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Have You Been Visited?

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    1. Have You Been Visited? By DERREL SIMS, CM.Ht, R.H.A. dwsims@neosoft.com Saber Enterprises http://www.FIRSTevidence.org Have You Been Visited? The
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000
      1. Have You Been Visited? By DERREL SIMS,
      CM.Ht, R.H.A. dwsims@... Saber Enterprises

      Have You Been Visited?
      The Evidence of an Abduction Is There if You Know Where to Look

      In the search for evidence of Human/Alien Encounters, it is important to
      search for evidence in all realms. The obligation for the Researcher in this
      UFO field is no less than that of the Archeologist who will gently uncover
      his "find", using experience, expertise and the right tools, finely crafted
      for the job. Anything less has the potential for loss of data meaningful
      research as well as to meeting the needs of the individual experiencer.

      I use a proactive approach in the search for hard physical evidence and
      avenue possible is used to maintain the integrity of the research. I am
      to any tests that are available. The prime directive for me is the agenda
      the pursuit of physical evidence to, in effect, force the "Alien presence"
      the light of that which is testable, replicable, and believable.

      In the 80’s, I began to use the surgeon’s skill to probe into the
      possibilities of "Implants". I knew I had to go beyond the scalpel and
      support the abductee. Somewhere they would be left out of the loop if we
      were not careful. This is exactly what some researches did. I could not
      allow myself to become so clinical, that I turned abductees into the ways
      others shamelessly used them. Over three decades in this challenging field
      of research, I have developed specialized
      techniques to meet the unique needs of the individuals of this experience.

      For that individual, the residue of the real experience is always there
      lingering, lurking, hiding in the recesses of the Soul.

      When the first "public" surgery for the removal of Implants was performed in
      1995, two important aspects of the work through Saber Enterprises was

      1). It gave to the Medical/Scientific world a look at solid physical
      evidence to study under controlled Scientific/Medical standards. These
      evidences, to date, are still being deliberated. If we are ever to be
      accepted by academia, it is incumbent upon us to continue to produce solid
      physical evidence of these phenomena.

      2). It gave to the abductee, the chance to show the world the evidences of
      their experience.

      There is much, much more to the reveal about Implants and other evidences
      (gathered during a span of over 3 decades) of human/alien interactions.
      Please visit our website for "the rest of the story". www.firstevidence.org

      More recently, I have recovered alleged milab objects from other countries
      (from surgeries in Brazil and other places). These objects are amazing,
      definitely human tech, and under scientific study at this time.

      It is going to take all the best of us to do this kind of work. There is so
      much to be gained through a team effort. My new book, "First Evidence" will
      cover this in some detail and include some "surprises".

      If anyone out there has evidence, X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, or other potential
      evidence of human/alien contact, please notify me through the address at the
      end of this article. I have never charged abductees money for their
      surgeries, hypnotic anesthesia, or services provided for them. I consider
      this to be a humanitarian work and you are helping me in my research.

      I include here now one individual’s experience with this alien encounter
      "thing". In it, k.t. Frankovich (a famous abductee and author) expresses
      beautifully some of the feelings surrounding her as she relays a few details
      of her own experience.

      THE SIMS MAN by k.t. Frankovich

      One has to wonder, is an individual whose life alters the evolution of
      history, ever truly aware of what is really being achieved, at the moment it
      is happening? When Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese navigator, steered
      tiny Spanish sailing vessel towards the end of the earth, did he realize he
      was actually changing the course of mankind forever? Or, did he perceive
      voyage as just a challenging adventure, into the world of the unknown?
      and instinct tell me, it was
      the latter which was true. Individuals destined for history books often
      don’t realize the full impact of their actions. Case in point, the precious
      little girl who wrote, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. Or, the young unknown
      musician, who died in poverty, named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Or, the
      unassuming newspaper photographer, who took the famous pictures of the
      Roswell debris, James Bond Johnson.
      The list goes on and on.

      I suspect, there are three scientific discoveries, which have affected the
      entire human race, more than anything else in the world. The discovery of a
      round earth. The discovery of flight. And, the pending discovery of
      extraterrestrial life. A fascinating sequence of events, particularly so,
      when one realizes just how dependent each one is upon the other. Time,
      recorded as a chain-of-events, has such amazing order.

      When I first heard of the Sims man, it had no meaning to me. Not being a
      researcher or investigator myself, I was not familiar with individuals who
      were actively participating in the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Up
      until that point, my life had been focused on earthly experiences, not,
      heavenly experiences.

      That is, up until the day when I accidentally stumbled across a strange
      looking ‘being’, in a deserted lime grove, in South Dade, Florida. An
      which radically changed my entire outlook on life, forever. It literally
      forced me to take a good-long-hard-look at this planet, which is after all,
      my home.

      Just exactly what was going on up there in the heavens above me? Where in
      the world did this strange looking ‘being’ come from? What was it doing
      here? Who, may I ask, invited it here? The thing about the human race is, we
      have very curious minds and we are extremely territorial.

      The individual who experiences a conscious encounter is immediately faced
      with two, very pressing, problems. Unfortunately, both problems are so
      overwhelming, it is virtually impossible for the individual to comprehend,
      that history may be in the making.

