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'Is Hoagland Stealing The Research Of Others?'

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    Amargi Hillier: Is Hoagland Stealing The Research Of Others? 3-3-99   Note - Richard Hoagland is invited and encouraged to respond to this allegation
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      Amargi Hillier:
      'Is Hoagland Stealing The Research Of Others?'


      Note - Richard Hoagland is invited and encouraged to respond to this
      allegation immediately. In fact, Mr. Rawles' photos of these glyphs were
      made public several years ago on Mr. Hillier's site as he states. His
      photos were, and are, well known. Our site even featured them in a banner
      story and linked to them with full attribution.

      By Amargi Hillier Project Duat <director@... To: eotl@...
      Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 18:11:55 +0200 Subject: Hoagland's Claim - Abydos
      Glyphs Reply-to: director@...

      I was disappointed to hear Richard Hoagland on the Art Bell radio show
      talking about a new discovery he has made. On the Enterprise Mission
      website, it suggests that Hoagland has discovered some most interesting and
      unusual set of hieroglyphs found in Abydos, Egypt. These glyphs depict,
      what seems to be, a helicopter, flying craft of sorts and more. On the
      Enterprise Mission website, these glyphs are referred to as "Hoagland's
      Abydos discovery".

      If many of you remember the old Amargiland site way back when, we had
      posted photos of these glyphs almost 3 YEARS AGO. I tried to contact Mr.
      Bell and Mr. Hoagland at that time, but was ignored (or lost in the heap of
      others who write them). If anybody should get credit for bringing worlwide
      attention to these glyphs, it should go to Bruce Rawles. Mr. Rawles took
      the original photos that appeared at my website 3 years ago.

      I urge those of you interested to contact Mr. Hoagland and Art Bell and
      make sure the Mr. Bruce Rawles be recognized for making this info public;
      images that were posted on the net years before Hoagland posted his on the
      Enterprise Mission website yesterday. Is Mr. Hoagland stealing the research
      of others and claiming the fame?

      Here is the claim of discovery:

      ...."Hoagland's Abydos discovery was verified in November 1998 by a Fox
      television crew's own several hundred mile trek to the SETI-I temple at
      Abydos, and actual filming of the glyphs in place within the temple. The
      find is nothing less than astonishing support for the controversial
      sub-text of the March 2nd Fox Egyptian telecast: that we are not the first.
      That a prior, "high-tech epoch" to civilization somehow came before the now
      known Ancient Egyptian Civilization ... which attempted to memorialize
      momentos of that ancient, now forgotten period in a temple built thousands
      of years after its predecessor's mysterious disappearance. ".....

      Here is our website that features the glyphs, with an update:

      The Mysterious Glyphs Of Abydos Egypt

      Warm Wishes,

      Amargi Hillier

      Acoustic Earthgrid Engineer
      Director, PROJECT DUAT - Giza, Egypt
      c o n t a c t i n f o :
      EGYPT, Giza/Cairo Base - TEL: (20-2) 3859394
      USA, California Base - TEL: (310) 2895478
      Chicago Fax (direct to e-mail): (708) 8104053
      E-MAIL: director@...
      URL: http://www.projectduat.com/
      ICQ: 8712746


      More On The Abydos Hieroglyphs

      By Dr. Johannes Fiebag

      From EGYPTNEWS@...


      The hieroglyphs in Abydos (the so-called "helicopter", the "flying craft",
      the tank" and so on) were already published in 1992 by German authors
      Hans-Werner Sachmann and Reinhold M�ller.

      They wrote an article for Erich von D�nikens book "Neue kosmische Spuren"
      (New cosmic hints), Goldmann publisher, Munich 1992, p. 117-123, and also
      published a photo and a sketch of the hieroglyphs. Sachmann and M�ller
      interpreted them as representing technical devices ("helicopter" and so
      on). I myself was in Egypt in 1990 together with Erich von D�niken,
      Hans-Werner Sachmann and Reinhold M�ller, and our local leader (Mr. Adel
      Hammad, who was murdered in 1997 by terrorists in Abu Simbel) already
      showed us the hieroglyphs.

