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Fwd = [SO] John Hutchison Raided At Gunpoint

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  • Frits Westra
    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl Originally from: Skyopen@egroups.com Original Subject: [SO] Digest Number 252 Original Date: 3 Apr 2000 10:30:01 -0000
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2000
      Forwarded by: fwestra@...
      Originally from: Skyopen@egroups.com
      Original Subject: [SO] Digest Number 252
      Original Date: 3 Apr 2000 10:30:01 -0000

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      Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 16:43:10 -0700
      From: Steve Wingate <stevew77@...>
      Subject: John Hutchison Raided At Gunpoint

      John Hutchison Raided At Gunpoint
      By Canadian Police

      Reporting From Shreveport, Louisiana


      Word has been received this morning, Saturday, 18 March 2000, that John
      Hutchison has been raided at gunpoint by Canadian Police. John's apartment
      in New Westminster, British Columbia, was raided at 2 PM Friday, 17 March
      2000, by gun-wielding police searching for firearms. An antique gun
      collection owned by Hutchison was confiscated in its entireity.

      According to Hutchison, a phone call was received at about 2 PM Friday,
      stating that it was the police, and asking John to answer his door.
      Hutchison states that there were 8 to 10 individuals pointing weapons at
      him, only two or three of whom were in uniform. The rest were dressed in
      dark clothing.

      Hutchison was handcuffed and placed on the outside steps while police
      searched the apartment. No warrant was claimed or shown at any time.
      Police stated only that there had been an anonymous complaint that
      firearms were being brought into the apartment.

      Police also called in an "electrical inspector" to examine John's lab
      equipment. This is the famous "Hutchison apparatus" with which John
      produces the renowned "Hutchison Effect."

      Additional individuals dressed in suits were brought in who took extensive
      photographs of the Hutchison apparatus. Hutchison indicates that these
      persons had an "official air" about them, and that they might be
      Government agents, especially given the confiscation of the original
      Hutchison lab, which took place while John was out of the country in 1990.

      None of these persons showed any identification. Those who have followed
      John's career of invention and innovation will recall that his first
      laboratory was forcibly seized by the Canadian Government on 24 February
      1990 by the direct order of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
      The Government has retained the lab in spite of a court order by Judge
      Paris of the Supreme Court of British Columbia to return it.

      A previous raid on John Hutchison's apartment involving his collection of
      antique firearms occured in 1978, and processing took two years. The
      confiscated antiques were returned at the order of Judge Cronin. These
      events occured under the administration of former PM Pierre Trudeau.
      Former PM Joe Clark, who took over in the 1980s following the Trudeau
      administration, wrote to Hutchison offering help and support.

      The present raid follows close on the heels of a recent successful
      levitation performed 11 October 1999 which was videotaped by John. The
      effect was achieved after six days worth of attempts.

      However, neighbors called local police to complain about Hutchison's
      experiment. It is unclear whether something in their apartment levitated,
      although there is no other way known at this time that they could have
      been aware of the levitation experiment that was in progress. The neighbors
      in question live across the street from Hutchison.

      The sound of approaching sirens was recorded on the video soundtrack of
      Hutchison's camcorder during the experiment, and video of some emergency
      vehicles and personnel was obtained.

      Further updates on the situation will be posted promptly on this website.

      Mark A. Solis Shreveport, LA USA Webmaster for John Hutchison
      Steve Wingate

      California Director

      Anomalous Images and UFO Files
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