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Re: UFOnet: Harrassment?

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  • Roger Anderton
    Modern technology has a lot of bugs. Report it to your phone company as a fault, if you are sure that it is not a problem with the devices you are using.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30 2:54 PM
      Modern technology has a lot of bugs.

      Report it to your phone company as a fault, if you are sure that it is not a
      problem with the devices you are using. Sometimes you can get charged by
      phone companies if they say the fault is not their equipment. Often it can
      be some sort of incompatibility between the devices you are using and the
      phone network, and so no one will take responsibility for the problem.
      (Phone company will blame the device, and the device manufacturers will
      blame the phone network.)

      No need to be paranoid. All phones can be monitored without giving any of
      the symptoms you are experiencing, i.e. if you were being spied on, you
      wouldn't know.

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      Subject: UFOnet: Harrassment?

      > Hi all! I have only been a part of this list for about 2 weeks & I have
      > had something strange going on with my phone. Ever since I subscribed
      > to this list & 2 others that have to do with UFO's, paranormal, NWO,
      > conspiracy, etc. I have had this problem. Now, I'm not normally a
      > paranoid person but this is interesting. When I use my WebTV (which I
      > know can have problems all by itself), my phone rings 4-8 times. When I
      > answer, whoever or whatever, hangs up. When the answering machine is on,
      > it goes into the message &then hangs up. When I have tried to use *69
      > or *57, the message comes on that I cannot use that service because the
      > call is outside the calling area that it services. Now like I said, I'm
      > not normally a paranoid or skittish person but this really has me
      > thinking. Has this happened to anyone else on this list? It is
      > becoming extremely annoying to constantly have this happen & to keep
      > getting up to answer the phone. Not to mention to be constantly
      > interrupted on the 'net. hmmmm I don't know. I am curious as to what
      > everyone else thinks. The list is great & has been very informative. I
      > look foward to hearing from all of you.
      > Keep 'em flyin'!
      > Thank a vet!
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