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Re: UFOnet: Obsessive Search for Answers

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  • Roger Anderton
    ... From: Bobbie Felder To: Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 2:54 AM Subject: Re: UFOnet: Obsessive Search for Answers
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      From: Bobbie Felder <jilain@...>
      To: <ufonet@egroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 2:54 AM
      Subject: Re: UFOnet: Obsessive Search for Answers

      > At 10:32 PM 7/3/00 +0100, "Roger Anderton" <R.J.Anderton@...>
      > >The whole approach to UFOlogy is wrong. There is no headway that can be
      > >with the approach that we have been pursuing for the past fifty years.
      > >Possible scenarios can be proposed (similar to Ed Ashley's proposal)
      > >will always lead to dead ends. There is a different approach.
      > >
      > Interesting post. Can you explain what "different approach" you're
      > about?
      > Thanks
      > Bobbie

      Yes, the different approach (to what UFO investigators normally pursue) is
      as follows:

      UFO investigation is really like trying to solve a detective whodunit case.

      The greatest fictional detective was Sherlock Holmes, and we still follow
      roughly his investigation method.

      One of his sayings was something like : Whenever you eliminate the
      impossible whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth.

      It would be nice to pursue such an idealization, and list all the possible
      answers to the UFO mystery and then prove one by one that they were not the
      answer to the mystery, and leaving just one possible answer, no matter how
      improbable as being the answer.

      i.e. a process of elimination.

      That would be then be very hard for sceptics to argue over, and most
      sensible people would consider the answer derived from such a method as case

      Unfortunately we are denied from being able to pursue it.

      Everyone rushes off to solve the UFO mystery and gathers evidence :
      witnesses statements, this and that. But they never stop to consider STEP 1
      : What is possible?

      Some people believe interstellar travel is possible, some people believe it
      is not, some people believe time travel is possible etc. etc. How do you
      determine what is possible? - which is STEP ZERO.

      Everyone has rushed off to STEP TWO, THREE, FOUR or whatever and really we
      are stuck at STEP ZERO.

      We have not really properly begun our investigation.

      People at STEP FOUR or whatever say here I have proven that this particular
      UFO case cannot be explained by what we so far know. But we have not done
      STEP ZERO yet. All we have when someone presents us with something that
      cannot be explained, is 'something that cannot be explained'- in other words
      we merely prove that a mystery is a mystery, and we do not solve it.

      It is then the scientific methodology to ignore that which we cannot explain
      by our present knowledge, in the hopes that it will be explainable later by
      the new knowledge that we acquire.

      So, far 50 years of UFO investigation has gathered worthless data. It
      presents us with data we cannot explain, but we file it in a drawer and
      forget about it. It does not provide us with an answer to progress from STEP

      Cheers Roger
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