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UFO activity over Trout Lake, Washington...again!

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  • John M. Novak
    UFO activity over Trout Lake, Washington...again! by John M. Novak deuce42@uswest.net Before I go into the UFO reports, I just want to let those of you in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2000
      UFO activity over Trout Lake, Washington...again!
      by John M. Novak

      Before I go into the UFO reports, I just want to let those of you in the
      greater Seattle-Tacoma area that Evening Magazine will be replaying a
      segment TONIGHT (July 3rd) at 7:00 PM PST about James Gilliland and the
      Self-Mastery Earth Institute and the UFO activity that takes place over the
      skies there. This will be on KING-TV, channel 5. Be sure to tune in. It's
      one of the first segments and it lasts about 5 minutes or so.

      Now on to my reports.

      Monday, June 26th
      At approximately 11:30 PM PST on the night of Monday, June 26th, I caught
      out of the corner of my eye a bright white light flash in the sky almost
      directly above me and the other 4 people present. I immediately focused my
      attention on this area of the sky. Several seconds later, I saw another
      flash from the same spot at what appeared to be at a very high altitude. The
      flash went off maybe two or three more times in an irregular pattern when I
      saw what looked like smaller, dimmer white lights (too many to count)
      zooming back and forth (east to west and west to east) at an extremely high
      speed for about 2-3 seconds. It actually looked like short bursts of laser
      beams being shot back and forth, contained within a small square of stars
      that was just a bit larger the size of my fist at arms length.

      All this happened within about a ten second time span, and I am the only one
      of the five of us that I can say for certain saw this activity I've
      described up to this point. My son says he thinks he saw the smaller,
      zooming lights, but he was "seeing" lots of things that night that nobody
      else saw. Considering he's only 8 years old, I can't be sure that he wasn't
      just saying that to make dad happy. That's not to say he didn't see
      anything, but I just can't be certain. However, I can tell you that this
      event really upset him, and it took me several hours of talking to him to
      alleviate his fears of an "alien invasion force" destroying the planet (he
      had just recently read the book, "Titan A.E." where this happens).

      At this point I called out to everyone that was something going on above us
      and to look up. The single white flashing light lit up again and did so
      several times over the next minute or so. We then saw two very bright,
      golden white lights coming from the west at a pace of what looked like twice
      the speed of most satellites I've seen fly right through the center of the
      square of stars where all the activity had taken place. These two lights did
      not flash the whole time we watched them, which was about 10 seconds or so.

      All five of us saw this. The entire event from the first flash out of the
      corner of my eye until the two objects flew out of sight happened within
      about 2-3 minutes.

      Saturday, July 1st
      (Group skywatch with the Seattle Chat Club
      At about 10:02 PM PST, approximately 12 eye-witnesses (including myself) saw
      a very bright, golden white light come from almost due south heading north.
      It was coming almost straight towards us. It appeared to be at an altitude
      of what passenger airliners fly. When it was nearly over the ranch, it began
      a slow turn and headed due east. Two of the eye-witnesses were able to get
      it on video. One eye-witness caught in on 35mm film. This light was very
      large in comparison to the stars and satellites and it remained a constant
      brightness. There was no noise.

      At about 11:40 PM PST, approximately 8-10 of us from the same group saw
      another golden white light at low altitude flying from west to east
      (northwest from our viewing spot) over Mt. Adams. When it was just about due
      north of us, it flared up in size and brilliance and had a blue aura around
      it that lastest for about 3-4 seconds. It then flew off at the same speed
      off to the east. This one was caught on two different video cameras,
      including the one I was using which was able to pick up the blue color than
      came off it.

      We will be posting this footage just as soon as I can locate the computer
      equipment to do so. I will also be posting some of the other testimonials
      from the other eye-witnesses as they come to us.

      Over the 3 different nights I was there (Monday, Tuesday and Saturday), I
      saw many, many anomalous lights, but these 3 I'm reporting are the most

      Once again, the UFOs over Trout Lake, WA and the Self-Mastery Earth
      Institute came through for us.

      John Novak
      webmaster@... or deuce42@...
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