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      Original Subject: Jonathan's Space Report, No. 424
      Original Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 19:13:38 -0400 (EDT)

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      Jonathan's Space Report
      No. 424 2000 May 1 Cambridge, MA

      Shuttle and Stations

      Soyuz TM-30 docked with Mir's forward (-X) port on Apr 6 at 0631 UTC.
      Zalyotin and Kaleri have reactivated Mir and are settling in for a stay
      of uncertain duration. Progress M1-2, cargo ship 11F615A55 No. 252, was
      launched on Apr 25 and docked with the rear Kvant port on Mir at 2128
      UTC on Apr 27. Progress M1-1 undocked from that port at 1633 UTC on Apr
      26 and was deorbited over the Pacific at 1927 UTC on Apr 26. Mir's orbit
      was raised on Apr 29 in the first of a series of three burns.

      The next Shuttle mission is STS-101, to the international space station.
      Launch is postponed to mid-May following weather delays.


      Contrary to the suggestion in the table in JSR 423, all Ariane 5
      missions so far used the "short" fairing. The "long" fairing will
      probably first be used for the ENVISAT mission. Thanks to my European
      correspondents for setting me straight.

      The delay to the Cluster launch, which is also delaying other European
      satellites, is actually a seal problem in attitude control thrusters.
      Indications are that the problem is minor and slips will be a few weeks

      Current Launches

      A Krunichev Proton-K successfully launched Eutelsat's Sesat
      (Siberia-Europe Satellite) on Apr 17. Sesat is an MSS-2500-GSO
      (Gals/Ekspress) comsat built by NPO PM of Krasnoyarsk, with an Alcatel
      Espace telecoms payload with 18 Ku-band transponders. The Energiya Blok
      DM-2M upper stage made two burns to deliver Sesat to geosynchronous
      altitude. The satellite has 8 Fakel SPD-100 plasma thrusters for
      stationkeeping. Eutelsat grew out of the European Communication Satellites
      (ECS) launched starting in 1983; they have since developed their
      Hot Bird fleet of European television broadcast satellites, but the venture
      into broadcasting to Siberia is a new step for them. The combination
      of a Russian-built spacecraft bus and European communications payload
      follows the trend set by the similar Ekspress A series.

      Arianespace launched an Ariane 42L from Kourou on Apr 19. Flight V129
      placed the Galaxy IVR comsat into orbit for Panamsat. Galaxy IVR is a
      Hughes HS-601HP model with a dry mass of 1895 kg. It carries 28 Ku-band
      and 28 C-band transponders. After insertion in a standard 219 x 32007
      km x 7.0 deg geostationary transfer orbit, Galaxy IVR's R-4D apogee
      engine raised orbit to 35765 x 35792 km x 0.1 deg by Apr 27 and was
      over 67W by late April; final destination is 99W. The Galaxy satellites
      provide US domestic telecom services; the original Galaxy IVH failed in
      May 1998, putting pagers out of action across the USA. Over fifty HS-601
      class satellites have now been launched, and most are still operating.
      The Ariane 42L vehicle has two strap-on liquid boosters; the flight was
      the 51st launch of the uprated H10-3 high energy upper stage and the
      124th launch of the three-stage Ariane 1/2/3/4 class vehicle.

      NEAR-Shoemaker has now entered its operational 50-km-radius polar orbit
      around minor planet (433) Eros.

      Table of Recent Launches
      Date UT Name Launch Vehicle Site Mission


      Mar 12 0407 Ekspress A2 Proton Baykonur Comsat
      Mar 12 0929 MTI Taurus Vandenberg 576E Imaging
      Mar 12 1449 ICO F-1 Zenit-3SL Sea Launch Comsat
      Mar 20 1828 Dumsat Soyuz/Fregat Baykonur LC31 Tech
      Mar 21 2328 Asiastar ) Ariane 5 Kourou ELA3 Comsat
      Insat 3B ) Comsat
      Mar 25 2034 IMAGE Delta 7326 Vandenberg SLC2W Science
      Apr 4 0501 Soyuz TM-30 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Spaceship
      Apr 17 2106 Sesat Proton Baykonur LC200L Comsat
      Apr 19 0029 Galaxy IVR Ariane 42L Kourou ELA2 Comsat
      Apr 25 2008 Progress M-2 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Cargo

      Current Shuttle Processing Status

      Orbiters Location Mission Launch Due

      OV-102 Columbia Palmdale OMDP
      OV-103 Discovery OPF Bay 1 STS-92 2000 Sep? ISS 3A
      OV-104 Atlantis LC39A STS-101 2000 May? ISS 2A.2a
      OV-105 Endeavour OPF Bay 2 STS-97 2000 Nov? ISS 4A

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