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  • Frits Westra
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2000
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      Original Subject: Re: [UASR]> NASA and New Directions in Space Travel
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      << Space
      exploration is bound to be risky and difficult. Somehow I do not
      think NASA is being allowed by the politicians to operate as
      effectively as it might. >>

      The US has not had a leader with the vision of a John F. Kennedy, who
      inititated the Apollo Moon program in the 60s. NASA has not had an
      administrator of the extraordinary competence of a James Webb since
      Apollow, particulalry since the organization drifted into politicization
      in the early 80s.

      A Mars mission should be in international effort, uniting all
      technological societies, working jointly not as Americians, Europeans,
      Japanese or whatever but as Earthmen leaving the (primarily
      psychosociological, profit driven, materialistic) bonds of this planet.
      That's going to require a major paradigm shift, and the overthrow of
      current global leadership/power structures.

      We don't know much about long term aging in space, though logically, less
      gravitational stress on physical organisms should be beneficial. We are
      learning more about the aging process and antiaging measures daily. Given
      a few years, there's no reason why aging of the crews should be a

      The principal impediment to a manned Mars mission now is lack of WILL on
      the part of contemporary mankind.

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