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Fwd = Germany reports crop circles

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  • Frits Westra
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      Germany reports crop circles

      May 19, 2000 07:32 CST

      Germany has reported its first crop circle appearances of the new
      year. They both occurred in rapeseed crop fields near the town of
      Zierenberg, which lies about 100 miles southwest of Berlin.

      The first occurred May 1 and is described as "a dumbbell shape" of two
      circles, about 85 feet in length. The circles were of different sizes,
      with one of them having a "standing center" surrounded by a curved

      The other had a single standing stalk in its center. Witness said they
      saw no footprints at the site, and no entry-exit crush marks when the
      circle was discovered at about 6 a.m. Sightseers have damaged the
      site, and it's not the first to appear in the area, which is known as
      Germany's "crop circle hotspot."

      The area has discovered such a phenomenon on May 1 since 1998. The
      second circle was found on May 9 at Gut Rangen near the town. Resident
      Klaus Listmann discovered a single, 33-foot circle in another rapeseed

      The International Crop Circle Archive said that "German cerealogist
      Wolfgang Ring reported that it was nearly impossible to enter the
      field without causing a track by walking through the one-meter high

      The crop was described as a "non-walkable jungle, (and) the circle
      itself showed no entry tracks. Nor was it connected to any walkable

      Staff Writer Sally Suddock

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