
      seen before. And at the same time, there was no sound left. No sound
      whatsoever. Normally you can hear the night sounds which is wind in the
      trees, a bird, an owl or whatever. You can hear many sounds at night. But
      there was no sound whatsoever. And it was like we were sitting on a big
      black blanket or something, you know? Or one of those glass bulbs over
      cheese to keep it fresh?


      No, we didn't. We just stayed in. We had the windows open, so we could feel
      the atmosphere and there was no difference in atmosphere. We talked to each
      other and we were sort of whispering because it was so overwhelming. We had
      no idea what it was.

      But the street lights were gone, the villages were gone, the sound was gone,
      the cars on the motorway. There was no motorway anymore as far as we knew at
      that time. It was absolutely shy; we were completely isolated from the rest
      of the world. And it felt really nice. We had a very nice protected feeling,
      very nice. We had a very nice protected feeling, very isolated, protected
      warm feeling. But there was nothing else that we sensed. There was no
      difference in our voice. It didn't look like a mist though. There was no
      mist because at a certain moment, there was a car driving right beneath
      where we were standing. We were standing on a bit of a hill. And the car
      looked pretty close to us. And we could see it very clearly. And Bert said,
      Hey, look at that. That is weird! All of a sudden we see this car, but there
      is no fog. Look at the headlights. We realized there was no fog. But yet, we
      couldn't see anywhere. As soon as the car was gone, everything was gone. It
      was like we were in a pitch black universe floating or something. It was
      really weird.


      Yes, everybody. The next morning, we talked to each other about this.
      Everybody noticed it.

      This happened from 2 AM to 2:15 AM. So for about a quarter of an hour it was
      pitch black. Then it lifted. And it was like it came from above because you
      could see the lights that were lowest in the valley became clear first and
      then it came up and up and up until the highest lights on the top of the
      hill. So, it was a big blanket coming down from above. Not like a mist. Like
      something else I've never seen before.

      This lasted for about 15 minutes and then the sound was back, the cars were
      back, the motorway, the villages, it was back to normal. And we said to each
      other, Wow, if there is a crop formation in the morning, this is the time it
      happened now.

      Then it happened again at 3 AM, exactly 3 AM it happened again until 3:15
      AM. And it was even more intense than the first time. Really, really
      intense. And at 3:15 AM it lifted again and I became very tired. And I
      really had the feeling. It happened. It is there. It's there. There is
      nothing we can do. We didn't see it. There was no sound, no balls of light.
      This is it. So I can go to sleep now.


      Yes, we all woke up. We gathered, the Germans and us. Everybody had noticed
      it and everybody was convinced there was a formation. So we started driving
      around to look for it. And we couldn't find it. And we were surprised. And
      we looked and looked and looked and drove for miles through the area. And
      there was nothing. And we couldn't find the Germans anymore. They had gone
      home or disappeared or whatever. So, eventually disappointed, we decided to
      go home. We drove back to Holland which is about 6 hours drive and we got
      there and Frank gave us a call. Hey, there's a formation.

      We said, What! Where?

      And he said, Just behind us.


      We said, No, this can't be! Like I said, the motorway was running behind us
      and just on the other side of the motorway was a beautiful formation. Two
      circles connected by a pathway, not very complex. But this is it. He went to
      visit it a few days later and he called us and said, It's gorgeous. So
      pretty. And he took photos. Beautiful with pole shots. And he took a pole
      shot from 80 meters, which is a big distance. His camera did not work. And
      he has an EN-1, A Canon professional camera. It costs a lot, really
      expensive. And his professional camera failed and he said, My camera has
      NEVER failed. I can throw this camera on the ground and it will survive. It
      will not be harmed. On May 1, 2000, crop researcher and photographer, Frank
      Laumen, found this formation across a major freeway and in a field of yellow
      flowering canola that was BEHIND the hills where everyone watched on April
      30, 2000, the night that a strange blackness descended that no one had ever
      seen before. Photograph 2000 by Frank Laumen.

      Standing canola plants forming their own small circle inside one of the two
      circles connected by a pathway discovered by Frank Laumen in Burghasungen,
      Germany on May 1, 2000.

      Terry W. Colvin, Sierra Vista, Arizona (USA)
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