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      Volume 5, Number 5
      February 3, 2000
      Editor: Joseph Trainor




      On Tuesday, January 25, 2000, around 1 p.m.,
      residents of Sachayoj, a village in Chaco province
      in northern Argentina, spotted a bright "shiny" object
      in the sky. Some witnesses described it as "a ball
      of fire."
      "An enormous ball of fire slammed into a
      densely-wooded wilderness region, and residents
      claim to have heard loud noises followed by an
      explosion and much smoke. A tremor also shook
      the entire area for several minutes."
      Eyewitness Ramon Agustin, who works at the
      Andres Bello Provincial School #188 in Sachayoj,
      "explained that the phenomenon he witnessed
      caused 'a very strong reaction' in him, and he 'had
      no idea what what was falling down. I felt considerable
      panic and fear.'"
      The panic was shared by other residents. A
      witness named Rojas explained that the "fireball was
      quite large and descended rapidly from the north towards
      the south, accompanied by loud whistling and thunder.
      I looked at it and felt paralyzed. I didn't know what to do.
      After the event, I ran away and stayed with my family."
      "In the direction where it presumably descended,
      local residents were reduced to tears," he added.
      Sachayoj is located in La Esperanza, a sparsely-
      populated region of subtropical rain forest and deep,
      wide canyons. The area is about 450 kilometers
      (270 miles) northeast of Santiago del Estero and
      575 kilometers (345 miles) northwest of Buenos
      Aires, the national capital.
      The village commissioner, Sra. Olga Bertodotti,
      told Argentinian newspapers that "a farmhand at the
      project known as Fabril Chaquena witnessed the
      object's fall."
      On Wednesday, January 26, 2000, "technicians,
      researchers and astronomers from all parts of the
      country (Argentina)," converged on the region and
      began a search under the supervision of the
      Policia Provincial.
      On Friday, January 28, 2000, the police
      interviewed many of the witnesses.
      On Saturday, January 29, 2000, "police
      combed on foot the vicinity of Sachayoj to find
      the unidentified object, which, like a fireball,
      fell to Earth on Tuesday and was also sighted
      from Chaco" province.
      "Experts, police and a group of baquenos
      (hunting guides--J.T.) scouted the area known
      as La Esperanza, northeast of Santiago del
      Estero in search of the luminous unidentified
      object that surprised local residents on Tuesday."
      Opinions vary as to what the object really
      was. Some say it must have been a meteor;
      others insist that it was a "shiny UFO."
      According to Sra. Bertodotti, "With the arrival
      of the year 2000 and apocalyptic beliefs,
      townspeople are concerned about the strange
      object that fell from the sky and are following
      events closely."
      "Residents all agree that 'a thing in the sky,
      very shiny, fell in the wilderness. There was
      smoke, and the earth shook."
      Argentinian ufologist Carlos Alberto Zardia
      said, "We are hoping to find something because
      the locals are simple people with no reason to
      lie. It may well be that this thing was a meteorite
      instead of a spacecraft." (See the Argentinian
      newspapers Diario Hoy de la Plata for January 29,
      2000 and Intervoz de Cordoba for January 30, 2000.
      Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, autor del libro
      Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Gloria Coluchi
      para esas historias.)
      (Editor's Comment: Interestingly January 20 was
      the fourth anniversary of another UFO crash in
      South America--the one at Varginha in Minas Gerais
      state, Brazil. This is certainly Argentina's week to
      dominate the news. Read on.)


