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Shape-Shifting Reptilians and Their Cross-Breeds - May 4, 1999

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  • Mark A. LeCuyer
    Source: John Rhodes Comments Shape-Shifting Reptilians and Their Cross-Breeds Theory here of course, since no empirical evidence is at hand... During the
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      Source: John Rhodes


      Shape-Shifting Reptilians and Their Cross-Breeds

      Theory here of course, since no empirical evidence is at hand...

      During the course of my many years studying the reps. and the
      phenomena associated with their presence here on/in and around Earth,
      I have contemplated long hours upon this question.....Many hours that
      is, always discovering a larger mystery with each discovery that I
      make. Hence, I feel as though I am a Dragon devouring his own tail at
      times! I know that many of you understand this feeling entirely!

      I believe the shape shifting process may be initiated at a genetic
      level and the bodies molecular/atomic consistency could shift from the
      inside out. After the process is triggered, the vibrational energy
      that binds together the molecules, releases or "unbinds" and reshapes
      the molecules to a genetically encoded form or "template" that is
      embedded deep within the animal gene itself. (I say animal here simply
      because, a] One cannot dismiss the fact that we are all animals -
      regardless of our egocentricism - and b] legends from around the world
      in which animal shape shifting has been witnessed by shamans and
      aboriginal tribes people, such as in native American Indian lore,
      alike may have some factual basis.)

      In regards to REPTILIAN shape shifting.....

      Reptiles, such as Chameleons, are very efficient at changing their
      colors to evade a pursuer. Although this is not SHAPE shifting, it
      clearly demonstrates that the physical body of an animal can change if
      the flight or fight mode kicks in and inherently triggers the change
      that is required for survival. In cases such as this, the visual
      system of the animal probably plays an important function during the
      seconds preceding the shift due to the animals ability to reproduce
      the surrounding environment color frequency within their pigmentation.
      In some cases, the actual patterns of colors are duplicated as well.
      To me, this is an awesome ability that is shared by many of the
      reptilian species around the planet. To imagine that this is a
      inherent ability that may have been passed down through the
      evolutionary genetic ladder to the reptilian humanoid, is certainly
      worthy of serious consideration. This is true, especially when one
      ponders upon the question as to whether or not the color shifting
      skill had enough time, over the millions of years, to evolve it's
      ability to effectively change the atomic structure as well?

      Can cross breeds do the same thing?

      Well, if a humanoid reptilian crossbreed has a strong genetic
      connection to the reptilian within him or her self, then it may be
      possible for the cascading trans-form-at-ion process to occur by
      either accidental or purposeful (meditaional?) means. Does this mean
      that they are evil just because they may be able to shape shift? Of
      course not! It just means that they may be quite physically different.
      (I've seen some human faces shape shift during episodes of rage and
      excitement, but then again we call "being human.")

      The fact that some lizards can detach their tail, leaving it in full
      motion behind them to distract a prey from further pursuit, is an
      absolutely amazing feat to witness. What causes the detachment, I do
      not know. Since there is no blood involved, one wonders about
      structural fracturing without associated trauma. Do the cells
      themselves split to allow separation? Even more astounding is the limb
      regeneration ability that appears to be somewhat unique to the
      reptilian specie. These two physical traits, I believe, are vital
      clues to the shape shifting ability that some reptilian humanoids and
      crossbreeds are reported to have.

      We must all remember that EVERYTHING we know as a solid, are mere
      atoms spinning at a high rate of speed and that EVERY atom is 99.9 %
      EMPTY space. We perceive it all as motionless because the human brain
      cannot process the optical information fast enough to recognize its
      true in motion state of being. If the binding "Though form" frequency
      of the host being shifts, then the atoms may follow.

      Then again, I may be wrong.

      It's just a thought about Form.

      John Rhodes


      Alien Astronomer - "Exploring Our Universe"
      Astronomy - Hi-Tech/Secret Projects - Secret Societies - Ufology
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