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MILABS/Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    #4. MILABS/Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction BY: Dr. Helmut Lammer / Marion Lammer hfl@bimgs5.kfunigraz.ac.at POST NOTE: This book will be published
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 1999
      #4. MILABS/Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction BY: Dr. Helmut
      Lammer / Marion Lammer hfl@...

      POST NOTE: This book will be published via Illuminetpress in the USA
      during spring 1999 -- April/May 1999.

      For deteiled informations contact the publisher on his Web-side: http:

      During the last years, more and more people who experienced alien
      abductions claimed that they were also harrassed by covert military
      agencies. Some of them, like Katharina Wilson, Leah Haley, Melinda
      Leslie, Dr. Karla Turner, etc. experienced traumatic flashbacks and
      recall kidnappings by unknown military personnel. Until now such cases
      were only reported in some books and journals of abductees, since most
      well known alien abduction researchers ignored these cases, although the
      know about them!

      MILABS will be the first book which documents in detail that there is
      amazing evidence that covert human military agencies are involved in the
      alien abduction mystery.

      The book reviews the former top secret US mind-control projects like
      ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, etc., compares the experiences of mind-control
      victims and MILAB abductees -- alleged alien anductees who claim that
      they were also kidnapped, examined, interrogated, sometimes implanted
      with tiny foreign objects,...by human military personnel, men in white
      lab coats or men
      in bussiness suits.

      The book addresses the following topics:

      1. Documented History of Secret Mind- and Behaviour-Control Experiments

      2. A Possible Purpose of MILABS

      3. Activity of Dark Unmarked Helicopters in Connection with Alien

      4. Alleged Kidnappings of Alien Abductees by Covert
      Military/Intelligence Personnel

      5. Genetic Aspect of MILABS

      6. Otherworldly Journeys and Military Underground Facilities

      7. Creating an Imaginary Alien Abductee

      8. Toward a Controlled Society:
      Terrestrial Implants and their Application to MILABS and Future

      9. Military Interrogation Sessions with Alleged Alien Abductees

      10. Guidelines for Future Research

      In point 7 and 8 you will also read about the development of biological
      process control weapons, virtual reality brain implants, etc.

      The book is well documented with references of official but not well
      known scientific and military papers, photos, former top secret
      government documents, x-rays where everybody can see implants,
      statements of professional therapists, researchers, hypnosis transcripts
      of people who were interrogated on secret military underground research
      facilities, etc.

      If you think you are quite familiar with the alien abduction phenomenon
      - Think again! After reading MILABS you will discover that there much
      more sinister aspects involved!
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