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from Valery Uvarov Russia

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  • Valery Uvarov
    Dear Philip, Shortly I d like to inform you and your friends that my new book is in Internet You shared with me someting now I d like to share with you results
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2000
      Dear Philip,

      Shortly I'd like to inform you and your friends
      that my new book is in Internet
      You shared with me someting now I'd like to share with you
      results of my research.
      Sure, you will get a lot if you will read it carefuly.
      Share it with you friends course they will also get someting
      very interesting for better understanding of encient Egypt.
      And then this is knowledge is coming toy uo from Russia.
      Touch to what we live in spiritually. Sure it is interesting.

      To have a look on the book go to
      www.wands.spb.ru or www.cylinders.spb.ru

      To download the book and read it off-line on your computer go to:

      or www.cylinders.spb.ru/english/wands.zip

      When you get this file unzip (unarchive) it. This action
      will creat new directory named WANDS.
      Then you should double click file INDEX inside of
      WANDS directory and book will appear on your screen.

      This book has some surprises at the beginning
      so when you you will click INDEX file wait until
      computer will make search. If you have no a
      small program (video player) installed to your
      computer then automatically computer will
      try to download this player from Internet. Then you will
      see short movie we made at the beginning.
      If your computer is not so developed and movie
      will not appear on your screen then just PRESS TO GO ON
      at the bottom of you screen and you will directly go to the book
      without movie.

      If something will not work or will be displaced on your screen
      please, let me know I will try to correct it or give you advise
      to correct anything that is not working.

      Be in touch.
      Valery Uvarov
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