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  • Frits Westra
    Mystery Noises ______________________________________________________________________[UF1.jpg]A rash of Mystery Booms were heard across parts of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 1999
      Mystery Noises


      A rash of Mystery Booms were heard across parts of the Midwestern
      states of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania during late-night
      hours on the weekend of January 9 & 10. In addition to news media
      coverage, an unusual flurry of E-mail reports have been received
      recently from persons wishing to share information concerning numerous
      'booms' and 'thuds.' Many interpreted the sounds to be 'within their
      homes' or against the walls of their house. Still others described the
      sounds as 'gunshot blasts' or 'sonic crashes.'

      "Unexplained Sounds" Heard in areas near Butler County, Ohio
      Reported by WCPO Channel-9 News, Cincinnati - separate reports also

      Laura Randall of WCPO Channel-9 News reported Sunday, January 10 of
      very strange sounds heard near residential homes in Butler County,
      Ohio. The situation involved explosive booms and thuds which alarmed
      residents in parts of Fairfield, Ohio (18-miles north of Cincinnati).

      An earlier newscast by WCPO reporters addressed the numerous phone
      calls to police dispatch offices, stating that the disruptions had
      been attributed to an underground phenomenon known as 'ice heaving' or
      'frost cracking.' This explanation was reportedly offered by persons
      at The National Weather Service office, located in Wilmington, Ohio.

      Interestingly, WCPO News in this later report informed that a local
      geologist, University of Cincinnati Professor Dr. Kenneth Hinkle,
      refuted the 'frost-cracking' theory and informed that such
      explanations were not workable in this instance.

      "In the High Arctic, frost-cracking resembles a sharp snap similar to
      a rifle report, which can be felt," Hinkle stated for the newscast.

      The National Weather Service believed that a combination heavy rain
      and rapid freezing led to the mysterious sounds heard by alarmed
      residents. Hinkle was curious, and after conducting an investigation,
      added that frost-cracking was a most unlikely explanation.

      Hinkle took a garden spade and put the frost-cracking theory to the
      test, but found that the snow had insulated the top-soil from the
      bitter cold. While cameras were rolling, Hinkle demonstrated that the
      sub-surface conditions were not condusive to frost-cracking.

      Also noted on the newscast was a Ms. Jenny Morgan of Fairfield, who
      reported that she heard something similar to a shotgun sound.

      A second resident told of suspecting someone had thrown 'snowballs' at
      her house, while a third person described what they thought was a
      supersonic crash.

      At least 13-callers reported suspicious and frightening noises. A
      police dispatcher, interviewed for the news report, remarked that many
      people were complaining of possible break-ins or kids throwing
      snowballs and hitting houses.

      WCPO reporters finalized their piece by stating: "We are left with an
      unsolved mystery."

      Interview with Fairfield resident

      Courtesy of researcher Chris Coffey, a person in Fairfield, Ohio who
      heard the commotion was located and interviewed first-hand on Monday,
      January 11.

      "Late Saturday night before midnight, and again last night, about the
      same time, we heard these booms," stated the Fairfield resident during
      a telephone interview. "I thought somebody ran their car into the
      house," she said.

      She added that several neighbors heard it too, and the sound was again
      heard the following night, but not as loud.

      She could not determine if the sound originated from the sky or from
      the ground. The Fairfield resident also found it odd that the sounds
      were heard at the same time two consecutive nights in a row.

      E-mail Reports

      In addition to the Channel-9 reportage, similar complaints were also
      received from areas near Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, as well as
      Alexandria and Crittenden, Kentucky. These accounts were received via
      e-mail, and portions from them are listed below:

