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Smoking Gun.......whose finger on the trigger?

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  • Christopher Ryan
    ... The following review of UFO Magazine s latest video production Smoking Gun was drawn up 7 days ago , but release witheld pending clarification of a legal
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      The following review of UFO Magazine's latest video production "Smoking
      Gun"was drawn up 7 days ago , but release witheld pending clarification of a
      legal aspect.

      Before release I provided the magazine with a copy of the text , allowing
      them 48 hours to prepare a response , which I understand will be posted on
      the UFO Magazine website later this evening.



      The Review.

      It has been suggested that I review the recently released "Smoking Gun "
      NASA Secret footage video from the UFO Magazine stable.

      Why I was asked to give my opinion will become clear in due course.

      Firstly , for some background information , I should point out that as a
      specialist in the field of communications , I have been monitoring live
      satellite re-feeds of NASA TV since 1991.

      To appreciate how the signals arrive in the UK it is important to grasp what
      happens to video once it leaves the Space Shuttle.

      There is a general misconception that NASA scrambled all transmissions from
      shuttle craft after the Jack Kasher debacle.(STS48)...that is not so.

      The transmissions from the shuttle ,that is those direct to the NASA
      tracking station at White Sands , New Mexico via the TDRS satellites, have
      always been scrambled.Those signals , still encrypted ,are then sent to the
      Johnson Space Centre where they are decoded ,and uplinked to a domestic
      satellite , in the form of NASA Television.(This is an important point and
      will be referred to later )

      The original signals from the shuttle are fired at the TDRS satellites at
      13.5 gigahertz....remember this point too .

      The whole process takes just a couple of seconds . NASA TV transmissions are
      effectively live.That blows away another myth that somehow , NASA tampers
      with or censors the content , and then delays the transmission by up to 30

      Anyone with a simple knowledge of PCs could synchronise the transmissions to
      a computer tracking programme to prove this.

      Signals arrive in Europe via a second or sometimes third satellite hop
      across the Atlantic ,adding another second or so to the delay.

      Smoking Gun , The secret NASA Transmissions , are not in fact secret
      transmissions at all.

      However , I was hoping that we would find something new here.

      I am not a total sceptic,...and would welcome concrete evidence of life
      elsewhere in the Cosmos....and despite what some may think , I actually
      viewed the video with an open mind....perhaps there was something here that
      would point us in a new direction.

      In earlier postings , articles for a number of magazines and TV programmes ,
      I have always maintained that the various anomalies seen on shuttle video
      can be accounted for.

      Lens flare , near camera objects out of focus , debris , dust , cosmic rays
      and yes , even ice particles.

      I would suggest that you take time to read Clare Williams excellent report
      on Smoking Gun , which is about to be circulated.She gives a detailed
      description of each artifact .

      Ms Williams is Head Astronomer , Canberra Space Dome & Observatory ,.

      James Oberg has also circulated some information on "Cosmic Rays"

      The video.

      The tape opens with some archive footage of various UFO sightings , ranging
      from lens anomalies , now familiar stock footage of various lights in the
      sky to gun camera images showing the reflection of the sun , and missile
      tests at a military range.

      Nothing new, but , I have to admit , a fair representation to those new to
      the world of UFOs

      There is talk of the John Glenn fireflies.....(those cosmic disturbances
      often seen particularly in the South Atlantic Anomaly Zone)

      There's an implication that NASA are refusing to release certain footage
      pertaining to a Mir /Shuttle docking mission , talk of SETI etc... then we
      move on to the main event.

      We are introduced to Martyn Stubbs , a Canadian Cable TV station manager ,
      who is going to guide us through the intricacies of what he calls the Second
      Space Phenomena.

      It should be noted here that he calls the First Space Phenomena the
      shimmering "balls" of light ,caught so often by shuttle bay cameras.

      Martyn tells us that for about five years , from his vantage point at the
      cable station , he has been recording every minute of space shuttle
      footage....and I don't doubt him for one minute.

      It isn't made clear however that he is simply recording NASA TV.....not the
      direct transmissions from the shuttle , which as we now know (see above) are
      transmitted at 13.5 ghz.....a frequency that Mr stubb's dish antenna cannot
      receive.(and even if it could , he wouldn't be able to resolve the signal)

      So...he is receiving and recording nothing more than anyone else in the US
      and Canada , with appropriate domestic equipment , could receive.

      Martyn is very enthusiastic about his hobby...and so he should be.I think he
      genuinely believes he has found a new phenomena within the NASA footage ,
      which appears as streaks when viewed and processed at 1/60th of a second.

      He tries to convince us that where-ever he looks , he finds the
      flashes..they are always there .., hidden in the frames....hardly
      mind-blowing , especially when one realises that these are typical examples
      of cosmic rays hitting the camera detector.

      We are told that he even checked a live broadcast by CNN of a shuttle /mir
      docking , and the flashes were there too..is that so surprising , after all
      he is seeing the same transmission , whether he views it via NASA TV , or
      CNN....there's only one source.