      However, in 1994 Michael Haase was able to show that the hieroglyphs in
      question are only superinscripted inscriptions of Ramses II and Sethos I
      (Scientific Ancient Skies, Ancient Astronaut Society, 1/1994, p. 25-29) and
      have nothing to do with any technical vehicles.

      So, neither Mr. Hoagland nor Mr. Rawles were the first who published this
      images and gave a preliminary technical interpretation. Moreover, when they
      did this, it already was realized by German members of the Ancient
      Astronaut Society (now: Archeology, Astronautics and SETI Research
      Association; http://aas- ra.org) that the hieroglyphs are absolutely
      "natural" in origin.

      Dr. Johannes Fiebag



      From Bill Hamilton <skywatcher22@...
      To: eotl@...
      Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 11:15:57 PST


      Here we go again with Hoagland. Amargi is correct. He contacted me about
      the story I had posted on the web. The photos were taken by Dr. Ruth Hover.
      Fate magazine will be doing a story on this. Unfortunately, the guy who
      transferred the photos to disk "cleaned them up" for posting and somewhat
      altered some of the images. This does not make them any less authentic.

      Hoagland ripped off the STS-80 story from me so I am not surprised that he
      is also claiming the images at Abydos as his discovery as well.

      The images and the article were posted by me over 2 years ago at:
      http://in-search-of.com/frames/hamilton/ancientaircraft_nf.shtml and you
      can still find this page and take a look for yourself.


      Bill Hamilton
      Executive Director
      Skywatch International, Inc.


      Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 14:05:20 -0700
      From: Ron Bach <roam5@...
      To: director@...
      CC: Joe Firmage <jfirmage@...,
      Mitch Battros <earthcng@...,
      Paul Dore <pdore@...,
      Ralph Greenberg <greenber@...,
      Rob McConnel <xzone@...,
      Robert A. M. Stephens <sti3818@...,
      Jeff Rense <eotl@...,
      Judith Dale <judithdale@...,
      Stan Friedman <fsphys@...,
      G. David Bock <gdavidbock@...
      Subject: Hoagland Stealing Research


      re: http://www.sightings.com/ufo2/hoagsteal.htm

      I totally agree with you that Hoagland is stealing other people's research.
      The concerned glyphs were seen by me at least one year ago on the Internet.

      You have my full support for requesting Hoagland to immediately clarify
      this position. In fact, if you can, please form a group of Egyptologists
      and let us force Hoagland to answer this question.

      By the way, this is not the first time Hoagland has been stealing other
      people's research and data. Has Hoagland driven the final nail in his
      coffin or what?

      Kind regards,

      Ron Bach


      'Star Wars' Copyright Infringement Issue?

      Note - We received the following note this morning, 3-4-99, and are
      endeavoring to check with Lucasfilm. We hope the Enterprise Mission team
      will receive this as we have no means of direct email contact with them


      From: (on file)
      Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 03:17:56 EST
      To: eotl@...
      Subject: Copyright Infringement

      Dear sir,

      In visiting the Enterprise Mission site, there are well-known copyrighted
      images now being used from Star Wars in regard to the Egypt glyphs.

      This has been reported to Lucasfilm, Ltd.

      Since there is no email on Richard Hoagland's site, I have sent it to you,
      for possible forwarding to him.

      Lucasfilm is quite hard on infringement, and RCH would do well to remove
      it, before he gets himself into more trouble than he can handle. I am not a
      spokesman for Lucasfilm Ltd, nor do I work for them in any capacity. I do
      find the fact that RCH has copyrighted the actual page *with* the photos
      from Star Wars under the Enterprise Mission highly fraudulent, and
      seemingly to me against the law.

      (on file)
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