      * I live in Dayton, Ohio and would like to report sharp cracking
      sounds like a bowling ball thrown against the house for the last
      three nights. I also, went outside with a flashlight and look all
      around the house and the roof and found nothing. No footprints or
      evidence of any kind. The weird part was that on each night, it
      did not start until about 12:30 am. Last night (Sunday night, Jan.
      10), it again started about 12:30 am and woke me up 4 times until
      about 4:00 am. I once had a bookshelf fall on me in the middle of
      the night and this sounds exactly the same! Very unsettling! Feel
      free to print the above. Sincerely, Todd
      * I heard a loud noise in Westwood on Saturday. I thought it was a
      snowball that hit a window. It only happen 1X and that was it. My
      sister, who lives a block away heard it a couple days before me,
      but at her house it happened 3X. She thought pipes had burst and
      was looking all over the house to see what may have happened.
      * Somewhere around 8:00 pm at my house in Alexandria, KY on Saturday
      night, I heard a loud boom that sounded like someone threw a
      bowling ball at the side of the house. Whatever it was even made
      the floor vibrate. I went outside and checked all around the house
      and found nothing. The snow on all four sides was still
      undisturbed. I checked on the roof (front and back) and the snow
      was undisturbed there as well. I have a large wood deck on the
      back of the house and I figure that the ground had heaved and
      caused the deck to shift resulting in the loud noise. But,
      whatever it was it sure startled the hell out of my wife and I.

      * I live between Crittenden and Dry Ridge Kentucky and we heard a
      thumping and banging Saturday night and early Sunday morning. My
      husband and I at first thought something hit our house or that our
      antenna fell from the roof. Upon investigation, we found nothing
      * We recently moved from Fairfield, Ohio to Fishers, Indiana and
      still have you bookmarked and read your webpage. We found the
      current article about sonic noises extremely interesting since on
      Sunday, January, 10, at about 4 a.m. (same as Ohio) my husband and
      I were startled out of bed by a loud "crack" sound. We literally
      were awaken bolt upright from a deep sleep. We thought it might be
      an electrical problem and looked both inside and outside our home
      for problems. We could not find anything disturbed and heard
      nothing else. Our dog shortly after the sound let out a strange
      howl which also disturbed us. He has never done this before. We
      talked about the sound and agree that it sounded like a whip
      cracking but very, very loud. We have exhausted our own ideas of
      what it might have been and thought it interesting that you too
      had had similar stories. Make of it what you want, let us know if
      you have any questions. thanks, Kelli
      * My name is Dave and I live in Gibsonia, Pa (approximately 15 miles
      north of Pittsburgh). My purpose in contacting you is to report
      "thumpimg" similar to that heard north of Cinncinati during the
      past weekend. My ladyfriend and I were listening to late-night
      radio at approximately 2:30 am on Sunday, January 10, 1999 when we
      were startled by one loud and distinct thump which seemed to
      correspond to the front (north side) of the house. It was snowing
      at the time. I have had previous experience with ice and frost
      cracking at my residence. Usually such explosive events occur as
      the result of sudden, sub-zero cooling of ice on the roof. The
      "thumping" was unlike any frost cracking I have heard. I, too, was
      concerned that something had hit the front of the house and went
      outside to investigate. There were absolutely no signs of
      footprints in the yard, bird strikes against windows, etc. For
      reasons unknown to me, the thump sounded localized at one section
      of a wall in the living room. At the time, the temperature seemed
      much too high to produce frost cracking and, in any event, I have
      never heard frost cracking without an ice layer on the roof. I do
      not know what the thump was, but it was disturbing indeed.

      Areas effected:

      The disruptions were reported from the following areas:
      Alexandria, Kentucky (E-mail advisement)
      Crittenden, Kentucky (E-mail, late Saturday/early Sunday)
      Fishers, Indiana (E-mail, Jan. 10, 4:00 a.m. w/animal reaction)
      Cincinnati, Ohio (E-mail, Suburb of Westwood, Saturday evening)
      Fairfield, Ohio (WCPO Channel 9 News)
      Hamilton, Ohio (WLWT Channel 5 News)
      Dayton, Ohio (E-mail, Jan. 8, 9 & 10 - 12:30 to 4:00 a.m.)
      Columbus, Ohio (Report courtesy of Bill Jones, MUFON)
      Butler County, Ohio (Cincinnati Enquirer)
      Gibsonia, Pennsylvania (E-mail, Jan. 10, 2:30 a.m.)

      Additional Comments

      In the late sixties, a series of unexplained events took place in
      Southern Ohio, in which dozens of persons reported unusual thumping or
      knocking sounds heard on their roofs. A re-typed copy of this
      newspaper article will be available on the internet at a later date.

