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Re: UFOnet: Fwd = F-117 gets stealth material modifications

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  • Rachid Heffels
    I unsubscribed, but I keep getting messages. My Hotmail account can t hold all this mail ! ... From: Frits Westra Reply-To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2000
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      I unsubscribed, but I keep getting messages.
      My Hotmail account can't hold all this mail !

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      F-117 gets stealth material modifications

      29 June 2000

      The US Air Force has introduced a modification to the F117 that is
      designed to improve its stealth capabilities, and improve
      maintainability and reduce operating costs. The F-117 System
      Programme Office, Aeronautical Systems Centre, Wright-Patterson
      AFB in Ohio, has introduced the Single Configuration Fleet
      modification that consolidates the radar-absorbing material
      configurations into one optimised for maintainability and
      deployability. The modification is being implemented on a
      five-year schedule as the F-117s are rotated through the
      contractor depot at Palmdale in California.

      F117A Nighthawk

      The modification, entailing stripping and re-coating the entire
      F-117 fleet, replaces the existing seven different sheet-coated
      radar-absorbing materials (RAM) on the wings, rudders and fuselage
      and uses a precise robotic process to apply a RAM coating to
      almost 75 percent of the airframe. These areas which are never
      accessed for maintenance will require virtually no future RAM
      repairs. Areas that are frequently accessed will have removable
      RAM sheets applied to the maintenance panels.
      The main advantages of the new standardised configuration, for
      maintainers and the Air Force, will be common repair procedures
      and materials for all F-117s. Currently, with so many
      configurations, there are numerous repair procedures and
      materials. The modification will also greatly reduce the amount of
      hardware and other supplies that units will need when they deploy
      to forward locations.
      Once the modification is completed throughout the F-117 fleet, the
      annual consumable material costs is expected to drop from current
      level of $14.5 million to approximately $6.9 million.

      Copyright(c) 1996 - 2000 Defence Data Ltd. All rights reserved.

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