      I'm afraid I am not convinced by the claims that several eminent people have
      viewed his findings with amazement....and can only dismiss his third
      phenomena , that of sparkles coming from a highly reflective light source ,
      as wishful thinking.

      But what of the famed tether incident...well as Martyn explains the event ,
      we see a swarm of objects moving around the broken tether at a range of 90
      miles from the orbiter.

      That's what we are led to believe , however , the experimental tether ,
      snapped under tremendous strain , releasing as it did so , millions of tiny
      dust particles into the vicinity of the shuttle.Those particles stayed with
      the shuttle as it continued its orbit .

      The "swarm" is not 90 miles away ,and passing behind the distant severed
      tether , but in fact near camera ,each microscopic particle dancing in the
      intense light of the sunrise .There is so much flare in the images that it
      is easy to convince the untrained eye that some of these"objects" pass
      behind the tether....but that is not the case.

      The final segment is to me , the most interesting .

      Martyn explains that during one of the shuttle missions , the airlock door
      jammed....that's a fact.....he then tells us that he saw his Space Phenomena
      Two flashing on the outside of the airlock , caught by a payload bay camera
      , and furthermore heard the crew members inside , on a later mission (STS82)
      , commenting that these flashing objects had passed through the door.

      The incident is backed up by footage from a Union Pictures
      Production..."Riddle of the Skies."

      Funny.....possibly the most impressive segment of the whole video , and it's
      not Martyn's...how strange !

      Well , strange it may be , evidence of flashing objects passing through an
      airlock it is not.

      How would I know?

      Simple , it was I who provided the footage to Union Pictures for their

      It was I who recorded it live from a NASA TV relay.....and , I know , having
      carried out intensive research at the time, that there is no other source of
      this incident.

      (Quite how material provided to Union Pictures by me ,which was subject to a
      restrictive contract , ended up in UFO Magazine's video is under
      investigation , however I'm sure there is a suitable explanation ! )

      Mr Birdsall indicates on his website that they , UFO Magazine , were
      consultants to Union Pictures for the documentary "Riddle of the
      Skies"...well so was I....and Mr Birdsall / UFO Magazine , did not supply
      the STS82 footage .

      From UFO website 26/3/2000.......

      I quote.....

      .......To set the record straight, one sequence which has astronauts
      describing "popping lights" came from 'Riddle of the Skies', produced by
      Union Pictures and screened on Channel 4 in the UK in early 1999. We were
      consultants on the programme.

      The segment itself does not show a true interpretation of what actually
      happened , as the original documentary makers ( UP ) inserted some archive
      footage into the piece..........so what is going on here? Surely the makers
      of Smoking Gun didn't get their facts wrong.....did they..?

      Well , I'm afraid they did...and who better to decide that , than me !

      (The original uncut recording of this incident , in full context , is held
      by me, and has only been released twice on a controlled basis.The subtitles
      appearing with the extract differ slightly from the actual words spoken by
      the crew .. a simple method of control.)

      So..we have something of a problem here.

      Martyn is careful not to claim to have recorded this incident
      himself.....but doesn't make it clear that he didn't ! (The piece is
      credited to Union Pictures onscreen)

      He also infers that when NASA got to hear of what he was doing , they
      shifted their signal to a satellite nearer to the horizon.

      I quote ,......

      "And even though NASA moved the satellite almost onto the horizon after they
      found out what we were doing,we still were able to get the satellite"

      For a cable TV manager this shows a profound ignorance of the facts.

      Sorry Martyn , but you are suffering from delusions of grandeur here, the
      switch of NASA TV from Satcom 2 at 69 degrees west , to Spacenet (now GE2
      )at 85 degrees west in 1994 was a purely logistical move.

      Oh dear,and it was all going so well......

      I suppose the last few minutes , in which we are treated to a re-run of
      earlier snippets accompanied by various quotes from Soviet cosmonauts are
      mildly entertaining ,and oh yes , did I mention at the start that famous
      speech by President Reagan.

      It is disappointing that after such a build up we are presented with what is
      no more than pure unfounded speculation and hype.There has been no serious
      scientific research...that's obvious.

      For those who like to keep a library of Sci Fi videos , then this could fill
      that gap on the shelf , but for anyone looking for real evidence of life out
      there , and hard facts...then I'm afraid it's back to the drawing board...or
      should that be the cutting room floor?

      There is no doubt that the objects seen in the "Smoking Gun" video are
      nothing more than those described in my introduction.

      There are rumours that the best is yet to come .... in the form perhaps of
      another video(Smoking Gun Part Deux...the sequel? ) ....I'm not holding my


      For further information about NASA TV reception contact me at


      A full transcript of the STS82 incident is available on request .

      I am also available for unbiased analysis of any footage,NASA or otherwise
      relating to the UFO phenomena .This includes a detailed report together with
      satellite tracking ,and re-entry events.


      * { }
      { } *

      Satellite and Communications Consultant
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