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Fwd = Beer brewer to sponsor Marfa Lights?

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  • Frits Westra
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      URL: http://news.excite.com/news/bw/000331/wi-miller-brewing-co
      Original Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 00:50:34 +0200

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      Miller Lite is Negotiating to Become Exclusive Beer Sponsor for the
      Mystery Lights of Marfa, Texas;

      Brewer May Become First to Own Rights
      to an Unexplained Phenomenon

      Updated 6:18 PM ET March 31, 2000

      MILWAUKEE and MARFA, Texas (BUSINESS WIRE) - Confirming a report by
      the Big Bend Sentinel on Thursday, March 30 in Marfa, Texas, officials
      at Miller Brewing Company today verified that Miller Lite has been in
      negotiations to acquire an exclusive sponsorship for the Marfa Lights,
      also known as the Mystery Lights of Marfa, and if successful the
      brewer plans to rename them the "Miller Lites."

      The impending deal marks the first time any U.S. company has
      negotiated for such a sponsorship with representatives of an
      unexplained phenomenon. Terms of the agreement have not been released.

      "We are very excited about our involvement with the Marfa Lights,"
      said Jeff Colbert, Miller's general manager for sales in Texas, "This
      is part of our 'True to Texas' campaign that aims to tell the story
      about the diversity, traditions and history of the Lone Star State. We
      intend to leverage the mystery and popularity of the 'Miller Lites' to
      reinforce our commitment to this great state."

      Miller officials expect that the "Miller Lites" will join a list of
      vital Miller marketing relationships such as those the company enjoys
      with the world champion Dallas Cowboys and baseball Hall of Famer
      Nolan Ryan.

      The Marfa Lights sponsorship would become a part of Miller Lite's
      "True to Texas" campaign. "True to Texas" recognizes that Texans have
      great pride in their diversity, their culture, their traditions, their
      sports and their state. "True to Texas" brings music, environmental
      and sports sponsorship programs to legal age Texas beer-drinkers.

      About the Marfa "Lites"

      The Marfa Lites, mysterious and unexplained lights that have been
      reported in the Marfa, Texas area for more than 100 years, have been
      the subject of many theories. The first reported sighting of the
      lights was by a rancher in 1883. Variously explained as campfires,
      phosphorescent minerals, swamp gas, static electricity, and "Ghost
      Lights," the Lites reportedly change colors, move about, and vary in
      intensity. Scholars have reported more than seventy-five local folk
      tales dealing with the unexplained phenomenon. The official web site
      is located at www.marfalights.com.

      About Miller Brewing Company

      Miller Brewing Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Philip Morris
      Companies Inc. (NYSE:MO). Principal beer brands include Miller
      Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller High Life, Miller Beer, Meister
      Brau and Milwaukee's Best. Primary products from Plank Road Brewery, a
      small division of Miller, include ICEHOUSE and Red Dog. Newly acquired
      brands include Henry Weinhard's, Hamm's, Olde English 800 and Mickey's
      Malt Liquor. Miller also brews Sharp's, a non-alcohol beer. Miller's
      corporate web site can be found at www.millerbrewing.com.

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