      On August 1, 1947, the Star Dust, an Avro Tudor
      airliner with four propellor engines, took off from the
      brand-new Heathrow airport just outside London.
      The British South American Airways (BSAA) airliner
      was on her way to Santiago de Chile.
      The Star Dust's crew consisted of the pilot,
      Captain Reginald Cook, who had flown hundreds
      of hours in RAF Lancaster bombers during World
      War II; First Officer Norman Hilton-Cook, Second
      Officer Donald Checklin, Radio Operator Dennis
      Harmer and Stewardess Iris Adams.
      Also aboard was a very special passenger,
      Paul Simpson, 44, a diplomatic envoy known as
      a "King's Messenger" and a close confidant of
      King George VI (father of Queen Elizabeth II--J.T.)
      Following its flight across the Atlantic (on
      the same route as her doomed sisters, the
      Star Tiger and the Star Ariel--J.T.), the airliner
      refueled at the airfield in Punta Asuncion,
      Argentina and then took off on the last leg
      of her flight--right over the Andes.
      With the wings and four Rolls-Royce Merlin
      engines of the wratime Lancaster bomber, the
      1,000-horsepower Tudor had a flight ceiling of
      25,000 feet (8,000 meters) and could easily
      fly over the high Andes mountains.
      But something happened to the Star Dust.
      "It was headed for Santiago de Chile when it
      lost radio contact at 2 p.m. on August 2, 1947."
      In the weeks that followed, searchers
      scoured the upper slopes of Mount Aconcagua
      and El Mercedario "but were unsuccessful in
      locating it."
      But in December 1999, Argentinian aviation
      enthusiast Juan Carlos Mouso was flying over
      Mount Tupungato, 110 kilometers (66 miles)
      southwest of Mendoza and 500 kilometers and
      500 kilometers (300 miles) west of Buenos Aires,
      "when he spotted the glint of sunshine on a
      fuselage on the mountain's south face."
      Mouso convinced the Argentinian government
      to mount a search of Tupungato. Assisting Mouso
      in the arduous climb was Argentina's 11th Mountain
      Infantry Regiment.
      On Monday, January 24, 2000, Mouso and two
      Argentinian soldiers "found a badly-damaged four-
      engine Lancaster and three frozen bodies" on one
      of Tupungato's glaciers at an altitude of 5,500
      meters (17,600 feet.)."
      Apparently, the Star Dust had exploded in
      mid-air, scattering debris over the snowfields
      to a distance of one kilometer (0.62 miles).
      "Investigators huffing through the thin air
      at the crash site found twisted metal and the
      remains of three frozen bodies amid the wreckage
      of the fuselage."
      "'Because the plane exploded, the remains
      may be spread over a radius of 1,000 meters, so
      we don't discount the possibility of finding more
      body parts,' said Lt. Col. Ricardo Bustos of the
      11th Mountain Infantry Regiment."
      "Besides the three bodies, the searchers
      also found a woman's hand and a shoe with a
      Royal Air Force (RAF) insignia that may have
      belonged to one of the pilots."
      "'The urgency now is to fence off the (crash)
      site so no one removes any of the discovered
      remains until a group of specialists can arrive,
      which is difficult but not impossible,' Lt. Col.
      Bustos said."
      Argentinian "federal judge Alfredo Manuel
      Rodriguez is in charge of the forensic investigation
      and is taking fingerprints and DNA samples to
      establish the victims' identities."
      Paul Simpson was reportedly wearing a
      small silver lapel pin in the form of a running
      greyhoud. This is the insignia of a King's
      Messenger and will probably be used to
      identify his remains, if they are found.
      (See the Argentinian newspapers Uno for
      January 24, 2000 and La Nacion for January 26,
      2000. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Jim
      Hickman para esas historias.)
      (Editor's Comment: Exploded in mid-air!?
      There's a mystery for you! Also, the Star Dust
      went down exactly ten days after the first
      UFO landing in South America. On July 23,
      1947, a UFO described as "a Saturn-shaped
      saucer 150 feet wide" landed at Bauru in
      western Sao,Paulo state, Brazil. All the
      workmen at the scene fled except Jose C.
      Higgins, who talked for an hour with several
      of the UFO occupants. Higgins described
      the aliens as "seven feet tall, with huge red
      eyes, large round bald heads, no eyebrows,
      no beards and legs longer in proportion
      than hours." Fore more on the doomed
      Star Tiger and Star Ariel, see UFO Roundup,
      Volume 5, Numbers 3 and 4.)


