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Fw: Solar Activity Heats Up

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... Van: Space Science News Aan: Space Science News Datum: vrijdag 3 maart 2000 1:58
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2000
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      Datum: vrijdag 3 maart 2000 1:58
      Onderwerp: Solar Activity Heats Up

      |Space Science News for March 2, 2000
      |The Sun appears to be in an unsettled state. Minor short-lived sunspot
      |groups are appearing at various locations on the Sun's disk and small
      |flares are erupting in many of the active regions. This morning two
      |intense solar flares erupted from sunspot group #8882. Impressive coronal
      |mass ejections followed both flares. Geomagnetic activity could begin in 24
      |to 48 hours. FULL STORY with updates at http://www.SpaceWeather.com
      |<a href="http://spaceweather.com">SpaceWeather.com</a>
      |SPACE WEATHER NEWS from the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center: Last week an
      |interplanetary wind storm hit our planet with a gale of energetic particles
      |from the Sun. During the storm, a strong gust of solar wind triggered
      |aurora captured by the Ultraviolet Imager on NASA's Polar satellite. FULL
      |STORY at http://spacescience.com/headlines/y2000/ast02mar_1m.htm
      |<a href="http://spacescience.com/headlines/y2000/ast02mar_1m.htm">
      |NASA satellite spots an aurora from space
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