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Fwd = Airbus gets first order for A3XX

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  • Frits Westra
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      Airbus gets first order for A3XX

      1 May 2000

      [INLINE] Emirates has announced its decision to be a launch
      customer for the A3XX. The decision comes after a thorough
      evaluation of the aircraft's performance and economics and was
      heavily influenced by Emirates need to expand capacity on some
      routes, where the airline was constrained by limited 'slot'
      availability. Emirates is the first airline to officially commit
      to the project.
      During a joint press conference on Friday in Dubai, His Highness,
      Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman of Emirates, confirmed
      that he had officially notified the Airbus Chief Executive Officer
      Nol Forgeard that Emirates would acquire up to ten A3XXs, of which
      five would be a firm order, for deliveries starting in 2006, as
      soon as the final launch decision is made. The ten aircraft could
      include two freighters.
      Airbus has been actively investigating the demand from airlines
      for high capacity aircraft that can ease future congestion. The
      A3XX family will provide a range of twin aisle, twin deck planes.
      For example, the stretch A3XX-200 will be capable of transporting
      656 passengers. The freight market, currently growing at twice the
      rate of the passenger market, will also benefit with models such
      as the A3XX-100F, which will offer improvements in the
      productivity and range of freighter aircraft.
      A decision to go ahead with the A3XX, expected later this year,
      with aircraft first flying in 2004, will take Airbus into an arena
      that previously was the sole property of Boeing's 747. The
      American company does not believe there is a market for 'super
      jumbos' and says that stretched 747s can do the job and has a team
      of designers and engineers working on the project. Boeing has no
      plans to develop a new aircraft to oppose Airbus.
      BAE SYSTEMS owns 20 percent of Airbus. The other partners are
      French Aerospatiale Matra with 37.9 percent, Dasa, of Germany,
      with 37.9 percent and CASA of Spain holding 4.2 percent. The three
      continental European companies are combining this year to form
      EADS, and are keen to establish Airbus Industrie as a single
      company rather than the consortium it now is.

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