      Last week Italy became the second
      European country, after Spain, to experience
      multiple falls of giant chunks of ice.
      On the evening of Thursday, January 27,
      2000, "an ice block fell in Avellino, in
      Campania province," about 250 kilometers
      (150 miles) southeast of Rome and about
      120 kilometers (72 miles) east of Napoli
      (Naples) "which according to specialists
      may have fallen from a plane."
      "A chunk of ice weighing two kilograms
      was reported" to have fallen "on the patio of
      the Salesians (monastery) in the town of
      L'Aquila. The religious order notified the police
      of this event."
      In Ancona, "the magistrate's office will
      investigate a report that a 24-year-old man was
      struck on the head by a block of ice weighing
      one kilogram."
      "However, there are always those who take
      advantage of the confusion that this phenomenon
      has produced...but other eyewitnesses claim to
      have seen them fall inexplicably from the sky."
      "Likewise confessions have been extracted
      from those who have taken advantage of the
      'psychosis' to play pranks in the cities of Bolsena,
      Firenze (Florence) and Padua. But these are
      insufficient to explain a phenomenon which
      remains a complete mystery."
      "Initial analyses" of the Avellino ice "has
      proven that the block consists of a liquid similar
      to distilled water, in other words, lacking any
      mineral salts whatsoever, and with traces of
      ammonia and nitrates."
      According to the Veneto Regional Environmental
      Agency, "scientists discounted the possibility that
      the ice chunks may be radioactive."
      Dr. Giancarlo Tebaldi of the Hygiene and
      Prevention Institute of Milano (Milan) "believes that
      the ice is a result of the storms that ravaged
      France in December (1999)."
      Italian ufologist Eufemio Del Buono "stated that
      the ice is 'a warning from extraterrestrial intelligences.'"
      (See the Agence France Presse story for January
      28, 2000. Grazie a Scott Corrales per questo
      (Editor's Comment: First Spain, now Italy. So far,
      the ice has fallen between 40 and 42 degrees
      North latitude. If this stuff is from space, the next
      country to get hit may be either Albania, Macedonia
      or northern Greece.)


      On Thursday, January 27, 2000, at 11 p.m.,
      "a very bright white light," described as "a basket
      ball sized fireball with a flourescent green train"
      crossed the southern coast of Western Australia
      (W.A.) state "Between Albany and Esperance
      and headed northeast at an estimated altitude
      of 100 kilometers (60 miles)."
      Esperance, W.A. is located 672 kilometers
      (420 miles) southeast of Perth, the state capital.
      The mysterious object "reportedly split into
      three or four pieces at an estimated altitude of
      80 kilometers (50 miles) by the time it reached
      Kalgoorlie and the Eastern Goldfields. It was
      observed from as far away as Shark Bay (on
      Australia's northwest coast--J.T.)"
      "Three pieces exploded east of Kalgoorlie
      whilst the fourth travelled some 2,000 kilometers
      (1,200 miles) to Wyndham in the northeast where
      it disintegrated into many smaller pieces at an
      estimated altitude of 20 kilometers (12 miles)."
      The Perth Astronomical Observatory "received
      hundreds of phone calls on the event."
      An observatory spokesman said the fireball
      could have been the Russian satellite Molynia
      returning to Earth. The Molynia was launched
      back in 1986. (See the newspaper The Western
      Australian for January 28, 2000. Many thanks to
      Harry Mason for this news story.)


      On Friday, December 31, 1999, James B. and
      some friends were readying a bonfire on a Sea of
      Cortez beach near San Felipe in Mexico's Baja
      California del Norte when they saw something
      strange in the sky.
      "My friend and I saw a big dull red light going
      from north to south above the horizon at several
      thousand miles per hour," Jim reported, "I've
      never see anything go that fast. Did anyone else
      in Baja seen anything that night?"
      San Felipe is on Camino (Highway) 5 about
      249 kilometers (156 miles) south of Mexicali.
      (Email Form Report)


