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  • Frits Westra
    Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl Originally from: James William Cutler Original Subject: Opal Update - 2/3/2000 Original Date: Thu, 3
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      Original Subject: Opal Update - 2/3/2000
      Original Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 12:12:37 -0800 (PST)

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      Opal Update: 2/3/2000

      - Ops Mode: Initial vehicle checkout. Opal looks good. In fact,
      Opal looks very good. We all think it's working better in
      space than it did here!

      - Sorry for the delay in updates. The ops team here hasn't been
      sleeping much and been working hard. It's amazing to think
      Opal is up there and working! Good job everyone!

      - Beacons are being heard world wide. HAMS in New Zealand,
      France, Florida, D.C., Taiwan have all emailed in reports.
      We'd like to setup a form on our web page for automated
      beacon information to be entered. We haven't had the time

      - Contacts at SSDL have been limited at best. Opal is audible
      but cannot here us. We are working the issue here as well
      as looking at alternate stations. It seems Opal is very
      sensitive to Doppler shift and we have to be right on with
      our frequency settings.

      - We attempted to fire picosats earlier in the week with the
      auxiliary receiver. None were fired. We do not know why.
      We'll find out more as we gain reliable communication.
      Our next attempt to fire Aerospace picosatellites will be
      Sunday Feb 6. We are not confident the auxiliary receiver
      worked because we did not get a confirmed CPU reset via
      the aux receiver when we attempted them.

      - We moved radio equipment up to SRI's 150 radio dish behind
      Stanford to attempt to talk to Opal. Last night and
      this morning, we connected to Opal for three excellent contacts.
      We downloaded approximately 96 Kbytes of data. Log files and
      telemetry are found at:


      Check out the plots. Greg did a great job automating our
      data plotting routines. The time scales may be off on the
      plots. Check out the data for each plot to see the actual
      times. If you see data zeored out...that usually means we
      lost contact in the middle of the download. Twelve minute
      passes go fast.

      - The big dish is in use now by NASA to look for the Mars
      probe. We'll get the dish back on Sunday night. In the
      meanwhile, the ops team is going to rest abit and work
      on accessing a nearby station, either Lars' or the
      Stanford HAM club's station. Hopefully, theirs will
      perform better than ours.

      - We are still working the issue of our ground station.
      Our radio is not up to par. During our first pass at
      the dish yesterday evening, no data was collected because
      of it. Lars performed a two inch percussion adjustment
      and it worked fine after that. Yes, that means we picked
      it up and dropped it. Jarred it back into working. The
      rest of the passes worked well after that.

      If anyone (or their companines) is interested in funding
      new equipment (especially a radio), please let us know!

      - Our next scheduled attempt to fire picos is Sunday evening.
      We'll work with Aerospace to fire them. Not longer after
      that, we plan on kicking out the rest, especially STENSAT.

      - Please look over the data and if you see anything interesting,
      let us know. We'd like to get a tumble rate from the solar
      panel data but may not get to it for awhile. On our next
      contact, we'll get more panel data.

      - I think that's about it...I'll send out anything I missed!
      Thanks for all the encouragement. The Opal ops team is glad
      to know you're cheering for us all! And, wow, Opal looks
      good up there.

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