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Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form © 2000 BY: Joan d Arc jdarc@aol.com or joandarc@compuserve.com Editor s Note: Joan, has put together a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000
      Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form © 2000
      BY: Joan d'Arc jdarc@... or joandarc@...

      Editor's Note: Joan, has put together a most wonderful book, full with all
      kinds of information that will just astound you, I haven't gone through the
      book as of this writing, but I can assure you that it will be a mind
      blower..the research she has done is one of the best, and I'm sure you would
      not want to miss this one...Joan is also the Co-Editor of Paranoia Magazine
      Below will be the information on ordering this book after the brief
      introduction about it!

      INTRODUCTION "Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form"

      There is practically no person on this terra firma who does not have an
      opinion regarding the question of the existence of extraterrestrial
      intelligent life (ETI). If you are a believer in ETI, you have no doubt been
      confronted with the few standard arguments covered in this book that are
      pitched by most skeptics. But are they logical and internally consistent? Or
      are they based on mistaken assumptions, government-media hogwash, and
      outmoded scientific concepts? Even if you are a skeptic, you may want to
      explore the logical grounds upon which your staunch protest against the
      existence of ETI is founded. Therefore, Space Travelers and the Genesis of
      the Human Form is for everyone on the planet.

      One of the most persistent arguments against the reality of the Visitor
      Experience (alien visitation or abduction) is based on the presumption that
      if the incrementally accidental and unguided evolution of the humanoid form
      mathematically impossible that it could have occurred on another planet. The
      assumptions of Darwinian evolution presuppose the humanoid form to be
      entirely Earth-based. Remarkably, the assumption of the accidental evolution
      of the great ape lineage is always overlooked as the problematical factor in
      the analysis. Space Travelers and the
      Genesis of the Human Form illustrates that Darwinian evolution is actually
      not an empirically predictable or testable scientific paradigm, but is a
      highly touted philosophy of Western materialism.

      Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form begins with a discussion
      the anthropic principle, which asserts that the evolution of "conscious
      observers" requires a minimum of a billion years. The Space Travel Argument
      Against the Existence of ETI is based on this billion year requirement.
      Therefore, this anthropic argument assumes that if extraterrestrial
      intelligence existed, it would have been here by now. Of course, the only
      "evidence" for ETI contact which is taken into account is "radio signals."
      Any other potential evidence is denied. A survey of ancient anthropomorphic
      artifacts on Mars and the Moon illustrates that evidence of so-called "Game
      Wardens" in our own solar system actually exists.

      The Space Travel Argument Against the Existence of ETI will be shown to be
      dependent on three factors: (1) the persistent imposition of Earth-centered
      technological constraints (specifically, rocket technology and radio
      implying an anthropocentric 'you can t get here from there' attitude; (2)
      mathematical logic deduced from the faulty linear notions of Darwinian
      evolution, which only serve to put the 'cart before the horse'; and (3) a
      circular and untestable hypothesis which essentially states 'they aren't
      because they aren't here.'

      Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form also outlines a new
      paradigm which may account for the appearance of similar life forms on
      disparate worlds. The Extraterrestrial Seeding hypothesis is based on the
      prolific written accounts of the "first" known Earth civilization, the
      ancient Sumerians, as well as the vast Vedic literature and early Greek
      literature, and the oral traditions of aboriginal peoples, including the
      Dogon tribe of Mali. These sources are typically viewed from a neo-Freudian
      angle as a "spontaneous projection" from the mind of "archaic" man.
      Conversely, the dramas of these mythogenic sources can be seen as an
      exogamously borne pre-history of the planet. These mythological dramas are
      reviewed in the context of ancient markers-human artifacts-left on planetary
      surfaces in our own solar system, including Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

      The current consensus reality appears to hold out for a Science of
      Exclusionism: isolation of the Earth. From Charles Fort's The Book of the
      Damned, this book borrows the following proposition:

      This book is an assemblage of data of external relations of this earth. We
      take the position that our data have been damned, upon no consideration for
      individual merits or demerits, but in conformity with a general attempt to
      hold out for isolation of this earth.

      Having attempted to systematize, by ignoring externality to the greatest
      degree possible, the notion of things dropping in upon this earth, from
      externality, is as unsettling and as unwelcome to Science as tin horns
      blowing in upon a musician's relatively symmetric composition, or flies
      alighting upon a painter's attempted harrnony...

      So, our pseudo-standard is lnclusionism, and, if datum be a correlate to a
      more widely inclusive outlook as to this earth and its externality and
      relations with externality, its harnony and lnclusionism admits it.

      I think of as many different kinds of visitors to this earth as there are
      visitors to New York, to a jail, or to a church...

      The Science of Exclusionism is the rule by which we acknowledge "truth,"
      as Charles Fort asserts, "science is a Turtle that says that its own shell
      encloses all things." Materialist doctrines describe the world as a closed
      system: isolated humankind in an isolated consciousness on an isolated
      Nothing enters this closed world from the Outside.

      Materialist cause and effect rhetoric, particularly Freudian and Darwinian
      paradigms, serve to keep Earth humans earthbourid, since they keep us from
      potentially adding up 2+2 with regard to our true ancestry from the "sky"
      rather than from the "water." In this peculiar insular point of view, we
      only just recently accepted the fact that things might fall onto the Earth
      from the Outside. Yet, the current scientific paradigm allows no exogamous
      contact with anything resembling "human" consciousness. In our egoistic
      awareness, we continue to label all
      consciousness as derivative of ourselves, and assume ourselves to be the
      flrst "conscious observers." All theories are then based on this

      As this book will illustrate, the Space Travel Argument Against ETI is a
      circular, self-contained, and, therefore, tautological, argument. Space
      Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form will attempt to tear down the
      walls of this insulated system. Consider this book an experiment in Exogamy;
      a hold out for a Science of Inclusionism: a science that encompasses the
      external, the existential, the extraordinary, the extrasensory, the
      exogenous, the excluded, and the extraterrestrial.

      To Order This Book!
      Publisher: The Book Tree 800 number (800-700-TREE) web site:
      Also this book may be order through Amazon.com both in the US & UK
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