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Re: UFOnet: Re: Omega, Bossack, the whole ball of wax - fact or fiction?

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  • Peter Johnson
    ASK YOUR SELF THIS: Was it the average workers of this little planet that stuffed it up or the Academics? not that ALL academics are to blame. And It s not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2000

      Was it the average workers of this little planet that stuffed it up or the
      Academics? not that ALL academics are to blame.

      And It's not that they are any smarter, or right in what they say, just
      that they shout louder!
      academics wrote the Bible over and over, but is it what actually what
      happened ? or just their interpritation of the said events ?
      History is the academics view of what they say happened.
      I think you would find that if history was written by your average person it
      would paint an entirely different picture and ufos would be a normal part of
      every day life as they should be by now.

      Peter Johnson
      AUFORN S.A
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      > The following is being forwarded as requested. If any of you enjoy
      > wrestling" with a skeptic who is very good at what he does, may I
      > you join the Blackvault list. The poster below, Mr. David Vaughan, is
      > guaranteed to keep you on your toes :)
      > Bobbie
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      > or fiction?
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      > >- The Black Vault Discussion Forum -
      > >Bobbie,
      > >
      > > I know that I cannot send this message to all the lists as I am not a
      > >member of them. I wonder if you will indulge me and forward this along to
      > >those lists. Please include this sentence to prevent others from thinking
      > >your forwarding is self-serving. I would like to share these thoughts
      > >all those who are familiar with you and the Omega Group story.
      > >
      > > Belief is the acceptance of ideas and precepts of knowledge based on
      > >perceived truths, but open to investigation. Faith is the same as belief
      > >without the investigation. Faith inspires no investigation or doubt,
      > >it denounces them. I can see no redemption, no possible advantage in
      > >All of us, even skeptics like myself, hold beliefs as a necessary
      > >to understanding. Those beliefs may demand more or less assumptions of
      > >knowledge, but they are, ultimately, necessary for any intellectual
      > >investigation and understanding of any truth.
      > >
      > > What you have been guilty of, what you have chastised yourself for
      > >belief. Though we often stand as opposing voices, and reason from
      > >perspectives, I know this about you: you are not comfortable with faith.
      > >have taken great pains to describe your beliefs as personal and open to a
      > >variety of interpretations. You have shown a desire to test your
      > >and experiment to test any conclusions.
      > >
      > > Whether you have harmed anyone other than yourself with your past
      > >support and involvement of the Omega Group is not for me, or even for you
      > >decide. You can only answer for yourself. As a skeptic, and a vocal one
      > >that, I can say that I welcome dialogue in any vein that stems from the
      > >investigation of truth and not the granite paralysis of faith. Anyone
      > >skeptic or otherwise, who would wish to define the Internet UFO community
      > >the virtues or weaknesses of any given movement or individual is being
      > >ridiculous and lazy. For instance, the current lawsuit against the
      > >of Virginia seems, to me, to be ridiculous and frivolous. I know to those
      > >involved it is anything but, and I know, as well, that I can not use my
      > >opinion to judge anyone simply because they support the lawsuit. I can
      > >make conclusions about the lawsuit itself. Is the internet full of wild
      > >claims and lack of credulity on the subject of UFOs? In my opinion it is.
      > >But if I am not to be dogmatic as a skeptic (something I take great pains
      > >not to be), I must focus on each individual claim separately. Granted, I
      > >tend to use experience and conclusions of past investigations as a filter
      > >for my opinions of the whole, but I know I cannot indulge this tactic to
      > >obtain real knowledge.
      > >
      > > All of which is my way of saying that I don't think you have done
      > >anything wrong. Of the truth of the claims of the Omega Group and the
      > >veracity of "Bossack" I can not comment. I have read the documents where
      > >they were posted about a year ago and found great claims unsupported by
      > >real evidence, and declined to consider their truthfulness established,
      > >in light of the claims, rejected the likelihood of their being true. Of
      > >Bossack, I have no opinion. I don't know the person, but I note it seems
      > >likely that he is determined to make some money off the controversy and I
      > >find that to be a telling indication of character. I am willing to
      > >a more concrete opinion in light of further evidence supporting his
      > >but experience tells me there won't be much of it forthcoming.
      > >
      > > Which leaves you. I think I have established that you possess
      > >that make you an asset to the UFO community. I think I have established
      > >you are careful to establish that you support claims without attaching to
      > >them undue "truth". It is my hope that you forgive yourself of crimes you
      > >did not commit in the name of belief rather than faith, and that any
      > >minds that hold you culpable rethink this conclusion. Were you a skeptic
      > >think the skeptic community would welcome you warmly to their ranks.
      > >skeptical by nature with experiences that motivate you toward acceptance
      > >the UFO as alien vehicle side of the discussion, I think the UFO
      > >is well served by you and lucky to have you. If they do not know this or
      > >wish to ignore this, shame on them. How many beliefs have proven wrong in
      > >the long haul? That they have been shown to be wrong is a strength of the
      > >human mind rather than a weakness of the human character. And in this
      > >it is important to remember how seldom the beliefs are questioned and
      > >unsupportable by one of the original supporters. Rare indeed!
      > >
      > > I am thankful to have gotten to know you over the years. You were the
      > >first to challenge my assumption that the UFO community was full of
      > >and morons, and the knowledge has made me a better skeptic and a better
      > >person (as dramatic and corny as this sounds it is true, for I have had
      > >examine other assumptions about the inevitable "Others" as well). When
      > >others of the UFO community have attacked me you have used sound rules of
      > >debate and intelligence to defend me. The point of this entire testimony
      > >to assure that you are not guilty of anything worse than believing, and
      > >punishment should be no worse than the knowledge and experience the
      > >episode has granted you. I for one, think more of you rather than less.
      > >
      > >Dave Vaughan
      > >Skeptic, debunker, friend of Bobbie Felder
      > >
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