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Fw: [ufodigest] March 2000 Newsletter

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... Van: Dirk Vander Ploeg Aan: ufodigest@onelist.com Datum: woensdag 1 maart 2000 3:32 Onderwerp: [ufodigest]
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      -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
      Van: Dirk Vander Ploeg <sales@...>
      Aan: ufodigest@onelist.com <ufodigest@onelist.com>
      Datum: woensdag 1 maart 2000 3:32
      Onderwerp: [ufodigest] March 2000 Newsletter

      From: "Dirk Vander Ploeg" <sales@...>

      UFO Digest
      March 2000

      UFO Levitron. Flying saucer look with the same high flying features as the Super Levitron. The advanced design includes adjustable legs for ease in leveling the device. An instructional CD-ROM is included with each LEVITRON UFO EDITION.


      New Controversary over Loch Ness photos. More info

      We all need a laugh at least once a week, visit Mark's Friday Funnies.
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      A knock on the door came at 6 a.m. Dressed in blue jeans and blue t-shirts, two guys strolled through the motel door as if it were their home. They looked like brothers. One carried a briefcase, which held within a gyroscope-like object. Setting the device on the tabletop, he set it to spinning, and without delay told me I should listen carefully.

      They had little time. They took turns speaking in precise melodic meter, explaining the technology of neutrinos and how these invisible particles can make a magnetic flywheel turn and generate power. I started to take notes and was told not to, that I would have to remember.

      The gyro-top continued to spin absolutely balanced for the entire 30 minutes. I vacillated between two poles of reaction, between �These people are crazy and are going to kill me,� to the calm of knowing that what they were saying made sense. They told me an address for a man in Santa Barbara, California. The man would be expecting me.

      Click here for more on the N-Machine and the Levitron connection!

      Space and the material world could be created out of nothing but noise. That's the startling conclusion of a new theory that attempts to explain the stuff of reality, as Marcus Chown reports. IF YOU COULD LIFT A CORNER of the veil that shrouds reality, what would you see beneath? Nothing but randomness, say two Australian physicists. According to Reginald Cahill and Christopher Klinger of Flinders University in Adelaide, space and time and all the objects around us are no more than the froth on a deep sea of randomness. Read the whole story


      As scientists disagreed whether microscopic organisms in meteorites were of earthly or celestial origin (Cosmiverse Space and Paranormal News, Feb. 21-22) a new find in Canada's Yukon Territory might resolve the dispute. Russian scientists earlier this year published their findings that fossilized organisms appeared to be found in a meteorite 4.5 billion years old, suggesting that life on Earth began in space. Read the whole story.


      On Monday, February 14, 2000, at about 2 a.m., Officers Javier Cedeno and Israel Valdivia of Unit (Car) 16156 of the Mexico City police were on routine patrol in the Azcapotzalco section of the city when they spotted a disc-shaped UFO hovering over a futbol (soccer in the USA--J.T.) field on the grounds of the Center of Technical Research and Investigation. According to the newspaper, Diario El Norte, the two officers "described it as an object flying at low altitude with flashing multicolored lights."
      Story Continues

      UFO Digest is published by Dirk Vander Ploeg mailto:publisher@... Have a great month, and remember: "The Truth really is out there!"



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