      Shell shock is the first human reaction to a face-to-face encounter. In a
      situation like this, it is a very normal psychological response. However,
      dialing 911 will only serve to compound the problem. Because, no matter how
      you cut it, sightings and straight jackets just don’t mix!

      The second problem is just as perplexing. Who does one call after the
      shell-shock subsides? A therapist? Realistically speaking, that and ten
      cents won’t buy freedom from a straight jacket. As humorous as these two
      dilemmas may sound, they are both very real, as well as, very difficult to
      work through. In May, of 1992, I had two separate, face-to-face,
      Immediately followed by the unexpected arrival of two strangers, identifying
      themselves as United States
      Federal Agents, who persistently tried their hardest to obtain information
      from me. How they even knew about my encounters, is beyond me. For someone
      like myself, who had no prior knowledge concerning the possible existence of
      extraterrestrials, it was a helluva a lot to handle!

      I wish, I could sit here and claim, I knew exactly what to do. But, that
      would be a lie. The truth of the matters is, I didn’t have a clue. When an
      account like the Lime Grove Encounters is publicly aired, strangers start
      crawling out of the woodwork. The phone suddenly starts ringing off the
      hook. I received calls from researchers and scientists alike, right along
      with, a curious sampling of producers and debunkers. Each one, most eager
      seek out as much information as possible. As exhilarating as it was, there
      was still an unresolved, nagging, problem. The age old question, why me?
      Followed by, were the encounters intentional or were they accidental?

      "Derrel Sims is a man you might want to speak with," my husband suggested
      casually, in passing conversation. "Who is he?" I asked. My witty British
      husband grinned, "The Sims man."

      Little did I realize, the following month, I would be nervously awaiting his
      arrival. "What is he like?" I wondered, sitting on the porch that day. Is
      he aware, that I have to live with the results of his Hypnosis Regression
      Study for the rest of my life? Is he sympathetic enough to know this may be
      very difficult on me? Or, will I just be another damnable case number!? The
      bottom line was, "Is this Sims man a compassionate human being?" For as
      as I live, I shall never forget the moment the car door swung open, and the
      larger-than-life man stepped out. Standing at least six feet tall, in a
      tee-shirt and jeans, he casually strolled over, leaned over, and greeted me
      with a big, warm hug.

      Three days later, in a email to Philip Mantle, co-author of the wonderful
      book ‘Beyond Roswell’, I wrote:

      I have just spent two of the most fascinating, exciting, deliriously-happy
      days with Derrel Sims, and the only words I have to say are, "I can’t wait
      be with him again!" Oh, Philip, I only wish you could have been here too!
      was like heaven, Suthern style. What a gracious guest and wondrous friend
      is. My gawd what a range of experiences we covered, stemming from the
      secrets of the Universes, all the way to, outrageously silly human blunders!
      We had a ball laughing our heads off. I don’t think I have ever talked so
      much, listened so much, and enjoyed
      so much, in all my life! It was like a two day Smorgasbord of life.
      Absolutely amazing and so damned enticing! David and I had the time of our
      lives. I think it is safe to say, God broke the mold when Derrel was
      created! What an extraordinary human being he is.

      The regressive hypnosis, actually the correct word is revivification, was
      beyond anything I ever dreamed possible. Derrel led me into a 4 hour,
      non-stop, session. David could not believe what he saw and heard. It was
      the most spectacular experience one could imagine.

      For me, it was a wish-come-true. Hard to believe I finally got one! I have
      wanted to do this for so long. This definitely does give me hope for the
      future. The nice thing is, now that I have experienced it, I can honestly
      say, "I am so glad I waited for Derrel. He is undoubtedly the master of his
      craft and I have nothing but utmost respect for him and his work." Besides,
      I really like his sense of humor. Between you and me, this giant of
      looked rather foolish trying to sleep on my wee couch, but he took it all in

      I think the thing which struck me the most was, how necessary he is for
      who either have conscious encounters or experience abductions. As for
      myself, I know, had he not come into my life, I would still be going
      around-and-around in circles, trying to figure out just what happened in the
      lime grove that fated day in 1992.

      Perhaps, the overall significance of Derrel’s work is, like Magellan who
      began it all so long ago, he has dared to step out into the world of the
      unknown. He has been courageous enough to risk reputation and career in
      to follow his believes.

      I am sure, in his search for a round world, Magellan must have experienced
      the frustration of having navigated a little off-course a few times. But,
      the long run, those small errors proved not to be significant. What did
      prove to be important was this perseverance in searching for the answer.

      As for Derrel Sims, all I can say is, how deeply honored I am to have been a
      part of his ongoing quest for truth.

      © Copyright, k.t. Frankovich 1998

      Derrel Sims, CM.Ht., R.H.A.
      Chief of Investigations, Saber Enterprises
      F.I.R.S.T., & H.U.F.O.N.
      Email: dwsims@...
      19934 Rising Star, Humble, Texas 77338
      Resource Phone 281 446 3005 or 281 446 3807
      Website http://www.firstevidence.org

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      Ms Jolene Rae Harrington
      Email: jrae@...
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