      On Wednesday, December 28, 1999, Lynn L.
      and her husband were outdoors in their hometown
      of Tillmans Corner, Alabama (population 5,000)
      when they saw a UFO.
      "My husband and I were looking at the moon
      and saw what we thought was a star. It moved to
      the right, then stopped. I got out of the car and
      looked at it. It had turned and two large bright
      lights were in front of it and a red light in the middle.
      We knew it wasn't a plane."
      "It flew over us at a very slow speed, and it made
      no sound whatsoever. We were really scared at first,
      at least I sure was."
      "The back of it was huge. I really couldn't tell but
      it looked like two big shapes on either end of it in the
      back," Lynn reported, adding that the object was at
      an estimated altitude of 1,200 feet and was "triangular
      in shape, with green and red lights."
      After the couple drove home, she added, "Strange
      things happened later that night in my house. I know it
      sounds strange but here goes: A house plant that I'd
      had (for years) turned up missing that same night. It
      just disappeared."
      Lynn found the flowerpot, but the plant itself and
      the soil it had been anchored in were missing.
      "There was no soil in the pot where it was. I
      just can't understand it."
      Tillmans Corner is on Highway 90 approximately
      11 miles (17 kilometers) south of Mobile. (Email
      Form Report)


      On Friday, January 28, 2000 at 9 p.m.,
      and again on Saturday, January 29, 2000 at
      5:30 a.m., residents of Elk River, Minnesota
      (population 11,143) spied an unusual object
      with bright multicolored lights hovering near their
      "We first noticed a bright red light in the sky,"
      Denise M. reported. "At first I thought it was a jet
      since we have jets that pass over making their
      descent into MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul International
      Airport--J.T.) The UFO approached from the east
      and hovered. The longer I watched, I realized it was
      not moving. It was also emitting blue, green, red and
      white lights."
      "I went and got my binoculars so I could look at
      it closer. Viewing it through the binoculars, you could
      see that it had white lights that ran around the bottom
      of the object, and blue, green and red lights were
      flashing from the top."
      "I watched for approximately 45 minutes before it
      moved to the south, then hovered in that position."
      "During this time, I called a neighbor to verify what
      I was seeing. He also tried to look through the
      binoculars and agreed he had never seen anything
      like it. This continued for approximately two-and-a-
      half minutes before it disappeared to the southeast."
      "From a distance, it appeared to be moving quite
      slowly. Could someone respond back if they've seen
      anything similar?"
      Elk River is on Highway 10 approximately
      22 miles (34 kilometers) north of Minneapolis.
      (Email Form Report)


      A new guerrilla army has sprung up in western
      Thailand on the border with Myanmar, and it is
      rooted in religious mysticism.
      "Until late last month, Johnny and Luther Htoo,
      the chain-smoking 12-year-old leaders of God's
      Army, were minor players in an ethnic struggle for
      a homeland inside Burma (Myanmar)."
      The Htoo twins were among the 2,000 refugees
      of the Karen people who fled to Thailand in March
      1997 to escape the Myanmar Army. But then
      events took a strange turn.
      "The twins, just nine years old, approached a
      local pastor, The Pe, and said spirit warriors on a
      fabled holy mountain had told them to find seven
      men to fight the Burmese army."
      "The Pe helped the twins recruit a force
      numbering 100 men and christened them 'the Jesus
      Commandos.' The ragtag troops then routed the
      Burmese troops in a noontime ambush. The
      victory gave birth to belief in the unbeatable powers
      of the twin warriors."
      "In the months that followed...the group changed
      its name to God's Army and established a jungle
      hideout" near Mae Sot, Thailand. "The guerrillas
      carried out a series of successful ambushes during
      In December 1999, ten God's Army soldiers
      "slipped into Thailand and siezed a provincial
      hospital and about 700 hostages. Thai commandos
      eventually freed all the hostages and shot dead all
      the captors."
      "The twins have had handlers from time to time.
      One such man was a shadowy dwarf named 'Mr.
      David.' 'This kind of character, if you put him in a
      movie, you're accused of too much,' says Thierry
      Falise, a French photojournalist referring to
      Mr. David's sudden appearance in the bizarre tale."
      The Htoo twins have very different personalities.
      "Johnny is much more of a jokester, while Luther
      has a war-weary and intimidating gaze. It is Luther
      who is thought to have established the moral
      teachings for God's Army--a mix of religious
      restrictions that forbids adultery, eating pork or eggs,
      drinking alcohol or taking drugs."
      "Their faith is a combination of Christianity,
      imported to the area by Nineteenth Century American
      Baptists, and spirit-worshiping animism (i.e. the
      traditional religion of the indigenous Karen people--
      J.T.) The camp's church is little more than bamboo
      pews and an altar. Its roof is the jungle canopy,
      Falise says. Soldiers wore crosses but regarded
      them as talismans. If the twins want to go anywhere
      outside their immediate surroundings, they are
      carried by older soldiers."
      "Karen are particularly receptive to messianic
      figures because their folklore tells of a king who
      will liberate the people from suffering, according to
      Pornpimon Trichod, a researcher at Chulalongkorn
      University's Institute of Asian Studies." (See
      USA Today for February 2, 2000. "'God's Army,'
      led by boys, driven by faith," page 14A.)
      (Editor's Comment: First it was Cong Chua Yeu
      Thuat in Vietnam. Now it's Johnny and Luther Htoo
      in Thailand. What's with all these religion-based
      armies springing up in Southeast Asia? The hidden
      masters of Tong Yao must be working overtime to
      keep the pot boiling.)

