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Fwd = Physicist says UFO are "real"

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  • Frits Westra
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      Physicist says UFO are "real"

      May 23, 2000 07:23 CST

      A nuclear physicist who says he's studied UFOs for more than 40 years
      told students at Ohio State University last week that he's converted
      from being a skeptic to a believer.

      The scientist pulled no punches about his belief in extraterrestrial
      intelligent life. In a speech entitled "Flying Saucers are Real,"
      Stanton T. Friedman said "some UFOs are alien spacecraft, but most are
      not," citing what he called "a huge amount of solid evidence out

      He said he had never seen a UFO, but his studies of reports,
      photographs and documentation of sightings since 1947 have convinced
      him that there are enough "competent observers and investigators" to
      justify the likelihood that UFOs have visited not only the Sun's solar
      system, but Earth as well.

      Friedman is certainly not the only scientist who believes. But he told
      Ohio State students that there is a stigma that discourages his
      profession from speaking out, which he attributes to ignorance of the
      evidence and fear of ridicule from peers.

      And he called lack of government disclosure on the existence of UFO/ET
      presence "a cosmic Watergate" that is caused by fear of superior
      technology and sharing of information. "You can't tell your friends
      without telling your enemies," said Friedman. "We should begin to
      think of ourselves as Earthlings," he said of the U.S. "We're not the
      bigshots in the neighborhood."

      The university's student newspaper, the Lantern, said the UFO lecture
      attracted several hundred people. Friedman, clad in a conservative
      suit with a cosmic-themed tie, spoke for nearly three hours at the
      Ohio Union Conference Theater.

      Staff Writer Sally Suddock

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