      During the fall of 1973, sonic anomalies were frequently correlated
      with UFO sightings. Details of these reports can be viewed at:
      * [1]http://members.tripod.com/~task_2/Wave-March11a.htm

      On May 9 and 15 of 1997, a series of sonic oddities perplexed persons
      throughout various quarters of the Cincinnati area. Details of these
      reports can be viewed at:
      * [6]http://home.fuse.net/ufo/PHANTOMBLAST.htm

      Most recently on December 14, 1998, earth tremors were reported in
      Grant County, Kentucky, following several hours after the sighting of
      a flaming object which descended near homes in the small town of Dry
      Ridge. Details of this report can be viewed at:
      * [8]http://home.fuse.net/ufo/December98UFO.htm

      Sonic Booms?

      In some instances, the populace has been concerned by the sonic
      outburst caused by military jets breaking the sound barrier. Sonic
      booms, largely restricted over populated areas, frequently cause
      alarm. Due to the continuous outbursts and the localized residential
      areas where the recent disruptions are reported, it seems hasty to
      apply such an explanation without careful review.

      Sonic booms are not a regular occurrence in the Butler County, Ohio
      area, and this location is not beneath a MOA (Military Operations
      Area) where military aircraft are permitted to engage in training
      exercises. Further, one could reason that the 'localized' nature of
      the event in isolated pockets such as Fairfield, Ohio and Alexandria,
      Kentucky, could complicate a sonic-boom explanation, as such an
      audible disruption would tend to be heard over a widespread area.

      Another factor in these reports may be the properties of sound -such
      as a sonic boom- under certain circumstances (aircraft in a tight
      roll) with how sound carries -being influenced by the cold and snow

      January 11, 1999
      Kenny Young

      Media Reports:
      Booming ice spooks Tristate
      Noise mistaken for bombs, earthquake

      * The Cincinnati Enquirer
      Monday, January 11, 1999

      BY MIRIAM SMITH The Cincinnati Enquirer

      HAMILTON Dorothy McDaniel was waiting for the Lawrence Welk Show to
      start Saturday night when she was startled by something louder than
      bubbles bursting in champagne music.

      I thought maybe something exploded in the bedroom, said Miss McDaniel,
      74, of Hamilton. It sounded so bad that I got upset. It sounded like a
      bomb went off.

      She wasn't alone.

      Callers from across the Tristate reported shots being fired or feared
      an earthquake.

      Investigators have a simpler answer for the tremendously loud noises
      heard mostly between 10 p.m. Saturday and 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

      Ice and snow packed on buildings thawed and froze, expanded and
      shifted with a bang, according to meteorologist Steve Rowley of the
      National Weather Service in Wilmington.If you get snow and ice that
      sits around a building for a few days, it's not uncommon at all.

      Residents wary of days of snow and ice can count on more of the same
      this week. Snow flurries are predicted today before it is expected to
      mix with or change to rain tonight, Mr. Rowley said.

      Ice Quakes rock parts of the Tri-State
      From the EYEWITNESS NEWS-5 (Cincinnati) website
      http://www.wlwt.com/news4.shtml Monday, January 11, 1999

      "All of the sudden, the whole house shudders and the floor shakes. My
      wife says, 'what are you doing...jumping jacks?' No I said. 'Well if
      it wasn't you, what was it?'"

      Jim Baker still isn't sure.. but experts suspect the snow and and ice
      that cover his Fairfield neighborhood may be to blame.

      "To put it in easy terms," Baker said, "we had an "ice quake"

      "I laughed and said, 'Thank god we have earthquake insurance,'" Brenda
      Baker said...."It was frightening."

      And it wasn't just Jim and Brenda. At about seven o'clock last night
      when the ground started shaking...the lines started ringing at the 911
      emergency office.

      "We've had two large booms and sounds like movement...I don't know
      what it could be...even the dog kind of perked up."

      "I just heard like a very large thump in the garage. We have a doggie
      door in the back...and I was a little worried that someone or
      something might be in the garage."

      It was something...but it wasn't in any garage. Now Jim and his
      neighbors wonder what could have come from under all that snow.

      "It's just one of them freaks of nature. I'm sure there's things we
      don't know about," Jim said. "Some people might say it was a UFO."

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