      from the UFO Files...

      1979: UFO HOVERS OVER A

      "It was a dark, moonless, hot January night
      (in 1979) on Dave and Rita Turner's lonely cattle
      station (ranch in the USA--J.T.) on the Kimberley
      Plateau north of Halls Creek, Western Australia."
      "Dave had driven off to visit a neighbouring
      property owner for a short meeting, while Rita
      stayed home and watched television."
      "As she watched, the screen flickered badly.
      At the same time their dogs began barking
      wildly. Rita could hear the cattle, horses and fowls
      going mad in their enclosures out behind the
      "Leaving the lounge room to investigate the
      disturbance, she could hear a high-pitched humming
      sound coming from outside the house. As she
      emerged from the back door, she found the whole
      farmyard lit up by an ionised blue glow coming from
      above. As she looked up, she was shocked to see a
      large circular object, at least 20 metres (66 feet)
      across, emitting the ionised blue glow while hovering
      directly over the farmhouse barely 30 metres
      (100 feet) above the roof."
      "Then, as she stood speechless, the humming
      sound faded along with the ionised blue glow. The
      eerie craft grew dark and rose silently into the sky
      to be lost from sight."
      "Regaining her senses, Rita phoned up the
      neighbour and asked Dave to come home at once."
      "She also phoned the police. By the time they
      arrived the next day, many other property owners
      over a wide area of the Kimberley had reported
      seeing the same mystery craft that night."
      "Dave was mystified by the whole incident
      when Rita related her experience to the two
      startled constables who visited the station."
      "A week later, she received an explanation
      from the authorities. The RAAF's conclusion?
      (Royal Australian Air Force--J.T.) What Rita
      Turner had seen was nothing more than the
      'flashing blue light of a police car'!
      "Obviously she had been visited by the
      flying squad!" (See the book Mysterious
      Australia by Rex Gilroy, Nexus Publishing,
      Mapleton, Qnld., Australia, 1995, page 28.)

      Britain's UFO Magazine has obtained 2,500
      hours of NASA space shuttle launches. The
      material was originally compiled by a Canadian
      TV station manager who believes that the video
      footage confirms extraterrestrial activity.
      Portions of the collection have already been
      shown at the UFO Conference in Acapulco, Mexico
      on December 12, 1999 and at the Phenomena
      exposition in Fremantle, W.A., Australia.
      UFO Magazine will feature this collection
      in its March-April 2000 issue, which goes on sale
      in UK on February 24, 2000. People looking for a
      preview can log in at this website. Set your browser
      for http://www.ufomag.co.uk/NASA100.htm.

      We'll be back in seven days with more UFO and
      paranormal news from around the planet, brought to
      you by "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup."
      Have a nice week...and stay on the lookout for
      Punxsatawny Phil.

      UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2000 by Masinaigan
      Productions, all rights reserved. Readers may post
      news items from UFO Roundup on their websites or
      in newsgroups provided that they credit the newsletter
      and its editor by name and list the date of issue in
      which the item first appeared.

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