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Fw: UFO UpDate: Hoagland Stealing Research Of Others?

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... From: UFO UpDates - Toronto To: UFO UpDates Subscribers:; Subject: UFO UpDate: Hoagland Stealing Research Of Others? Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 1999
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      From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@...>
      To: UFO UpDates Subscribers:;
      Subject: UFO UpDate: Hoagland Stealing Research Of Others?
      Date: zaterdag, 6. maart 1999 14:12

      Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 12:49:29 -0700
      From: Ron Bach <roam5@...>
      To: UFO Updates <updates@...>
      Subject: Hoagland Stealing Research Of Others?

      Further to Richard C. Hoagland's claims of discovering the
      Hieroglyphs in Abydos, Egypt, and the fact that even I had seen
      pictures of the concerned glyphs on old Amargiland site, I
      adamantly support Mr. Amargi Hillier's request that Mr. Richard
      C. Hoagland immediately clear this misimpression.

      If it was not a inadvertent circumstance on Mr. Hoagland's part
      then it is very dishonorable for Mr. Hogaland and The
      Enterprise Mission. If it was inadvertent then Mr. Hoagland's
      and The Enterprise Mission's research is extremely sloppy to say
      the least.

      In order to clear the misimpression, today I called Mr. Amargi
      Hillier - Director, Project Duat, regarding Mr. Hoagland's
      claims, and Mr. Hillier will be sending me additional detailed
      information disproving Mr. Hoagland's claims.

      Currently Mr. Hillier is in Giza, Egypt and can be reached at:
      +20 (2) 385 9394. I have promised Mr. Hillier my full support in
      the above matter and will help him solve at least this
      controversy in this 'Strange' Industry.

      Anyone who has a record of the original 3 year old hieroglyph
      discovery postings, newsgroups or bbs discussions, or public
      mail correspondence is kindly requested to forward the same
      either to me or to any venue you deem appropriate.

      A copy of this correspondence will also be sent to selected
      individuals, should you receive a duplicate, then please accept
      my most sincere apologies.

      Kind regards,

      Ron Bach

      [Perhaps not _exactly_ the 'evidence being sought here, but
      check out:




      Where there are several images. While not proving Amargi Hillier's
      claims as to the provenance of the material it dates the information
      to at least December 1996 --ebk]

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